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Destiny Fastest Reputation Farming Guide


Destiny Fastest Reputation Farming Guide?by bm_nJoi

What?s up guys it?s ya boy nJoi back again with another guide for ya,

This is a guide on a method of farming reputation for ANY FACTION IN THE GAME that I created to finalize the best way to maximize rep gains per hour. I?ve gotten all the way up to over 800 rep PER HOUR with this method!

Additionally, you will be farming engrams, chests, and resources on the side (without slowing up your rep gains!)

500-800 Rep/Hour Farming Guide

The video is about 8 minutes long, but it is packed with information and details on this method and how to maximize your rep gains ? there?s no fluff!

[Edit: As ceejay83 pointed out, this can?t be used for regular Crucible rep. It slipped my mind because personally I find no use for the regular Crucible rep, it?s the NM FWC DO and Vanguard reps that can be farmed here.]

[Edit #2: Wow, I didn?t expect this much positive feedback so quickly, and I didn?t really intend this post to just be a billboard for myself and nJoi Gaming, so I removed my little ad tid-bit at the end of my original post. Thanks for the support guys glad you found this useful.]

[Edit #3: Adding a Summary/TL;DWatch]

  1. 3 Man Fireteam, Split Cosmodrome into 3 parts, each member takes a location ? The Skywatch, the Mothyards/Steppes, The Divide/Rocketyard ? Stay spread out to be able to cover as much area per player as possible, overlapping potential objective areas is potential time lost
  2. VIP?s spawn in Rocketyard, Skywatch, and the Steppes by spawn ? never abandon VIP or Kill Everything patrols. Others can be abandoned if nobody is near the objective. The spawn of the patrol isn?t always near the actual VIP, so communicate who actually gets the kill.
  3. Farm patrols vigorously. Triangulate position of objectives and have one member complete objective as the others farm their respective areas (Skywatch farms Loot Cave, Rocketyard farms chests, Mothyard farms Spinmetal). Abandoning patrols is okay, but try to minimize as it is time lost farming ? only abandon stubborn ones or ones that nobody is close to quickly do and they can be replaced.
  4. Allow players to do nearby Public Events if you need marks. Pay attention to the number of other players doing the events, because soloing them slowly can cut your numbers in a big way.
  5. Learn to communicate very well to improve rep/hour numbers, because good communication allows you to locate objectives quickly and to know when to abandon a patrol for a more accessible one that is readily available. Most notably, communicate when to go for objectives and when to be farming per member. Pay attention to what types are near you even when you?re not going to be picking it up first, so that you can know to replace a stubborn patrol quickly with the easier one you have nearby.
  6. If you really want to solo, farm VIP spawns by the spawn point into the Cosmodrome at the Steppes. It?s to the left of the basement with the 3 level 18 Hive Majors (used to kill everyone in beta).
  7. Watch the video it explains this much better! 😛

Hope that helped for those that can?t view the video, but I encourage you to watch it if anything isn?t clear because I?m leaving out a lot with this quick summary from my phone!]


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