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All right, it’s a good possibility. This will be patched pretty soon, which is why we waited till this evening. To put this video out, because bungie should be uh should be sleeping right now, going on in the community is a community quest. It is called share. The dawning spirit, now it’s a pretty straightforward quest. It requires you to deliver a few cookies to specific npcs, but the main thing that takes the longest is obtaining donning spirits, which is those little golden snowflake things now obtaining. These are not overly difficult, they’re, just lengthy, completing bounties doing triumphs and i’m sure we’ve got some dedicated folks out there. That are like absolutely grinding this out, because every time you complete a single step to this donning spirit, quests and there’s 10 steps in total.

We obtain a dawning present today we unlock the meager donning present, eventually we’ll unlock the modest dawning present moving on to adequate, then to generous and then overflowing dawning presence. We have no idea what the hell is in the overflowing dawning present. As all of this is still considered a classified item, a lot of people have been wondering. Will we get random row hogmans from this event? I don’t think so man, it would be nice, but probably not, which takes us to our way of farming donning spirits which should complete this community quest within the next 24 hours. You don’t have to contribute, but there’s a lot of reason why you want to do this farm number one you’re gon na get three different types of rare ingredients and number two you’ll also get access to enemy ingredients most notably are taken butter. Needless to say, this farm is going to give you unlimited cookies, all right and if you combine this with our essence, farm from yesterday’s guide, you’ll have lots and lots of cookies to turn in for a chance of getting the fusion rifle or the smg or the Lng which takes us so what the hell this guide actually is.

First up big shout out to donut on twitter for reaching out to me and showing me this, but essentially i want you to get on the titan class track down those acd feedback fences that you probably just got rotting in your vault put those bad babies on. Secondly, i want you to go to your sunbreaker class and choose bottom tree sunbreaker. Now i want you to go to the dreaming city and load into the shattered throne. Now the shadow throne doesn’t actually begin here. This is the checkpoint that descents. This is between the second and third encounter, i believe, but when you load in here, i want you to walk up here to the left and then drop down in this cubby. Now you’re going to have a lot of shadow thrall, rushing towards you, don’t worry about it, don’t freak out! I want you to melee one of these draw, which would then spawn a sunspot now the thing about sunspots is: you can indefinitely keep spawning them over and over as long as something is walking into it and dying? And that’s exactly what’s happening here, your sunspot on the ground. It’S just shredding everything that gets close to you now.

The majority of the materials that are going to be dropping from this is, of course, glimmer donning spirits and a lot of them. I’M talking like for 500 an hour but you’re also going to be getting impossible heat now possible heat is actually a rare ingredient that, of course, drops from solar kills with either your class ability or weapon elements. Obviously, they’re going to be dropping pretty often here due to sunspots being on the ground, but this is where acd feedback fence comes into play. You see acd feedback and its exotic perk states that melee hits build up energy, but also being struck by a melee will reduce the incoming damage, but also unleashes the energy in a devastating explosion. Now that explosion is actually arc damage, which means not only are you going to be getting impossible heat, but you’re also going to be getting electric flavor, which is another rare ingredient on top of that zur’s favorite, cookie, strange cookies require taken butter and electric flavor. So now you have pretty much unlimited cookies to give them come this friday, but then, as an added cherry on top and actually discover this.

While doing all of this, you probably see me getting some rare ingredients called delicious explosions. Explosive kills of any kind class grenade, rocket, launcher or grenade launcher will reward you this ingredient. Now. Lo and behold, acd feedback is also granting us delicious explosion ingredients. You see where we’re going with this. This is farm heaven fellas. This puts forged farming to shame and you’re, probably wondering won’t my character just log out after a certain duration. No, you see the game thinks even though you’re standing in your sunspot doing nothing that you’re actually actively getting kills. Therefore, it won’t kick you needless to say, feel free to leave your account on overnight you’ll, wake up tomorrow with a ton of ingredients, a ton of daunting spirits and essentially unlimited cookies, to give once you farm donning essence.

Now one key thing that i want to bring up about donning spirits and why they are actually dropping, as this is still a great farm, if you’re trying to get ingredients. But for my folks, like myself, that are just trying to get this community quest done to see what the hell it is, we’re gon na get at the end of it, you actually need the ship that’s tied to the donning event itself. This is from the quest and to all a good flight, and this is a long, lengthy quest that requires you to give like cookies to a number of folks, as well as obtain spirits, but upon doing so, you’ll eventually unlock the final perk there on the ship, Which states that it will grant you a chance to generate dawning spirits whenever you find a donning ingredient? That’S exactly why donning spirits are dropping right here in this farm, and if you don’t have this ship completely unlocked with this shipmon, then this is not gon na work for you.

You can still go farm here for ingredients like if you’re just trying to get cookies. Absolutely, but you need to actually unlock this ship completely if you want to contribute to the community quests, and this is like day two of the event, so i’m pretty sure a lot of you guys have already gotten the ship and have already unlocked everything for it. It’S got a number of quest steps, but essentially it just boils down to baking, some cookies for a number of npcs and, of course, donning spirits. The best way to just farm for those completing bounties, as well as the repeatable bounties and, of course doing the triumphs. Remember to go back in there select your triumphs that you’ve completed as that too rewards. You donning spirits. Now final note for those that may not have acd feedback. Maybe you’ve got everything here. Maybe you’ve got the ship, you’ve got it completely unlocked and you got the checkpoint there, the descent for shadow throne and by the way for those that don’t have a checkpoint to it, join our discord.

We’Ve got a number of folks that are already teaming up right here right now that are handing the checkpoint off to each other and remember when you load into someone’s checkpoint, you got ta load in and wipe first so die respawn, and now you have the checkpoint. My only rule for those that are joining the discord, don’t just take the checkpoint and run always pass it on to at least one other person before going off and doing your farm but say you got all those things, but you don’t have for some reason: acd Feedback, i did try this out with reactive pulse. This actually states, while charged with light. When you take damage while surrounded by enemies, you emit a burst of damaging arc energy. This will consume one stack of charged with light.

I’M pretty sure this will proc and will reward you, electric flavor now you’re probably wondering well how the hell am i going to get charged with lights throughout. All of this, that’s no problem charge. Harvester just have that on and every time you get a kill. You’Ll get charged with light, so each one of these little sunspot kills has a chance of giving you charge with light. And then, of course, whenever you get hit with a melee attack, because the shadow throw like lunges through the flames and hits you that will proc reactive pulse but hands down just put on a cd feedback, that’ll make things a lot easier. So guys. That is your farm for a crapload of ingredients, donning spirits, unlimited cookies, essentially and potentially, if this doesn’t get patched within the next 24 hours, we could be finishing up this community quest and seeing what the hell this overflowing dawning present actually contains.

Hopefully, it’s something juicy, i’m hoping it’s not going to be like hey here’s, your ascendant, shard gg man merry christmas. At the same time, i wouldn’t get overly hyped here. Guys saw some comments today, they’re like oh man. What? If that thing’s got gala horn, jesus fellas, you should know by now there ain’t, no gala horn in there. Is this your first time dealing with destiny, fellas and ladies thank you all for coming and watching and as always slap that like button, like your mama told you right.

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