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Destiny 100 Iron Per Hour Farming Run?by Occams_Moustache


Hey guys, since a bunch of people seemed to find utility in my video I posted the other day demonstrating my Helium farming run on the Moon, I decided to make a farming run for Relic Iron and Chests on Mars today. This route is a little bit longer and doesn?t loop quite as nicely as the one on the Moon, but the up side to that is that since each run takes longer, more chests and iron nodes have time to spawn! Also, I decided to take the suggestion of some users from the last thread and tried to do post commentary on the video rather than just including a detailed write up. I don?t know how that turned out, as I?ve never really done commentary before, so hopefully it?s not terrible. And for the people who don?t like videos or want to read at work or something, I?ll include a transcript of the commentary below. So, thanks for watching and I hope this guide is helpful!


Hey guys, so this is a quick farming run to get Iron Relics and Chests in the Buried City and The Hollows areas on Mars. Right now I?m entering the Buried City via the Scablands area, and right away you?re going to want to make a left and enter the door at the top of the stairs. Check out the area behind the boxes for supplies and then continue around the wall to find your first loot room. You?ll be seeing a lot of these rooms throughout this run, because they spawn chests pretty frequently. Once you scan this room, head into the other loot room in this building and then check behind the other boxes for more supplies.

As you leave this building, make a left and head up the sand dune, and sometimes you?ll find some Relic Iron near the top or against the wall. Then continue to hug the wall and enter the building on your left. Watch out for Axis Minotaurs and Hobgoblins here because they can ruin your day very quickly. Run past or kill all of them and then enter your third loot room. Then exit and run back the way you came while sticking to the wall on the left to find yet another loot room. Make a left out of this room and you can sometimes find a chest and more Relic Iron in the corner.

Now turn right and quickly scan under the building for Relic Iron. Also check the car near the Beacon and then head up the stairs on your left and enter this building. Run into the back of the building to find another loot room. Now run past the support column to find the sixth loot room. After scanning this room, head into the center of the building to look for a Chest or Iron, then exit via the front of the building. Make a left and check the sand dune for Iron and then head down the alleyway, where you may find some more. At the end of the alley head into the building on your right and check the recessed part of the building to your right for a possible chest. Then head into the back for a seventh loot room.

Leave this building and head out into the open, where you?ll often find more Relic Iron. Be sure to quickly check the top of the small structure with the number 2 on it, as a chest occasionally spawns on top of it. Now head past the Beacon through the gap at the corner of the two buildings. Relic Iron and Chests spawn in this area frequently, so be sure to thoroughly scan the area. While doing this run, Relic Iron has spawned in this area every single time I checked it, though chests are a bit more rare. Now you can summon your Sparrow and head into the small building that usually has two Hobgoblin snipers on top of it. Exit and head over to the edge of the map to check for more supplies and then head left to check between the three containers and finally in the crater with some wreckage. Now you can head through the pass to enter the Hollows area.

When you emerge from the tunnel check the area immediately to your left, the sand dune, and the crater on the other side of the path. Then stick to the left and check the outer wall of this building for more Iron. After that, jump over the rail and head into another loot room.

Make a left upon leaving the room and check the tall sand dune in the corner. There is an area hidden behind the top of it that sometimes contains a chest. Now run past the enemies and enter the Clovis Bray building. Check the right side of the room when you enter and then run up the stairs and all the way into the back for another loot room. This building is usually pretty full of enemies, so I would recommend killing them to make the run easier.

Now continue up the stairs and through the hallway full of enemies. At the other side you?ll find a large room that contains the tenth loot room and occasionally has some Relic Iron. After checking this room, jump out through the broken window and head under the building to search the area. Now head across the way to enter the door of the building that leads you to the Dust Palace. Be sure to check the outer wall for some more Relic Iron near the Beacon.

Once you enter this building, stick to the right and head all the way into the back for another loot room. Then exit through the same door you can in. Now hug the outside of the building and jump into the upper area through the broken wall. Head up the stairs and to the back of the building to find another loot room. As you?re leaving the building, check the area to the your right as well as the upper walkway for more Relic Iron. Head out of the building and go right and up the sand dune to check another crater for Relic Iron and Chests. Then jump down and look inside the area between the walls. Then follow the pathway up the hill to an area with more wreckage that sometimes contains Relic Iron.

Finally, head towards the building with the number 7 on it and follow the path to the right. There is a crater just off the path that often holds more Relic Iron. And when you get there, you?re done! After that you can either run the route in reverse, checking for more, or just head back to the start and begin again. I ran the path for about an hour and wound up with about 100 Relic Irons as well as plenty of greens and one purple engram. Hopefully this will help you guys get that much needed Relic Iron to upgrade your Exotic and Legendary gear.


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