Destiny Eye of a Gate Lord Solo Guide


Destiny Eye of a Gate Lord Solo Guide?by nerdorado

Note: I?ve done this three times today. Make sure you have a strong weapon that works with the damage perk applied for the mission. Sorry that theres no video or pictures, I dont own a capture card and I dont want to have to subject you to potato quality pictures of my screen. However, if people ask for them, I?ll go run the mission again and take some pictures for you.

To start off with, you need to do the opening section of the mission where you scan the light tower before heading to Campus 9. Once you reach campus 9, you will be confronted with four or five goblins, take them out with ease, but dont move on yet.

For the next section, you can get through the entire ?gate? area and only fight 6 or 7 enemies the whole way. The way you do this is to take out all of the gates from a distance before you trigger them to spawn enemies. First, from the campus 9 area, right next to the big round building, take out the first gate that you can see down the hill. DO NOT HEAD FORWARD through the big ring. Instead, jump on the trailer-type building on the right, hop across to the rocks, then up onto the ledge behind the tall square columns. Between each of the large columns is a gap wide enough for you to fit through. If you go into the second gap (DONT FALL DOWN), you can take out the two hobgoblins directly below you, and one at long range directly ahead of you. After you?ve dispatched the three of them, back up to where you entered the gap and continue down to the end on the right. There is a small step-up which will allow you to jump on top of the last tall column. Get up there and get ready to snipe.

Once you?re on top of the column, you can see AND shoot every single one of the gates in the entire area. Use a scout rifle and/or sniper rifle to take them all out. I believe there are 5 or 6 of them. Once you?re done with the gates, you can take out the hobgoblins! There is one on the path at your lower left and one on top of the columns on the right of center.

Once you?ve taken out all of the gates and hobgoblins, you can jump down to the ground below (make sure you double jump/glide/blink before you hit the ground, cause the fall will kill you). Head through the enemy-free area, taking out the last hobgoblin and hydra at the end of the area (your damage-specific weapon will make super short work of the hydra).

As you enter the final area, you will be faced with a group of 5 goblins, which you can take out quickly. Dont jump or run down yet. First, peek over the ledge at the top and you can take out the four hobgoblins and 6 goblins directly below you and on the path across the river. Once you?ve cleared them all out, head down and across the river, then start up the steps. About halfway up, you?ll have a goblin/hobgoblin group spawn. Take out this group from the stairs (feel free to retreat back a bit if needed, the goblins dont like to come down the stairs unless you take their heads off and the hobgoblins will always hang back). As you get to the top of the stairs, you?ll have a second wave spawn. Take them out the same way you did the previous group.

Last up is the Gate Lord. This fight should only take a matter of seconds. As soon as you step into the ring and it triggers the Gate Lord spawn, RUN for the stairs. Head down enough that you can see over the top to shoot, but low enough that the Gate Lord?s arc bolts hit the top of the stairs. Once the Gate Lord?s chest opens up, he?s no longer immune to damage and the fight begins. Just spam away with your damage weapon. In a few short seconds, you should be done. I was using a rare Solar-damage sniper rifle and doing 5k crits and 1.5k regular shots. Took me 4 shots to take down the Gate Lord, didnt fire a single shot at the adds.

Once you kill the Gate Lord, the adds despawn and the mission is over. Return to orbit and collect your prize. If you?ve done everything right, you should have finished the whole mission solo in under 10 minutes from the time you touched down on venus to the time you?re back in space.

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