Destiny Glimmer Farming Guide


Destiny Glimmer Farming Guide?by degrees97

Hey guys, I just wanted to share with you how to farm glimmer and probably also engrams THE MOST efficient way. I will include several pictures and a video guide.

First things first, how much Glimmer do you get with this method?

You?ll get about 3000 Glimmer in 10 minutes

How much time does it take you?

It takes you as long as you want, either 10 minutes or about 2 hours

Why can it take 2 hours you may ask now.

After 2 hours you will have reached the Glimmer cap of 25k.

Alright well let?s get started then.


Be at least lvl 8, the higher the better the outcome

Have at least 1 Black Wax Idol

Have a good weapon that can mow through enemies as fast as possible

That?s all, if you do not have a Black Wax Idol, go to the moon and play ?Shrine of Oryx? you?ll get one or two 99% of the time.

So first we?ll go to the same mission as above, Moon ? Shrine of Oryx. There you?ll want to rush through all of the enemies to save yourself some time you do not need to kill them. You?ll then find a Fallen Miniboss that you?ll have to kill and then just continue rushing through all the enemies. After going through black round tunnels you?ll see huge black sphere and to your right you will see 5 Dreg fighting 8 Hive enemies (Hallowed Acolytes at lvl 20) these 8 enemies will be key to my guide. Before starting to fight them get your Black Wax Idol and use it, make sure you have your super ready to clear them as fast as possible.

If you?re confident just ignore the 5 Dregs and kill the 8 Hive enemies as fast as possible. At lvl 20 every Hive enemy will give you 43 Glimmer (at least in my case) and some might even drop 1 of these items that the Cryptarch gives you 200 Glimmer for (I forgot the name).

After you killed these 8 guys and ogre will appear along with several adds. Kill these adds until your super is charged again and then die to the ogre.

The Black Wax Idol will run for 10 minutes, I always dropped at least 1 Wax Idol per run so you will be able to repeat it.

Reapeat until Black Wax Idol runs out and use another if you want MOAR GLIMMAR

Following are some screenshots where you see my inventory before and after 10 minutes of farming (1 Wax Idol).



The Difference in Glimmer is 2643 if I did my math correctly. I got 8 of these 200 Glimmer items and dropped 2 Wax Idols.

TL;DR?READ THIS BEFORE WATCHING THE VIDEO: I had already used my Black Wax Idol in this video, you should use it right when you get to that point. After being killed by the ogre you?ll respawn at the point where the video started and you can repeat until the BWI runs out. This will be about 7-8 times. each run should give you about 450-550 Glimmer. And after 10 minutes you?ll have Glimmer about 2500-3000 Glimmer depending on the drops. Here is the video

EDIT: I do realize that you can do this as well on other missions, but the amount of Glimmer you get will not differ that much, other missions might get you ~200 Glimmer more every 10 minutes or even 200 Glimmer less, but since you get such high amounts anyway it doesn?t really matter does it?

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