Destiny Elemental and Shields Guide


Destiny Elemental and Shields Guide?by TheVegMan

Hi Everyone,

Just a short and sweet guide about enemies? shields and their weakness within destiny. I noticed some people were having difficult with some of the more difficult strikes and raid, so thought that this guide would help those still unsure. A dubstep free video guide!

For those at work or mobile:

Arc Vulnerability (Blue shields):

Solar Vulnerability (Red Shields):

Void Vulnerability (Purple Shields):

This list is currently up to date, will change if anymore enemies are found with shields following the weekly rotations!

Using a void machine gun on this week?s raid and nightfall strike is highly recommended! It rips Pretorians to shreds in seconds!

Basic strategy is to one or two fusion rifle burst the shielded enemy with their vulnerability element. Then quickly take its health down with your primary once its shields are down. For harder enemies, you need to keep shooting it otherwise its shields will regenerate after a brief pause of not being hit. The video demonstrates how simple and effective it is!

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