Destiny Level Iron Banner Alts In 6 Games Guide


Destiny Level Iron Banner Alts In 6 Games Guide?by GenericDreadHead

So I?ve done the maths based on my original calculations and you can power a 2nd/3rd character to level 3 (sweet Etheric Light) in a mere 6 games.

All you need to do is:
1) You have 1 character (your main) who has already achieved Rank 3
2) Ensure your 6th match is a win
3) You have approx a 0.5 Win Ratio (winning 50% of matches)
4) You have the Emblem, Class Item, Shader and buy the Tempered buff.
5) You can complete at least 3 daily IB bounties
? Hard Forged All you need is 1,666 points per match (or approx 10 kills with bonus points)
? The Chaos and the Calm Get the heavy twice per round if possible and try get 2 kills each time
? Iron Embrace Punch 2 guys to death in their punchable faces in each match
? Iron Grip Capture 3 Zones per match

Wins are worth 332 REP (3 Wins = 996)
Bounties are worth 664 REP (3 Bounties = 1,992)
Medallions are worth 266 REP (3 Medallions = 798)

Total = 3,786 (Rank 3 is 3,700)

Disclaimer, 6 games takes more like 1 hour and 20 minutes and if you have a lot of losses or lose your 6th game you may need to play a 7th?. or more if you have a particularly bad run of luck 😛

In fact I power levelled my Hunter to Rank 3.5 (from Rank 0) last night using yesterdays buffs and bounties in 5 games (now granted I achieved all 6 bounties in that time). Check my profile if you are of a suspicious nature.

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