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Trials of Osiris SAVED? (How Trials Works NOW & the GOOD/BAD) | Destiny 2 Season of the Lost


So today’s the day, guys is trolls osiris saved well fellas. I always believe that there is room for improvement on everything. However, what i currently experience this afternoon has been the best trial experience i have ever had, and it wasn’t because i was just shatter diving opponents. One after another, which, by the way, if you still hate, cheesy stuff trials, brings it out. So just beware: everyone’s rocking pretty much the most broken things in trouse, but you see that’s what you want the complaints to be.

You want the complaints to center around the meta and not necessarily the game mode itself. From what i experienced, though, this afternoon, trolls is probably one of the most rewarding playlists in the game for both veteran players: pve players, pvp players – noobs – you could literally have never stepped inside of trials, and i could tell you right now, even though you may not Have the best of times at least you’re gon na walk away with some loot now before we get into my complete thoughts on trials and essentially what i think of the game mode. First, i’m gon na talk about what has changed in its reward structure. Before we get into its matchmaking as there’s like a hybrid system with skill based matchmaking and win matchmaking and, of course, we’ll be talking about cheaters, this was one of the only place sessions i’ve ever had where i did not run into a single cheater. It’S crazy.

So, first up, let’s talk about the loot structure and what’s changed here. Trials is essentially and fundamentally still the same. The goal to win games to go flawless to get seven wins and no losses to eventually get to the lighthouse and get the adept loot. Now, before you begin this, of course you have to pick up a passage and that’s pretty much all still the same, where you have a variety of different passages to choose from to help you go flawless or at least help you get through the card. What’S different from now versus the previous version of trials of osiris is, there is no longer a three five and seven win reward.

Instead, there’s essentially only two rewards that you can get throughout an entire trials run. One of them is a 50 round win reward, which i believe is a pinnacle reward, and it can be anything it can be a piece of armor or even a weapon. But that’s after you win 50 rounds inside of trouse, which i know sounds like a lot, but some people were telling me that if you actually win the games themselves, it like doubles that amount or something i don’t know. If that’s actually true or not. I just know that that reward actually dropped on us, and i know it dropped on us way before we got 50 rounds one, but we were also simultaneously winning games.

The other reward is after you, reach seven wins on your card now. A lot of you are saying: yo seven went on a car come on. That’S a lot to ask for not necessarily you see the difference now in comparison to the previous version of trouse. Is that if you lose, this does not result in you having to reset your car matter of fact, you don’t ever have to reset your car. You can continually keep playing win or lose until you get to 7 wins and it’s majorly beneficial to continue deeper into your card as the reputation gains that you get for ranks with saint 14 is substantially higher.

You go from getting 20 reputation to 100 reputation, meaning trial. Ingrams will be raining on you and yes, there is no limit. You can continually keep grinding this all weekend. Long now, there’s a lot of benefits for obtaining these trial ingrams. You can either have the cryptart decrypt them for you for trials loads, or you can actually focus target it with a number of other resources, including glimmer and legendary shards on a specific weapon or armor piece.

My only complaint here is that the glimmer cost is pretty high, but the focusing itself is very, very nice. I was able to actually lock down a reed’s regret today. That was very nicely rolled, which is why, even if you don’t go flawless, it’s okay cause just getting deeper into the car. Just getting those reputation gains is rewarding in itself, but wait. Don’T you have to get the win to get the 100 reputation gained?

No, you. Don’T even got ta win now. Bungie’S actually introduced a system here to combat when trading. They know if you’re playing the game or not, and there was actually a few times that we loaded in where the team in front of us either backed out or they got error coded and the game wouldn’t even give us the full 100 reputation. It would still give us 20 as if we were still on the front end of our cart, but other benefits, that’s included here after every single game, if you have seven wins, even if you have a flawed passage, you have a chance of a trials ingram dropping For you, ascended shards, prime ingrams enhancement, prisms enhancement cores, it is by far the most rewarding amount of loot that you can get and you don’t even have to be flawless to get it now.

All this sounds great for the player that doesn’t go flawless. What about the player that does want to commit and go to the line house? What do they get we’ll go into the lighthouse upon reaching seven wins without a loss, we’ll net you, of course, the adept weapon for that week. This week is shiora’s wrath. Hopefully, next week you’ll be reid’s regrets and, of course, this rotates every single week.

However, after you pick up your loot, you can continue to queue into trials of osiris. With your flawless passage in seven wins, you will be matched only with players or you should only be matched with players that have seven wins now that doesn’t necessarily mean they have a flawless passage. It could still be a flawed passage. However, if you win any match with seven wins on a flawless passage, not only do you get the opportunity of getting a trials, ingram, ascended, shards prisms course, and all those things you simultaneously have the chance of an adept weapon dropping on you. Now it’s actually the a debt weapon.

That’S dropping that week so for us this week, shiora’s wrath in its adept form would be dropping after every game upon reaching flawless and continuing on our trials run. This is by far the best farm i’ve ever seen for a debt loot. It almost makes me mad that i even played trials before now, considering how many hours are spent just trying to go flawless to just get one a debt weapon now you’re getting it almost. Every other game and that’s pretty much what we were getting loot wise every other game. As long as we didn’t have a flawed passage and we were sitting at seven wins still flawless.

If we continue to win, every other game would give us another adept weapon. Now, before my players that can’t go flawless get upset, this is the beautiful thing about this system. You see guys if players that are going flawless, never reset their cart and continue playing trials on their seven win cards. That means that the people that are still trying to get flawless will not be in their matchmaking pool. That’S the beauty here guys for the longest time, everyone in the destiny community has been asking for flawless players to be removed from the matchmaking pool and to just play amongst themselves.

The problem with that is that there was never a rewarding structure to give to those flawless players to say: hey, it’s worth the headache to go up against these sweaty players, every single game, even after you’ve gone flawless, but now, with this system with the depth, loot Reigning every other game, it is 100 recommended that, for my players that are flawless to not reset continue playing deeper into the car, continue playing with that flawless passage as it is by far the most optimal way to get a depth, loot and the beautiful thing about All of this is as we get further and further into the weekend for my players that did not go flawless. It should get easier as more and more flawless. Players are matchmaking only amongst themselves and other players sitting at seven wins now. I’D say one of the biggest contributors to trials feeling very healthy today is trials now has matchmaking, which is huge. However, it does not have a freelance playlist yet and that’s something that bungie wants to introduce later into the season and i’m assuming they didn’t want to introduce it on day, one as that will be a divide there.

In the player base, you’ll have only solo players playing with solo players, which is fair and then your regular matchmaking playlists very similar to conch and that’s essentially, the system that trials will eventually adopt. However, for the solo player, it is more difficult, as you can imagine, even if there are three really good solo players, if they don’t have an open chat or way to communicate. That can definitely put you at a disadvantage against a pre-made team, but you don’t have to communicate and that’s the beautiful thing about trials matchmaking right now. You don’t have to do anything. You literally just have to load in play as hard as you can and if you get a win great and if not – and you just get a couple round, wins that’s fine too, because you’re making progress throughout everything that you’re doing within trials, whether it’s getting reputation With saint 14, getting those trial, ingrams or getting round wins toward that weekly reward and, as the weekend goes further and further trials, and going flawless should get easier with the separation of flawless players, continually farming for a dead loot and the players that have not gone Flawless, this system guys is beautiful.

I could have never thought of a better system than this, because essentially there isn’t a split here in the matchmaking pool, it’s all still being done within a single matchmaking pull. However, the game is able to recognize who’s been flawless and who has it and divides them accordingly, now say: you’ve gone flawless for the weekend, you’re about to finish up you’re about to be completely done. You can’t do another card they’re, all the targeted loot that saint 14 has. He also allows you to turn in your flawless passage with 50 000 glimmer, 250 legendary shards and a trials ingram to get another roll of the adept weapon for that week. Now don’t do this if you’re not going to continue to grind past flawless, throw that a debt loot only turn this in only redeem that flawless passage when you are ready to reset your car now what happens when you’ve gone flawless, but you end up losing a Game after going flawless, can you still get adept rewards from my experience?

No guys i have a fall passage and i played five games five games and we won all five of them. My experience was that you can continue to get ascended, shards enhancement, prisms enhancement, cores. All those good things and i believe, even trial ingrams, but no longer a depth loot once the game realizes that you have lost and that you now have a flawed passage, you will no longer be able to get a debt loot, as you continue deeper in the Car, however, this does not mess up the ability to redeem your passage with same 14.

As the game still registers that you have gone flawless despite your card being a flawed car, although it is suggested to still go to the lighthouse loot everything at the lighthouse, because once you have a flawed passage there, the lighthouse won’t, let you back in so it’s Kind of interesting that same 14 recognizes that you went flawless, but the lighthouse doesn’t so make sure after you go flawless to go directly to the lighthouse, get your loot and continue to grind. As long as you can, with your flawless passage until it becomes flawed.

And you get a loss, then go back to saint 14 redeem. That flaw passage to get one more adept drop and reset your card overall guys. I know loot, isn’t everything, because we want a fun game mode. We want to have a good time. We want a nice meta, but for the longest time trials has been the stingiest playlist and as of right now it is one of the most rewarding playlists in the game.

Is trons of osiris saved it’s a hell of a lot better guys so much better than what it was anti-cheat seems to be working. I didn’t run into a single cheater today. Matchmaking overall is having a good, healthy effect on pulling a lot more players into trials of osiris and a lot of people that are jumping into trials. Never wanted to try trials of osiris before simply because they didn’t want to get a pre-made team together. But having matchmaking allows everyone to dabble in this playlist and the fact that getting a loss on your card no longer hurts you or resets your passage, and you can continue deeper and deeper into that trials passage and you get rewarded for getting to that.

Seven win. Mark and getting more and more reputation, all in all guys all the changes that we’re handing out to trials are fantastic. I think the only thing left for trials to do at this point is, of course, add a freelance playlist which we’ll be getting later in the season. A lot of things are at play here today, guys to give us the experience that we’re experiencing now the loot structure overall is much better account. Recoveries have been banned, anyone that gets cheated gets automatically banned by either battle eye or bungie’s in-house anti-cheat and the separation there between players that have gone flawless and players that have not is fantastic.

Now someone’s going to ask what about skill based matchmaking as that’s supposed to be inside of trouse, my experience is that skill based matchmaking seems to be heavily weighted on the front end the first couple games now i could be wrong. I only reset a couple times today. However, my experience, though, when starting from the front end of the cards is that skill-based matchmaking seems to be in effect for the first two games and then, after that it seems, like matchmaking shifts to card based matchmaking, and i noticed this after we completed our first Flawless run again, the skill based matchmaking is not an overarching skill based number that bungie gives you for say, regular crucible. It is only dependent upon your performance for that weekend. So after we had already done our first run and gotten flawless when we started again, i found that the first two games were harder than all my flawless games today and then after we got past the first two games, then things became card base or win-based matchmaking, Meaning we were matching against people with similar wins long story short.

This means that players that just want to dabble in trials but may not have the highest of skill level should be matching people of like skill on the front end of the card. However, it is highly suggested guys that you get deeper into the card. The rewards overall get much much better when you get past five wins when you start getting a hundred reputation per win, and even if you do have a flawed passage, all the loot that comes with every single game, win or lose is more than enough reason to Give trials of osiris another go so guys that is, tries osiris and how it works its reward structure. Overall, i am loving it on top of that very much like shax and zavala, and the drifter getting those rank. Ups is rewarding all in itself with prime ingrams ascended shards upgrade modules and everything else hands down.

Trials has become one of the most rewarding playlists in the game, we’ll be playing all day tomorrow. Guys, i think les and i are probably going to be doing some trial – carries if you want to come by our twitch you’re, more than welcome. If you want to get a team yourself feel free to come by our discord, we’ve got lots of people playing already in there teaming up in our lfgs and understand. Getting a loss now does not possess the same level of stress that it once did it’s okay. It’S okay to get a loss on your passage just know as the weekend gets deeper and deeper going flawless should be something that should get easier, fellas and, ladies, thank you all for coming and watching and as always slap that like button, like your mama told you Right: [, Music ], you

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