Destiny Savathun’s Song Nightfall Guide


Destiny Savathun?s Song Nightfall Guide?by TheGameconomist

Edit: Before the servers went down I can confirm the respawn glitch works on the anomalies at the beginning of the strike (TESTED AFTER THE HOTFIX, STILL WORKS)

I have the video mostly playing at 1.5x speed so you can see more in less time. I slow down when I am shooting Anomalies though.

In general this is a harder Nightfall with no burns and the Momentum modifier that forces you to run to trigger health regen.

The strike has a variety of objectives but the most memorable type is the orb carry/dunk to take down Shriekers, which is also used in the last phase of the boss fight

Hive are the major enemy until you reach the boss, the map hazards are hive traps but these are extremely easy to break out of (shoot it).

You?ll want to bring an Arc energy weapon to deal with the abundant Arc shielded Knights, it may also be useful to bring a sniper rifle, and a Warlock for Rift. Most of the Nightfall can be summarized by large group fights and needing lots of DPS.

  1. In the first section you work your way over to a wall hack and clear waves. You don?t have to stand next to ghost so pick good cover because the adds here are tough.
  2. Then you?ll work your way to the first Orb carry/dunk objective, this part is pretty easy and clearly just a teaching phase.
  3. Next you?ll have the first room of crystals to break through, there are two of these and they aren?t very eventful, you?ll want to blast right through this part to save time.
  4. By now the groups of adds have gotten robust and dangerous. Scout rifles let you pick off acolytes, Ogres, and wizards. You will need combined fire to take down the knights. The next objective is another Orb carry/dunk
  5. The second dunk is especially high pressure. I recommend going slow and clearly the adds out instead of trying to rush it like you can in a regular strike. The two Shriekers and Ogre will melt your face off otherwise.
  6. After the second dunk you will work your way to a route full of cursed thrall. You could probably sneak by these but there are at least two anomalies in this section so its up to you.
  7. The boss might be the easiest part of the strike. Damage Savathun until the Ogres come out (around the end of her second health bar). Clear the ogres quickly and you?ll have a final orb dunk to execute. Be sure if you aren?t the dunker, that you are shooting down the two wizards that spawn in. Savathun uses seeker orbs in her final health bar and these are her deadliest move, but she doesn?t last very long and with a fireteam you should keep reviving each other.

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