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Tips and Tricks – 5 Tips for Destiny 2: Forsaken


[XBOX SOUND] Guardians, we?ve come far since Ghal?s defeat. We?ve rescued Osiris, found Ana Bray, and woke up Rasputin. We have lost guardians along the way, but none struck the vanguard harder than the most recent passing of Cayde-6. A joyful Exo whose presence will be sorely missed. Murdered by his own hand cannon, the Ace of Spades, an unjust assassination by the misguided prince, Uldren Sov. Now Uldren has fled deep into the reef with seven Barons, and each Baron has an army of scorn at their command. It?s up to us to stop Uldren and take out these Barons before they reek anymore havoc on this system! So lets get you prepped for battle guardian, it?s time to avenge our ramen-loving buddy, Cayde-6. Tip #1: Forsaken Changes Many changes were added into the Forsaken update, including changes to weapons. Some weapons have shifted categories, and some may have also changed ammo types. Weapon Mods were also changed.

Year 1 mods will no longer work in the current weapons, so break them down for materials. This change also means that you are no longer able to alter elemental damage types of weapons. Now let?s talk Supers. Each class now has 3 new Supers – one for each subclass. To unlock these new branches, you?ll need a Seed of Light, however you only get 1 seed through the Forsaken Campaign, so choose your next super wisely. Those looking to unlock more trees will need to take on the tier 2 Blind. Well, once they reach the dreaming city, and hope for a Seed drop. Another change to Destiny 2 is the increased level cap from 30 to 50. This also means an increase in Light as well. But don?t go infusing your armour or weapons just yet?. Tip #2: Blue Light The infusion mechanic we?ve known and loved since Destiny 2?s beginning has gone through some changes.

The price of infusion isn?t just legendary shards and Glimmer anymore, unless you?re infusing duplicates. This makes it a lot harder to do regular infusions without a bank full of planet-specific materials. So don?t feel bad about putting that Solstice of Heroes armour in the vault for now. It may make you feel like a noob, but you have to rep some blue armour and weapons at the start of Forsaken — at least till you reach the soft Light cap of 500. Now, 500 Light isn?t the end of your journey, infact its where it begins. Tip #3: Prime and Powerful Engrams Now 500 and up may be the slow grind, but its made easier with Prime and Powerful Engrams. Every seasoned guardian is familiar with Powerful Engrams, these hold a strong piece of equipment inside, typically of much higher light than your own.

These can be obtained by completing Flashpoints and most weekly activities. You can typically see when a challenge will give you a powerful Engram via the world directory. Be sure to check back every Tuesday after the ?Weekly Reset? to take on even more flashpoints and challenges. Prime Engrams are something new to Destiny, these engrams look and act similar to powerful engrams but are attained in a much different way. First, Prime engrams won?t even begin dropping until you reach level 50, so train up.

Each day you?ll be given the ?Prime Attunement? buff. This will greatly increase your chances of obtaining a ?Prime Engram? from activities such as a lost sector, Heroic Public Events, and even fighting a bit of crucible. This buff may not last all day, but it does reset with each day, allowing you to come back and get even more gear throughout the week. Tip #4: Focus on Ads This isn?t just a tip for Forsaken, but Destiny in general. Many guardians assume that the Traveler?s Light grants them this almighty power and they continue to ignore the infantry in Raids, Strikes and missions alike. Taking out bosses with Brute force is not the answer. The Answer is ensuring the only enemy on the field is the boss itself so that your team can focus fire. When guardians neglect ad control, it can cause problems, this is where mistakes commonly happen, and teams get overwhelmed fast.

Waves continue to come, enemies pile up, and within seconds you have a team wipe. Most bosses send out enemies in waves depending on their remaining health. At the beginning of each wave, your team should focus on ad control until all that?s left is the boss. Sure, it may take more time, but its far faster than facing team wipe, after team wipe. Tip #5: Gambit. Many of you guardians may have already familiarized yourselves with Gambit, but for the newbies, here?s a quick break down. You and another team are fighting enemies. These enemies drop motes. You use these motes to summon the prime evil. First team to destroy their prime evil wins. Sounds pretty simple, right? Well the challenge of this gametype is when a large sum of motes are dropped off at one time, this summons blockers. If you die with motes, you lose them. Oh also, one teammate is able to invade the other team?s field and try to take them out. But we do have a few quick tips for you if you choose to play this gametype! Save invading until your opponent has summoned a prime evil or they?re holding a ton of motes that they haven?t deposited yet.

When you take out an opponent while their primeevil is out, their primeevil will begin to heal, buying your team some time. Till then, focus on collecting and depositing motes. And when ?The Drifter? calls out that you can summon your primeevil, everyone should drop whatever they?re doing and deposit their motes ASAP! When invaded, stop what you?re doing, find cover! Locate the invader, and focus fire. This should be priority #1. Follow these tips and you just might make a drifter very happy. Destiny 2 has changed quite a bit from the game that was released a year ago.

Bungie took the community feedback to heart and released it all into one amazing expansion: Forsaken. And with 3 more expansions planned for year 2, it only has us more excited for what?s to come. I mean, heck we?ve barely started year 2! We?ve got a lot to look forward to, and for us here at Tips and Tricks, we only have one request?Festival of the Lost, please give me back my Ghost Ghost. [XBOX SOUND].

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