Destiny Gunslinger Tripmines PvP Guide


Destiny Gunslinger Tripmines PvP Guide?by JarekTR

The Tripmine along with Young Ahamkara?s Spine is what I believe to be the most underrated combination for all Hunters playing in The Crucible, The Iron Banner, and especially Control. When used properly, it is such a powerful combination. I put a guide together detailing my playstyle and how I use defensive tripmine tactics in PvP.

What about my Achlyophage Symbiote? Surely the tripmine can?t be more powerful than a fourth Golden Gun shot?

After reading this you?ll see exactly how a tripmine can be just as; if not more effective than a having an extra round in the Golden Gun. Also, you will see exactly how you can have two, that?s right, TWO tripmines out at the same time.


First off, you?ll want your primary stat to be discipline and your secondary stat to be intellect. When wearing my crucible gear I have 100% discipline and roughly 80% intellect. Any armor that you have that has the perk Ashes to Asset is a must. This means all your grenade kills will feed your super. More tripmines = More Golden Guns. Lastly, you?ll want to be wearing Young Ahamkara?s Spine, you cannot be an official TripBro without this amazing piece of gear. Usually wear a Crucible helmet that maxes out my discipline, but for Iron Banner events ,even through I lose some discipline, I wear a raid helmet so I can be 32. My raid helmet rolled with Intellect and Strength and haven?t been able to get a Discipline roll to drop yet.

Skill Tree:

To be a TripBro, you have to be a Gunslinger. This is my current build.

In PvP I always spec for Agility and Armor. To be honest, I don?t find recovery that effective compared to the other two traits. As for the last tree, it really depends on your playstyle. If you love throwing knives use Gambler?s Dagger. If you want more range on your Golden Gun; use Over The Horizon. If you are using a primary that has a slow reload speed then Chain Of Woe will fix that. Lately my primary weapon has been MIDA so I don?t really need Chain Of Woe. I save my throwing knives for close range battles. I can do pretty well at landing throwing knife headshots so having Circle Of Life eliminates my need for Gambler?s Dagger. Currently, I have been running Over The Horizon and it works great, especially for killing snipers.

The most important perk to run for this strategy to work is Scavenger. I cannot stress this enough. If you want to TripBro you need to run Scavenger. The Scavenger perk reduces the cooldown of your Tripmine and your throwing knife. If you see ammo, always pick it up. Even if you have full ammo fire off some rounds just so you can pick some up. If you empty rounds from primary and secondary each time you hit a special ammo crate it only takes two crates to fully recharge your tripmine. This perk along with Young Ahamkara?s Spine allows you to have two tripmines out at the same time which makes defending zones much easier.


Next you?ll have to decide what you want your weapon spec to be. Here are my suggestions:

More Golden Gun ? Bad Juju

More Throwing Knives ? Monte Carlo

More Recovery ? Red Death

More Agility + Radar ? MIDA Multi-Tool

More Tripmines ? Any weapon with a Grenadier perk

I used to run Monte Carlo pre-nerf. Monte Carlo with Circle of Life allowed me to run my Tripmine build and also have nearly infinite throwing knives. After the AR nerf I have been switching between Red Death and MIDA. The shotgun and heavy machine gun I use both have Grenadier perks.

Map Strategies:

Here I detail map by map strategies and how to best use your newfound defensive tripmine tactics. I have videos attached as well so you if the explanation is vague you can watch the videos for clarification.


32 Kills 5.33 K/D


The hotspots for Zone-A depend on where the other team is coming from. If they are coming from Zone-C, place a tripmine in the hallway in the upper level that leads to Zone-C. If they are coming from Zone-B place one in the corridor ramp that leads to Zone-B.


On this map Zone-B is like FireBase Delphi in that it is almost always chaos. If you are defending Zone-B your best bet is to place a tripmine in the corridor where the other team is advancing from (Zone-C or A). A really funny strategy ? that is amazing when it works ? is to place a tripmine on the Anomaly Express (The spinning thing). One of the pieces is taller than the other so you?ll want to throw your tripmine on the taller one. Try to get it is high on the Anomaly Express as you can but still keeping the laser parallel to the ground. Once the tripmine is on here it will spin around back toward Zone-B and anyone trying to take the Zone will most likely set it off.


For defending Zone-C I?ve found the best placement is on the tire of the moon truck. Anyone trying to take Zone-C from you will set off the tripmine and die or be severely wounded for you to finish off.


In my opinion, the most important part of this map is controlling the upper level catwalk. If neglected this catwalk will turn into a hotbed for snipers that slaughter anyone trying to take Zone-B. If you are advancing from Zone-A place a tripmine on the wall of the furthest door that leads to the stairs that take you to Zone-C. This will free you up to watch the other two doors on the side where random opponents love to pop out and surprise you. If you are advancing from Zone-C simply use the same strategy by placing a tripmine on the furthest wall that leads to the stairs toward Zone-A.


29 Kills 3.63 K/D


If the other team is advancing from Zone-C place a trip-mine on the table that is front of the sliding door. If you place a tripmine here the laser will be oriented directly at the door so anyone who steps through will get blown up. If the enemy has control of Zone-C and B and they are coming through the garage door just place a tripmine in the door frame. Anyone trying to run through this garage door will get blown up as well.


Here you have two options. You can place one on the back wall so that the laser points across the middle of be. Or you can place one on either of the pillars that are either side of B. Either way anyone that steps into Zone-B will get blown up. If you have control of Zone-B you can always place a tripmine in either corridor depending on where the other team is advancing from. The corridors are small enough that anyone who sets off the tripmine will blow up.


If you are defending Zone-C your best bet is to place one on the Ishtar LED monitor thing. This will orient the laser so it cuts across the Zone-C circle. Anyone trying to capture Zone-C will get blown up. If you are advancing to Zone-A from Zone-C go through the back route and place a trip mine on the wall that is next to the automatic door. For one, you?ll will show up on anyone?s radar hanging out a Zone-A. This will usually lure them to the door because they want to kill you but all they will accomplish is setting off a tripmine.

Blind Watch

13 Kills 6.5 K/D

Double Tripmine Kill


Just like Zone-C on Firebase Delphi, don?t waste your tripmines here. Instead work on controlling Zone-B or flipping the spawn by taking Zone-C.

Zone-B and Zone-C

I put these two together because this map is tripmine heaven when your team is controlling Zone-C. For Zone-C place a tripmine on the big round thing that is right by the Zone. Just make sure it is hidden from the snipers that advance from the top of the bird-cage. As always make sure it is parallel to the ground. Anyone that jumps down and tries to take Zone-C will get blown up. Zone-B is such a tight zone almost anywhere will do, just makes sure it the laser shoots across the zone so that anyone trying to cap it will set the tripmine off. This map is the easiest to pull of the double tripmine trick. If you place your tripmine on Zone-C, empty some ammo from your primary and special weapons, then hit both special ammo drops on the way to the back door that leads into the Zone-B area, you will have another tripmine that you can place. I?ve actually gotten kills from Zone-B and Zone-C from having two tripmines out. This can been seen the video above titled: Double Trip Mine Kill (It?s my second and third kills of the match). Lastly, when capping Zone-C your best bet is to put either a tripmine inside the door right by Zone-C that leads to B. The other option is to throw one in the window up-top. Either way opponents will be alerted when they see that Zone-C is being captured and a Tripmine is your first line of defense.

Burning Shrine

30 Kills 5.0 K/D


If you are trying to capture Zone-A there are a couple concrete pillars that opponents usually run through once they are alerted that they are losing Zone-A placing a tripmine horizontally on either on of these pillars will usually take out advancing opponents. If you are controlling A and you want to defend it your best bet is to place a tripmine on the concrete pillar behind the Zone-A Flag. This will put the laser across the entire zone so anyone trying to capture Zone-A will get blown up.


There really isn?t much a a strategy to this Zone regardless if you are attacking or defending. The only really strategy is to place them on the center column oriented horizontally. If you control Zone-A peek through the giant corridor towards Zone-B and stick a tripmine on either side of the center column. Any guardians trying to capture Zone-B will most likely get blown up. If you are advancing from Zone-C and trying to capture Zone-B your best bet is to place one tripmine horizontally in the huge corridor. This way any opponents advancing through the giant opening will set the tripmine off.


Not much a a special strategy here as well. Just make sure your tripmine is wall that is out of the line of sight from advancing guardians. As always, just make sure it?s place horizontally and is covering as much of the Zone as possible so advancing opponents will trip the laser.

Firebase Delphi

29 Kills 3.25 K/D

20 Kills 5.0 K/D

17 Kills 4.25 K/D


There are two spots that are ideal for Defending Zone-A. Placing one on the third black dot on the wall (see video) is great. Anyone trying to take Zone-A will set this off. Another option is the rounded wall on the next to the barrier wall. Either way just make sure the laser is parallel to the ground and covers as much of Zone-A as possible.


The hot spots for Zone-B depend on where you are advancing from. If you are coming from Zone-A, you can toss one onto the back left side wall where opponents advancing form Zone-C usually come pouring in. Anyone that actually runs for Zone-B will set off the tripmine. Another great spot is the window that is up top. If you open the huge hangar doors from either side you can land one in the window and anyone that jumps up there will get blown up. If your team already controls Zone-A and Zone-B the best spot for a tripmine is in the window that guardians spawning in Zone-C love to jump through. Placing one in the window so that the laser is parallel to the ground will almost always kill anyone that decides to jump through.


Let?s face it, nobody wants this zone. Don?t waste your tripmine here. Instead work on flipping the spawn or controlling Zone-B.

Rusted Lands

20 Kills 2.86 K/D


There are a couple great spots for tripmine placement at this zone. The door leading down to the heavy ammo is a must when guardians are attacking Zone-A from the back. You can also place one on the steel beam coming up out of the ground, anyone trying to take Zone-A will set off a tripmine placed here. If the other team is rushing from Zone-B you can place way on the wall by the door on the left (not in the door because it will most likely get shot). Or you can place one on the wall that has the huge blast hole in it. Anyone jumping through this hole will set off the tripmine.


This zone is pretty straight forward. Whether enemies are coming from Zone-A or Zone-C I?ve found the best place to place a tripmine is on the brick wall so that the tripmine laser is perpendicular with the steel beam coming out of the ground and the brick wall you placed it on.


This is one of my favorite zones to tripmine. All you have to do is place it on brick wall that is on the left side when facing toward Zone-B. If you place it on the wall guardians attacking Zone-C can usually spot it and will shoot it out. Trip-mining this zone is almost always a guaranteed kill. My personally best for this zone is a triple-down off of one tripmine.

Shores Of Time

17 Kills 2.13 K/D


For Zone-A the only time I would really use a tripmine is if the opposing team controls Zone-B and C and they are also trying to steal your heavy ammo. Throwing a tripmine in the hole where the heavy ammo spawns will get anyone trying to steal your precious heavy. Alternatively, if the opponents are advancing on your Zone-A spawn placing a trip mine in either corridor will do well at deterring them from entering the Zone-A room. If I spawn at Zone-A I prefer to save my tripmine for either attacking or defending Zone-B


This is another Zone that is great for tripmines. If the enemy is advancing from Zone-C I?ve found the best spot to be in the circular doorway. Placing way here so that the laser cuts the circle in horizontally in half will kill anyone trying to rush in through this corridor. If the other team is advancing from Zone-A your best bet is to place it on the small concrete pillar that is directly next to the Zone. If you are advancing from Zone-C but also control Zone-B I?ve found that placing one up high on the pillars so the lasers or horizontal is very effective as well. Having tripmines here will deter or kill any of the guardians that are advancing from Zone-A, and those jumping across the gap to Zone-B. Lastly having a tripmine in the small tunnel is also a great option. Just remember to make sure your lasers are always horizontal.


When defending Zone-C I?ve found the best spots are in the doorway in the rotunda. Having one here will keep opponents from sneaking up behind you. You can also place one on the small box thing that is always at C. Having one here will put the laser across the zone itself so anyone trying to cap it will get blown up. Lastly if you are trying to cap Zone-C when advancing from Zone-A, most of the opponents will be coming from the Zone-B area. If you find yourself in this situation you?ll see another giant pillar opposite of the rotunda that you can walk inside of, place a tripmine here and any enemies advancing from Zone-B through this route will get destroyed.

Twilight Gap

23 Kills 1.92 K/D


If you spawn on the A side watch the radar. Some teams like to immediately rush for A from C in order to flip the spawn. Your best bet here is to place a tripmine in the top room that looks down onto A. Placing into the top corner where the wall meets the ceiling will point the tripmine angling downward toward the doorway. Anyone that walks into this upper level will now set of the tripmine and die or be severely damaged. This also frees you up to watch the lower corridor in case another opponent decides to try and setup a flank. If you are defending A from an onslaught you can also place on the box directly in front of the zone. Anyone that tries to take the zone from you will set off the tripmine. If attackers are assaulting Zone A coming from Zone B your best bet is to place it in the hallway. Anyone entering this hallway will be severely damaged or killed.


When controlling Zone-B, I?ve found the most effective spot to be on the back wall. With a tripmine on this point anyone entering the zone will set it off. Having a tripmine here frees you up to switch to your shotgun if enemies are attacking from the side, or your primary if enemies are attacking from the area up-top that looks down onto Zone-B. There really isn?t much to this Zone. Having a tripmine on the back wall is always bad news for the other team if they are trying to capture it.


boxes in the tiny room. Having a tripmine in this room frees you up to watch the hole near the back of Zone-C where guardians like to jump through when rushing down below from Zone-A. Also make sure to keep an eye out on the far side of this map (where Zone-C heavy spawns) in case guardians are rushing from Zone-B.

Random Notes:

Full Red Tripmines are Bad, if you see a white outline on the laser it means it?s a friendly tripmine so don?t waste ammo trying to shoot it.

Always make sure your lasers are horizontal. This always nets more kills than tripmines where the lasers are orientated vertically. The only exception (other than luck) is if you are tripmining the heavy ammo spawn at Zone-A on Shores of Time. In this instance stick it the ceiling to that it is pointed downward toward the heavy ammo spawn.

Don?t rely on your tripmine as a sticky grenade. The tripmine doesn?t have tracking like the flux grenade so sticks have to be dead on in order to actually stick. I find these types of tripmine kills to be luck more often than skill.

With Young Ahamkara?s Spine equipped along with a discipline spec?d Hunter; your grenade cooldown is also your tripmine timer. If you pay attention the grenade recharges fully exactly when the one you planted before blows up. So if you see your grenade is recharged run back and re-plant your tripmine.

Ultimately, your best weapons is always your situational awareness. Be observant and try to notice patterns on what strategies are being employed by the opposing team. Use this to your advantage by placing trip mines all along the way for your opponents to walk into.

There are usually two special ammo crates next to every Zone. When using the Scavenger Perk make sure you empty some of your ammo before picking these ups. If you time it right you can lay a trip-mine pick up two crates and you will have another tripmine ready to go.

Exodus Blue seems to not want to be in my playlist as of late. As soon as I get a good match showing all the hot spots I?ll update this post.

Check out my Crucible End-Match stats album. Anytime I have a good match I take a screenshot. I have one in there where I got Mark Of The Unbroken.

TLW: Tripmines are great. Set?em, forget?em, and watch your KD shoot through the roof. If you want to run two tripmines at the same time, use Young Ahamkara?s Spine with Scavenger and pick up lots of ammo.

EDIT 1: Dear Lord Guardians, I apologize that every video is not a 60.0 K/D tripmine montage. That was not the purpose of this guide. It?s intended purpose was to show other Gunslingers tripmine placement strategies in order to deny the opposing team access into your controlled zones. The best offense is a good defense.

EDIT 2: Yeah I have a 1.29 K/D. Like I said in the comments I have had this game since day one and was an abysmal Crucible player. In the last two months I?ve managed to bring my K/D up from below 0.2 to what is now 1.29. Cool it with the elitistesm I thought the reddit community wasn?t about that.

EDIT 3: My rules with Heavy Ammo ? Wait for 4 other players or until I see red on my radar (If no other players are nearby). I?d rather deny the other team more heavy ammo than try to chance winning the encounter.

EDIT 4: Yeah the videos are kind of boring. They are boring for the same reasons playing outfield in baseball is boring. I may not get the most action but I certainly help out the team by deterring the opposition with tripmines.

EDIT 5: How to differentiate friendly/enemy tripmines ? Full Red = Dead. Red + White = Alright.

EDIT 6: For everyone aboard the hate train; my question to you is this. Do you want someone on your team that is a great defensive player? Or a terrible offensive player?

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