Destiny Hunter Exotic Armor Choices


Destiny Hunter Exotic Armor Choices?by ibleedaftertacobell

This is one of my first posts, and I decided to write a little guide for choosing an exotic armor piece as a Hunter. As you may know, you may only equip one exotic armor piece at any given time, so hopefully this gives some insight as what you should be looking for in your build.

Let?s start with the helmets!

Mask of the Third Man

This exotic helmet was sold by Xur our first week within the tower. It is an incredibly useful helmet for Hunters who choose to use the Bladedancer subclass. This exotic?s unique perk is that it uses less super energy when attacking with Arc Blade. When used in PvE, perhaps in tandem with the Encore perk, you can slice and dice through entire hordes of enemies before your super ends. It is also great in PvP when used alongside Hungering Blade, and it gives you just enough time to get that one final kill. If you are a Hunter that heavily favors the Bladedancer subclass, you?ll love this helmet!

Achlyopage Symbiote

What even is this thing?? Well this badass helmet has LAVA on it. LAVA. Anyways this helmet is best for any Hunters who use Gunslinger, as its exotic perk is a fourth shot in the Golden Gun super. This is great in PvP and PvE, as just killing 33% more baddies really couldn?t have a downside. If you are a hunter which never bothers to use the Bladedancer class, this is a fantastic helmet!

Knucklehead Radar

This is the helmet I use most often. This helmet looks just like your old Mangala helmet from your level 17 days, with a little radar on the front. Well this helmet allows you to continue seeing your radar even when aiming with a primary weapon. This makes it an absolute monster in PvP, and is quite useful in PvE as well. This helmet really shines as its exotic perk doesn?t favor one class or another, and is applicable in almost any situation. WARNING do not use this helmet if your primary weapon has the perk ?Third Eye?, as it completely negates the exotic perk of this helmet (Doctor Nope and Midas Multi-Tool are some offenders).

We can see that the Hunter has a great helmet for both subclasses, and an exotic that fits both play styles well.

Now to move onto Chest Armor.

Crest of Alpha Lupi

This exotic chest piece is basically the same thing as its Titan counterpart. It not only provides you with a monstrous defensive stat, but will allow you to be revived faster, revive teammates faster, and you will spawn more Orbs of Light for teammates. This makes it (in my opinion) the best chest armor for anyone who plays in a fireteam often. It is the ultimate teamwork item, and it an absolute lifesaver in Raids, Nightfalls, and Weekly Heroic Strikes. It also is applicable by both subclasses, another bonus.

Lucky Raspberry

This? vest? is an alright exotic piece in my eyes, but maybe you?ll enjoy it much more than I ever have or could. The chest armor?s exotic perk allows the Bladedancer?s Arcbolt Grenades to chain farther, and to spawn with grenades. The Arcbolt buff here will allow your nades to take out even more adds in PvE, and really sap the health of a few unlucky Guardians sitting on a Control point. However, the vest only appeals to a very specific type of player, and unless it?s the only exotic you?ve got, or just happen to run with Arcbolts all the time, I?d stay away.

And finally, the Hunter?s exotic gauntlets

Young Ahamkara?s Spine

Wow. These puppies look BADASS. However, the situational use of the already lackluster perk makes me want to put them in the vault. These gauntlets? perk allows for placed Tripmine grenades to last longer. The tripmine buff is negligible, and again, only applies to a very specific Hunter. But if you?re badass enough to use Tripmines, then these gauntlets are useful in the Crucible, for locking down a Control point, or just holding a room. Either way, you?re sure to scare your opponents with these skeletal gauntlets.

Phew! That was interesting. I hope you all enjoyed my hopefully useful guide on the Hunter?s exotics. Please ask any questions below and I?ll be sure to answer them to the best of my ability!

TL;DR: Hunter helmets rule

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