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Destiny Elemental Enemies List


Destiny Elemental Enemies List?by GenericDreadHead

With the Burn Nightfall upon us, here?s a helpful Elemental enemy breakdown.

Funnily enough, Arc Burn Fallen are probably the highest damage enemies you can come across 🙂

I?m leaving out Mini-bosses, Patrol Majors and Ships as it?s cluttered enough as it is without them.
Added proper strike Boss names as requested.
Lot?s of people saying Wire Rifles are Kinetic, based on damaged received in an Arc nightfall, I think this is incorrectly labeled in game

Enemy Type Class Weapon Type Shield Type Grenade Type Melee Type
Fallen Dreg Arc (rarely Solar) ? Arc Arc
Fallen Shank Arc Solar (Epic Only) ? ?
Fallen Vandal Arc (rarely Solar) ? Arc Arc
Fallen Sniper Vandal Arc ? ? Arc
Fallen Stealth Vandal Melee ? ? Arc
Fallen Captain Arc (rarely Solar) Arc ? Arc
Fallen Servitor Void ? ? ?
Fallen Black-Hammer Walker Arc and Solar ? Arc ?
Fallen Boopity Boop Bop (Sepiks) Void ? ? Void
Fallen ?Bwahahaha? (Aksor) Solar ? ? Arc
Hive Thrall Arc ? ? Arc
Hive Cursed Thrall Arc Ability ? ? ?
Hive Acolyte Void (rarely Arc) ? ? ?
Hive Sword Knight Melee Arc (Epic Only) ? ?
Hive Boomer Knight Arc (rarely Void) Arc (Epic Only) ? ?
Hive Wizard Arc Solar ? ?
Hive Ogre Void ? ? ?
Hive Shrieker Void ? ? Void
Hive So-Goth, Much-Ogre, wow (Phogoth) Void ? ? ?
Hive ?Eeeeeiiiieeee? (Omnigul) Arc Arc ? ?
Vex Goblin Solar (rarely Void) ? Void Void
Vex Hobgoblin Solar (rarely Void) ? Void Void
Vex Harpy Solar Arc (EpicMostly) ? ?
Vex Hydra Void Spinning ? ?
Vex Minotaur Void Void ? ?
Vex Y U NO COME FIGHT ME?!?(Nexus) Void Spinning ? ?
Cabal Legionary Solar ? ? ?
Cabal Phalanx Solar ? ? ?
Cabal Psion Solar (Arc ability) Void (Epic Only) ? Void
Cabal Centurion Solar Solar ? ?
Cabal Colossus Solar ? ? ?
Cabal Black-Hammer Tank Solar- ? ?
Cabal Rockets McDickFace (Va?lus) Solar ? ? ?


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