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Destiny Iron Banner Detailed Guide?by arctyczyn

Sidvicc has a nice set of basic tips for players that may be new to the PvP experience. I decided to breakdown each of the Iron Banner maps for everyone so that they can best understand which points are most important. A lot of these will be turned into videos on my Tips and Tactics series for Destiny. I hope you all enjoy?took a little while to put this together by today, so you all could have it for the weekend.

NOTE: When capturing points you can also ALWAYS use Heavy Ammo spawns as a time to push and recapture points.

Firebase Delphi

I?m a big fan of controlling A+B on this map. C spawn is not great for quickly recapturing B because the most direct path involves hopping through the ?C Window.? If you?re playing against a good team or individuals, ?C Window? can be a death trap.

Depending on your class preference and weapon set, you can charge into B and control the hallway rings, or play the?HANGAR? room and control A. I tend to focus on controlling A with my Warlock, to keep my team spawning at A and being able to access B a bit easier. I tend to run Hand Cannons and Scout Rifles so having the open space at Hanger provides some better lines of sight with easy escapes in case I get in a bad situation.

When in Control of A and attempting to recapture B:

  • If attacking from ?A Ramp? try to outgun enemy guardians from a distance before pushing into B. This offers a ?similar? but less dangerous experience as ?C WINDOW?. The difference being that if you commit to the window you?ll die in mid air or as you reach the window. Attacking B from ?A Ramp? doesn?t require you to commit to the point by jumping in the air.
  • Use the ?SMALL TOWERS?, ?SMALL TOWERS? to provide suppressing fire on enemy guardians roaming the A ring hallway. This can help your teammates push into B from A ramp without worrying about being shot in their side.
  • Use the ?HANGAR? to provide pop shots from ?B WINDOW? on enemies on either side of the ring (A or C). Warlocks can throw Axion Bolt grenades into the window without committing to actually jumping in the window.
  • Occasionally flank around from ?HANGAR? to ?C Elbow? and shoot enemy guardians in the back.

When in Control of C and attempting to recapture B:

  • Take the route to the ?Middle Ramp? to see which side of the ring would be easier to overtake and/or provide suppressive fire on enemy guardians.
  • Run through C side?s ?sliding door? straight to ?A Ramp? and attempt a flank.
  • Run to ?Small Towers? and provide suppressive fire on enemies roaming in ?A Ring?
  • Use the C side ?BIG DOOR? to attack from Hangar on ?B Window? (same strategy as A).
  • Occasionally use C Window to attack from B.

Video Showing A+B Strategy using MIDA Multi-tool

Blind Watch

Despite the changes to Blind Watch for Control, C+B are still the definitive locations that you?ll want to control throughout the match. I tend to spend most of my time roaming around areas near C. I don?t particularly like fighting in the tight spaces of B, but I?ll push there if I feel like it?s going to be a major swing for my team.

I like to be sort of an ?anchor? on Blind Watch in order to keep my team spawning at C which seems to have a better opportunity to contest B on respawns. This involves playing the lower side of C and challenging players head on in engagements or getting on top of the large awning and poking shots at enemies respawning at A.

There?s no ?tricks? to recapturing B on this map. If you?re unfortunate enough to get A side spawn at the beginning of the match, immediately attempt to flip spawns and get C.

When in Control of A and attempting to recapture B:

  • Utilize nades OFTEN based on enemy radar positions.
  • Try to mix up attacking B from ?TOP DOOR? and ?Long Hall?
  • Sniping from Top Door can be good, although some map changes make it more difficult
  • Wait for heavy weapon spawns and retake B
  • Get up in kills and try and force the other team to push you at A.

When in Control of C and attempting to recapture B:

  • First, realize it?s unlikely that you?ll have this scenario because spawns will likely flip.
  • Utilize nades OFTEN
  • Use ?LONG HALL? as a sniping alley and try to line up headshots before pushing
  • Provide constant pressure from low C doors.

Blind Watch Gameplay running C+B points ? Sniping.

Blind Watch Gameplay running C+B Last Word

Ultimately if you?re at A, you don?t want to focus much of your attention on recapturing B, rather you should be trying to constantly flip the spawns and recapture C. Sprinkle in attempts to capture B, but focus on attacking C from the ?AWNING?and the ?LOWER SILOS. Once you capture C, then focus your attention on B.

Rusted Lands

I love Rusted Lands, though it can be tricky to gain a foothold if you?re playing against a good team and spawn behind the large Silo. I?ve won games controlling A+B because of A?s proximity to B, but it seems like the majority of matches where I?ve really dominated the other team have been when we were controlling C+B while forcing the enemy team to spawn at ?Back Silo?.

I mostly roam between C+B trying to apply pressure or support whenever I think that the other team may push to a specific area. If you see ALL or most of your teammates at one specific point, expect the enemy team to be capturing the point that has the least number of teammates. That?s typically a cue for me to run and defend a point or support a teammate.

When in Control of A and attempting to recapture B:

  • Use nades to flush out enemy guardians if the point is being contested or captured. If they push out use your weapon to finish them off on the side they?ll likely ?pop out.? Nades should be placed behind that pillar on the left or right side of the hill to force movement on the opposite side (throw a nade on the right, enemy player pops out on the left)
  • Alternate between the ?B DOORWAY? and ?DIRT PATH? when attacking B. I try to frequently jump between both during any given recapture attempt basing my push on my nade placement.
  • Use the ?MIDDLE TUNNEL? if your teammates are attacking at ?B DOORWAY? and ?DIRT PATH?. This places some heat off of you while enemy guardians are focused on your teammates. Tunnel can be a death trap, if you?re attempting to push through this area without your teammates.

When in Control of C and attempting to recapture B:

  • Keep applying grenade pressure!
  • Try to mix up using the 2nd level of the broken brick building and the back ramp.
  • Occasionally use the ?BRICK TUNNEL? to contest or engage an enemy. * Once you commit to this spot, it can be difficult to escape trouble.
  • The ?BACK RAMP? can be used if your teammates are attacking the brick tunnel side, allowing for some additional cross fire.

Gameplay running C+B points using Red Death

Gameply running mostly A+B using Last Word

Your options are limited when trying to recapture B from C. Flanking can flip the spawns, but it can be worth it to attempt attacks from B Doorway and Dirt Path if you can time it with your teammates push. Your back will be exposed to enemy guardians spawning at A.

Shores of Time

My favorite map in the game is not impervious to balance issues on Control. Players will want to control B+C as much as possible throughout the course of the match. This combination is particularly useful if you have 1 or 2 great snipers on your team. Good snipers at C are able to cover enemy guardians attempting to capture B with headshots at the ?C SPAWN ROCK? and also defend against players attacking from ?WATERFALL?.

Another sniper can cover B from ?B HEAVY AMMO? while also keeping players at bay in B Tunnels. You?ll frequently see snipers attempting to setup shop in those positions. If I?m not running sniper, I?m typically roaming between B and C, focusing on areas that need support.

When In Control of A and attempting to capture B:

  • Try setting up shots as a sniper and picking enemies off at B before pushing for a capture.
  • Use the B Tunnels to provide crossfire while your teammates attempt to capture B.
  • Flank from statue if your teammates are heavily pushing B. It may spread out the enemy allowing them to take a capture or freeing up some kills for you.

When in Control of C and attempting to capture B:

  • Sniping from ?C SPAWN ROCK? can open up opportunities for your teammates to capture the point.
  • Alternate attacks between ?B DOOR? and sparingly use the Heavy Ammo flank.

B+C Points Sniper Gameplay

Twilight Gap

This may be the most balanced of the maps when it comes to Control. A+B is probably the best combination to hold and that?s simply because it?s a bit easier to traverse from A to B. I tend to find that I stick around B at the ?MID BOXES?, trying to thwart efforts from capturing B from the opposing team.

There are a number of great sniping locations around ?MID BOXES? that can be used on either side spawn (A or C).

When in Control of A and attempting to capture B:

  • Mix up rushing the point between the ?open wing,? ?bottom hall? and ?mid boxes.?
  • Be ready to throw grenades if the area becomes contested
  • Don?t forget you can capture the point on the outside of the small room on either side of the doors. This can prevent you from grenade deaths by the opposing team.
  • Sometimes snipers can line up headshots on enemy guardians capturing the point from the top A walkway.

When in Control of C and attempting to Capture B:

  • Mix up rushing the point between the ?tree wing,? ?bottom hall? and ?mid boxes.?
  • When using a sniper, move towards the ?Open Wing? and look to snipe players pushing towards the point from A walkway.

Gameplay playing ?Mid Boxes? and running A+B points.


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