Destiny Exotic Invective Shotgun Bounty Guide


Destiny Exotic Invective Shotgun Bounty Guide?by Abolitum

Hello Guardians. Today I completed the exotic bounty: a dubious task to acquire the Invective shotgun. More info about the weapon here ?

The invective shotgun is a fully automatic shotgun for the special weapon slot. It ranges from 260-300 attack, had a 4 round magazine that if upgraded can regenerate over time, and has solar damage.

First off I will say how I got an exotic bounty for people who do not know how to increase their chances getting one. I got this exotic bounty when I was only level 24 by turning in 5 bounties at once. Once i turned them, Xander gave me the choice of three different exotic bounties. You can get exotic bounties at random by turning in any number of bounties at once, but to increase your chances, turn in five at one time. I do not know the odds of getting one. When i got it, it was the first time I handed in five at one time. Today after completing the bounty I tried turning in five at once again but with no luck.

Part one:

After choosing this bounty you have to take to Ikora Rey, the warlock vanguard. She will give you your first assignment: complete 5 strikes without dying. I did the first level 8 strike ?the devils lair?. Although i?ve been told that the nexus can be done faster given that you do not die. Seeing that it is a level 8 strike i thought it would be the fastest. If you choose to do the devils lair, I recommend you bring at least one friend with you, because some guardians are dickbiscuits who only do the strike to spawn at the chest farming location. If you join this strike in place of someone who left earlier and it has already begun, stay in the lobby. Even if you do not start the strike, completing the end without dying will still count towards the bounty, meaning you can join at the very last second and still have it count. It is not hard to stay alive in this strike, just stay in cover from the walker and keep shooting stuff. Once you complete this part, you will go back to Ikora Rey for step two of the bounty.

Part two:

Achieve a kill/death spread of 25 in the crucible. I have seen many mixed messages in this subreddit about what that means so I will explain what it is exactly. Your spread is not the same as your ratio. If you kill 5 people and die 2 times, your spread is 3. Your spread is equal to kills minus deaths not kills divided by deaths. This does not mean you need to get 25 more kills than deaths in a single game, the bounty carries over into other games! Normally I don?t get 25 more kills than deaths in games, so here are some tricks that I used to complete the bounty because I didn?t want to play normally and complete the bounty over five games. Instead I completed it in two. When trying to complete this part, use a sniper, do not go for close range combat. Pick people off from a far distance where your enemy cannot get you from and switch spots regularly so enemies don?t come hunting you down. Do not capture objective, this only makes you an easier targets because the enemy knows where you are. Try to stay back in the map and preferable near other teammates and try to defend an objective so you know exactly where you need to be and shoot and where the enemy will be. (I only play control in the crucible so thats what I?m talking about with objectives). Use your supers to defend yourself, not kill for points. You want to stay alive as long as you can, even if it means killing only one person with your super or even just using it to scare away enemies. Play smart, play back, defend, stick together, look at your radar, be aware of your surroundings, and you?ll finish the bounty in no time. After completing this step, go back to Ikora Rey.

Part three:

Complete a weekly challenge. This means just to complete the weekly mission posted on the left side of the world map in orbit. I am not sure if it does not count if you complete it when you have already completed it in the same week because when I did it, it was my first time doing the weekly challenge for that week. I am guessing that it will still count, even if it is on the same difficulty. I just did it on the lowest level because I wanted to finish it fast but if you plan to do it on a higher difficulty than you can still do that. I recommend doing this with at least one other player just in case you die so you can revive each other and don?t get reset at the last checkpoint. I?m sure most people complete the weekly challenges anyways so its not like its anything new that I need to explain. After completing this step, once again go back to Ikora Rey.

Part four:

Go to the gunsmith. You will need to buy 50 special ammo consumables to get the shotgun. This means you will need 12,500 glimmer to pay for all of this. If you do not have this much glimmer and you need more fast, and since the glimmer farms have been patches, I will tell you what I did for quick cash. I went to patrol on earth to kill the three acolytes repeatedly in the building where you go in the beginning of the story where you have your ghost scan something or whatnot. You can find the area by going directly to the right of the computer room once you go down the stairs. You will see another flight of stairs to go down and the acolytes spawn in a room to the left. Use wax idols so you can get more glimmer from each of them. With the black wax idols on you can get about 100-120 glimmer for killing all of them. To make them respawn go past the room and you will find a staircase going up to the surface. If you see enemies nearby then you must kill them for the acolytes to respawn. At least thats what I observed. If there are no enemies outside of the exit of the staircase then the acolytes wont respawn. In this case go back to entrance of the building and start the run over again. This isn?t as good as the patches glimmer runs but it is still fast and efficient and probably the best of whats left for now that I could find. If the description is confusing then I can post pictures or a video to explain it, although I bet that other people have probably already shared this same idea. After spending all of your dough on special ammo consumables you will take the completed bounty back to Ikora Rey. She will then give you the invective shotgun for all of your troubles. Congratulations! You did it!

If you were able to read all of this than thanks for sticking around. If anything I said was unclear than feel free to ask about it or ask for a better description. Feel free to put in your own input and tips and thanks again for reading my post.

EDIT: Forgot to add that when you complete the entire bounty you get a lead for the buckshot bruiser crucible lead. Also I?m sure that since it is random it wouldn?t make a difference, but when I handed all of the 5 bounties in at the same time to get the exotic bounty, they were all vanguard bounties and since they were very easy they were completed in around a half hour. Not sure if variety and time matters for RNG but it definitely helps to turn in more than one at a time.

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