Destiny Sunsinger Beginner’s Guide


Destiny Sunsinger Beginner?s Guide?by sirweiss

I wrote this to teach new Sunsingers and those thinking of joining our creed the basics and answer as many relevant questions as I could. If you?re an experienced Sunsinger you?ve got your own style probably, but it?s a definitive trait of a Sunsinger to learn all they can. PLEASE add critiques however, I?m more than happy to learn/share all there is.


II-Basics A-Movement, B-Stats, C-Skill Tree

III-Exotics(Second most important for new ideas and tips)

IV-Weapon Choices

V-Builds(Most important for attaining genuine new ideas and tips)

I: Intro-

If you?ve taken up the mantle of the Solar mages, welcome to our brotherhood. Three traits define a wielder of our light: Willpower, cleverness, and familiarity with the ability of the Solar mage and whatever foe attempt to stand before them; be it Darkness or Guardian. Any Sunsinger that does not share one of these traits should consider a place with the Void. We do not silently solve our objective, we do not skit around and let our enemies tear down our walls before we turn them into cinder. We are the blazing light that will lead the way through the darkness, the soldier that even Titan?s often come to watch in awe, and the cavalry that the darkness hopes most never arrives. This is the second most skill intensive class to run, second only to Defenders.(Except maybe the dudes with Ram) With only two instant kill methods, it?s the lowest in fast kill tactics again other than the Defender. We have two roles: To be the perfect leaders and soldiers, never letting our post to be overrun and to push back our foes with wit and skill. We have some of the highest utility in both our ability to tank and throw our highly useful grenades. A Sunsinger should always be the last guardian standing, and then have another life to give afterwards.

II: Basics-

1: Movement? I cannot tell an enormous difference between the jumps of this subclass, and after the first modifier being unlocked it becomes rather seamless to use any of them the same. But, as with why Blink is so overused; what you want most is speed. Does this mean all Sunsinger?s should roll Focused Burst? No, but FB and Balanced Glide will give you access to the best movement possible.

No, it isn?t useful because you can get into the air quicker, or glide around a little faster with good control. No, most importantly is the ability of a Sunsinger to understand their momentum. It?s not likely someone will choose Voidwalker over Sunsinger for PvE, but this can apply for you too if you haven?t given into the blink corruption. Now, here is the simple command, I?m an XBONE dude, so (A) is (X); that?s all that?ll be relevant here.

So you?re on Skolas or Burning Shrine, there?s a Scorch Cannon/Thorn chasing you down; and you need more speed than your sprint can give you.

Hit A, keep your momentum forward; wait until you feel your guardian?s body going forward most; and hit A again. It?ll take a modem of practice, but before long you should get the feeling of how to get the most distance in just two A taps. Now then, no, this isn?t like skating. This will only ever happen in a single burst of your jetpack and you will hit the ground at just the moment the forward momentum becomes just a glide instead. By then you should either be able to keep sprinting with a good boost in distance covered, or, you will hop right back up after taking a step and do it again. This can be done almost indefinitely if you can learn how to deal with your sprint cooldown. Most useful for PvE, but if you gotta rush to the hilltop in ToO, you?ll be happy for the step ahead you got on them. I just call it a Short-Burst; but it?s just a low altitude glide. I haven?t put a whole lot of testing into this, but I?ve outrun running Bladedancers by at least a few steps.

2: Stats? Defenders, Voidwalkers, Bladedancers, Gunslingers and non-badass Strikers will tell you Intellect is prime; and for them it is. Despite that the average Sunsinger can outthink any other class, so we have no need for anything more than tools to push our will. In this the tools of control and fear are our greatest ally: Discipline. This comes down to the Sunsingers ability to kill efficiently and in their own pace and their own way with the situational uses of their grenades. It?s easy to use the high damage from multiple grenades to rack up super energy far quicker than any of the 100% Guardians around you. A few examples of how each can apply to basic situations:

A proper Solar grenade will shut off a door/hallway or give you half your super energy by taking down a pack of thrall. Hell, even big bad Captains, Knights, Cows or Phalanx shy away from your miniature sun. A single Fusion followed with a slap will lay out FoH, Bladedancers, non-Flame shield Sunsingers, BoL Defenders. And you don?t even need the slap for Gunslingers/Voidwalkers in their super. Anyone without an over shield or anyone that isn?t a super tanky Ramlock will go down to a single one of these. Knights, Wizards, Colossus, Captains, Cows, they all stop and take the sizeable damage like they know they were dumb for challenging a Sunsinger in the first place. One Firebolt will deter anyone hiding around the corner, or kill them outright if they have no shield(white health). Firebolt is the weakest to me simply because it doesn?t apply as well in PvE. However, Barbeque/Cook?s(Firebolt + Touch of Flame) are the bane of my time in PVP.

Your high proficiency with grenades will also give you that much more power when you quickly get your super and can throw 20+ more grenades with a maxed Discipline stat. Normally one would simply max intellect and discipline, seems solid. We however, have the single most useful melee in the game. For this reason I always try to keep some amount of strength, at least two Flame slaps per Radiance will do much for you. Believe me, guardians and any other enemy will quickly lower their morale when you melt their friend using willpower. As a first day sunsinger, I use Sunbreakers 90% of the time.

My stats: 75% Int, 100% Disc, 25% Str. This works for me simply because of my familiarity with the applications of these grenades and rush/control playstyle. I focus on taking whatever exotic armor I currently have on and make it work with having an amp amount of Int, Disc to balance out whatever I get. I mean, with Light Beyond Nemesis my build is literally almost exactly identical; but with HoTP I roll 100% Int and Disc for the seriously stupid amount of grenades one can throw. This is changed by your exotic of preference, but you will never regret having a tool of solar death at a highest charge rate it can be.

3: Skill tree? This will be a very basic overview, giving pros, cons, utilities, redundancies and opinions of most of the skill tree.(Yeah, most) Grenades:


  • A-Solar Grenades are the bread and butter of a Sunsinger, I recommend practicing HIGHLY with these before you move onto the others, despite this being usually panned as the weakest of our grenades. This will give you a knack for special control and battleground control without the semi-bullshit kills you?ll get with Firebolt/Fusion grenades. Yes, it is kinda weak in PVP, but good mob control fundamentals will help you in the long run even if you use other grenades in PVE. And honestly, people don?t run through Solar nades in PVP either, but this is a good way to understand basics. But seriously, when you Fireborn and set LITERALLY EVERYTHING ON FIRE around B, and both paths from C and A; well, there is much power in control.
  • B-Firebolt: Two will kill a full health Guardian. One and a thorn headshot will kill a full health guardian. One and a few body shots of any gun will kill a full health guardian. Yes, a fusion grenade will kill a full health guardian outright; but they can?t hit the two guys at half health hiding around the corner. These have almost only a place in PVP for me, or have a better place in PVP. You?ve all fought the triple?lock, barbeque?nade teams in ToO, even with just one grenade, the cook effect very much makes this grenade a Thorn headshot on its own. I?ve seen some use in PVE, but AoE takes out mobs better and Fusion takes out single enemies better. However, hitting people in rumble with Firebolts basically marks them as dead men. It?ll take five streaks from these in radiance to take down a bubble shield. Assuming only the Titan is inside, it?ll be five grenades, three if there are two people, and two if there are three. Sorry Bubble bros.
  • C-Fusion: One of the only two instant kill methods possible with the subclass. One fusion plus a slap will kill almost any guardian in any type of super. It?ll one shot Voidwalkers and Gunslingers in their super. The tracking on these grenades is rather silly, you can hop around a corner to get away from a gunfight and throw the grenade in their general direction for a very likely kill. Or they?ll be hopping around frantically trying to not get stuck. I don?t think there is a single type of AI shield that can take one of these and stay up.(Besides Urzok) These are the most skill intensive to use for beginners in PVE because of their familiarity with Solar grenades. In PVP however, usually they?re at least a guaranteed trade. Use these for quick kills in PVP, and to make a captain need to sit there and take some damage in PVE. Very twitchy for teabaggin? hunters, highly methodical and thought invoking when four majors are running at you.


  • A- Flame Shield- The best melee in the game, and our only other instant kill option.(Yes, Brimstone and Solar Wind will instant kill, but we don?t use those.) Seriously, we can lead a fight with getting an over shield. You can turn around and slap the Cow chasing you so you have enough health to keep running. A class called DEFENDER has to get a kill to get their overshield, and Void healing gets stopped by DoT effects. This is a full shield, instant, and does plenty of damage. A solid amount of strength is sweet when you can get up, everyone shotguns you, but you already have a shield. Jump, throw grenade, anarchy begins, you slap someone else; still at full health. Seriously, no contest here.
    • B-Solar Wind and Brimstone: I literally don?t think I?ve ever seen someone use Brimstone. I tried it, and there is no point to have it. Come up with a reason to use it and I?ll edit it in, but if you want combustion tactics you should just be playing Gunslinger. Solar Wind however, best way to kill your AFK friend in the raid. That and maybe pushing a Bladedancer back so you can shotgun him might be the only possible applications. This can apply to big mobs, but you?re almost without a doubt gonna want a shield when you?re enemy is in melee range.


  • 1-Song of Flame-Extremely useful in PVE if you aren?t taking it seriously. During Nightfall, Raids you will always want the security that Fireborn gives you. Don?t take this lightly however as simply casting off this super mod. If you?re a Sunsinger who doesn?t need a second life, and can dominate just the way you are then this is for you. I think of this as the one thing that lets us be somewhat of a support class, and a single Sunsinger making orbs and running SoF can give TWO supers to an entire team. This will be best for niche situations I expect, like Abyss, Confuxes and maybe Oracles. That?s high level PVE however, in strikes I do enjoy throwing this on and crushing enemies with supers flying everywhere. PVP, you?re just the biggest target around; and if your allies are standing close enough to you to get the buff, that?s probably more of a problem than an advantage.
    • 2-Radiant Skin: A max armor Sunsinger running Radiant Skin can tank a Golden Gun shot. I believe with Ram you can grab some agility too. Yep. I?m rather certain this niche ability had brought the rise of it lately, though it isn?t really as good as you would think. Yes, you can tank a shot, but they have at least two more. Don?t eat this up, but you are crazy tanky in PVP with this ability sometimes; if you?re going straight no balls type play this is pretty sweet to run. Other than running Apotheosis Veil when trying to get a Flawless Raider, there isn?t much reason to run this over Fireborn in PVE. A Ramlock can also tank a Shoulder Charge without being in radiance, so, Ram nerf bungie plz?
    • 3-Fireborn: Stop letting the guy holding right Conflux die before you get up. Stop waiting for your whole team to die in ToO to get up. Stop getting up immediately after guy shotguns you point blank. God fucking damn let your teammate get the res in Nightfall before you blow your super. Most of the cons of this super modifier are completely user dependent; save accounting for the animation of your guy getting up. Don?t res right next to a Striker who has not used his super, and certainly not next to three shotgunners when you?re the only one getting up. If you?re a Sunsinger, use your brain most; it?s the strongest weapon. Wait until four people turn around and ruin their day, wait until the Bladedancer/striker use their super then you?re save to bring hell. This is a sneaky super, this is a powerful super; and has more utility than basically any other ability in the game. We are Phoenix?s, and even if the world around us burn we can come back and rebuild it the way we see fit.

Stat Mods:

  • Sunsingers and Warlocks generally have the most recovery, arguably the most useful stat in Destiny. I can get out of a fight with a TLW, wait three seconds and come back with full health with my build. Armor is minimal in the way I run it, and Agility and Recovery are well balanced. Ramlocks looking to tank might want more armor; but if you?re a general Sunsinger or beginner I recommend agility and recovery. Being able to run away and heal is more important than the ONE extra bullet a max armor Titan can take and you can?t. There isn?t much more to this, you?ll find your niche; but high recovery will serve you very well as you grow into your legend.

Passive Mods, Row 1:

  • Radiant Will-More super time equals more time to tank. This leads to more time for grenades and melees to charge, this leads to more kills and more orbs. That means your teammates have more supers. And a way bigger threat when you can throw four or five extra grenades than you could before. Generally the best of Row 1, true synergy in everything a basic Sunsinger wants to do.
    • Viking Funeral- The DoT effect of scorch is the only one that you have access to without needing to apply other skills. These other skills will either take away a grenade or restrict which grenade you?re using. Solar DoT is almost irrelevant in PVE, so this skill is really keyed to PVP. When running cook grenades you?re already all in on a single strategy, and this just improves it. You?re already a bad person, might as well go all the way to evil.
    • Sunburst-You?ll make more orbs by having a longer super, and strength is almost always the lowest stat for a Sunsinger. You just aren?t getting any bang for your buck, seriously, no pros here.

Passive Mods, Row 2:

  • Touch of Flame-Use them for cook grenades, use it to down Crota, uh?not sure what else there is to do with it. Like I said, DoT in PVE is almost irrelevant, and cooks are stupidly powerful in PVP. Go all in, put on Viking funeral and listen to guys like me bitch about you being shitty Sunsingers you terrible people.
    • Angel of Light-Sweet for PVE, like, really, super fucking sweet. Starfire Protocol with AoL is one of my favorite loadouts because of the simple fun. In PVP: Many vantage points, easily get out of danger, and it?s pretty easy to snipe with it. Also, just run around a corner, jump, AoL with a shotgun; they never see it coming. And just drop down before they can see your guardian and they won?t see it coming the next time either. You CAN snipe with this, easily. Yes, you?re basically just a big glowing target; but you can take off the heads of half a team and just move somewhere else to do the same thing. Don?t count this out just because the only people you?ve seen using it in PVP were only trying it out and gave up way too easily.
    • Gift of the Sun-If you?re like me, this skill is what told you this was the best class in Destiny. TWO GRENADES. Titans need to take up a whole exotic slot just to get this ability. 90% of the time this is best to use in PVE, and usually the same for PVP unless you?re running dirty cooks. Boom, or boom boom, it?s honestly almost OP. Now get those Sunbreakers out, you can lock down anything in PVE or PVP with just two of those miniature suns.

III: Exotics

  • 1-Light Beyond Nemesis: We are the Lupi, we are those who study the light and dark so we can lead the less knowledgeable guardians through any darkness. We do not need a crest, we do not need more than just strength to guide others through the dark. Generate more orbs, get your friends up when they?re down, get the fast res and clutch saves. This should be your bread and butter, to limit yourself as much as you can and know that the Saint-14 and Achlyophage buddies around you will stay alive just a bit longer. They need to flaunt their chests, but Sunsingers will still roll out the most orbs and never need to change their strategy to do so.
  • 2-Sunbreakers: My bread and butter. Also what I consider the most powerful PVE exotic available to our class. You can control Supplicants, Cows, Fanatics, Cabal, Thrall, Knights, hell, even ogres are scared of them. This is for the most part a lost art now, but when you encounter one of these rare highly skilled Sunsingers you?ll understand the power of ten seconds of pure solar light cutting off any mode of attack from your enemies. Can you use this in PVP? Fuckyeah you can, but it?s not recommended with the current shotgun meta of people moving constantly. Seriously, even if you throw one on B, they probably wanted to kill you more than cap anyways. Though, toss like five or six onto a Titan bubble and watch them sit there unable to step out without going down to half health immediately.
  • 3-Heart of the Praxic Fire: For the Sunsinger who thinks he should be DPS. This is honestly a pretty silly role to be in with all the other DPS options of other classes. HOWEVER, it totally works, and you can throw up some big numbers on Templar, Atheon, Ir-Yut, Strike bosses at any given time you use this piece. I don?t believe it gives enough benefit to only have use during radiance, but Heavy Ammo and Disc; so, pretty good. Stop using it in ToO and PVP though, your fights as a Sunsinger usually are over within ten seconds anyways, and the one or two extra grenades aren?t worth it.
  • 4-Starfire Protocol: The All-Star of the time when CE was relevant. The Legend Himself used this piece for the first HM Crota solo, and he made it obvious how strong this piece was. Fusion Grenades plus AoL is very strong in PVP, and it?s applications in PVE with AoL are sweet too. Touch of Flame isn?t very useful other than with niche situations, but the AoL use is a very powerful tactic both PVE and PVP if you know what you?re doing.
  • 5-Purifier Robes: So, what you have to do is NOT RUN THIS AT ALL. Until you die. Don?t be the one warlock out of your fireteam rolling it, cause everyone you fight checks what you?re wearing in ToO, so stop being stupid. Normal PVP actually makes this pretty good because people aren?t so observant, and I know this armor piece has gotten you that clutch 3v1 in Trials before; but I?m sure on more than one occasion someone just had to hit their super and you?re once again dead. PVE does make this rather relevant too, complete safety on getting up is important in Nightfalls or holding some point in Raids. Seriously though, don?t just have it on when you run into ToO, SWITCH TO IT AFTER YOU DIE AND THE EFFECT STILL WORKS. Yeah, have fun with that.
  • 6-The Ram: This is a whole other subsect of Sunsingers, I call them ?Bitch?. What they should be called is the hardest thing to kill in the game. Now, as I said before; with this piece or armor and Radiant Skin; you can tank a Golden Gun bullet if you have full health. You?ll die to the other shots, but this is still very powerful. Usually you know a Sunsinger is active because of the ?this guy self-ressurected?, but these Ramlocks are changing the game. Mid-game Radiance are becoming more common, and I believe it?s a little broken how much power they have. But this will let you tank GG, Shoulder Charges, more TLW and Thorn bullets. Thank god it doesn?t have some universal effect.
  • 7-Apotheosis Veil: If you?re running Self-Res and this it?s completely wasted. This is a very useful ability for Nightfalls or Flawless Raider. Other than that there is no real reason to have this other than the ?Orb to Heal? ability which isn?t too important anymore now that Crota?s End is easy. I would recommend using it for tanking, but just go with Ram instead.
  • 8-Claws of Ahamkara: Two of the best melee in the game? Appealing right? You?re gonna have some trouble being taken down in PVE if you conserve you?re melee?s for proper use. I see a lot of people just throw them out one after another because they?re only used to one flame shield, with just a bit of practice this will be your best friend. When in Radiance, you?re death incarnate, with more fire and slapping.
  • 9-Voidfang Vestments: My favorite PVP exotic. Yes, it?s all strength, yes; it doesn?t improve your grenades. But you respawn, get resurrected, and self-res with two grenades every time. Just throw on two Fusions and see your K.D. skyrocket.

IV: Weaponry


1: Hand Cannons-Fatebringer/Word of Crota/Solar Jewel of Osiris is my dream, as a day one HC user. I can?t roll that Jewel in solar though. Most will tell you to just use AR?s because it?s easy, but Fatebringers firefly is integral for battlefield control like a Sunsinger wants to do. TLW and Thorn are obvious for PVP, and Thorn + Cooks is about the same thing as being a talentless Sith. If you really need it though, I mean, go at it.

2: Scout Rifles- I have the Outlaw/Firefly stock Ghaleons, and I don?t really need much more than that. Now than AR?s still suck, this is probably the best way to play Sunsinger in PVE where you can keep your enemies at that perfect battle control midrange. A VoC, FoIY, or Wolves Leash in Void are all great weapons, and you will be stupidly safe and useful using them. Highly recommended, and probably the easiest to use.

3: Pulse Rifles-Uh, Red Death? Never gonna die again, PVP and PVE this thing will tank you through just about any problem. Bad Juju has become a recent PVE favorite for my Sunsinger though, I basically have my super charged by the time I get out of Radiance.(Minor exaggeration.) There is no solid elemental Pulse Rifle that can outdo VoC or Fatebringer in elemental damage. I however do have a strange love for Oversoul Edict, and it?s a solid option which I?ve more than once used against Skolas to complete success. Maybe the HoW Pulse Rifle would work, but I?ve never seen one. I have a Void messenger that gets the job done when I don?t feel like passing around WoC.

4: Auto Rifles-I have a 365 Shadow Price. Wait for TTK? Idk.


1: PVE- You know what you use, and I?m not gonna change your mind. Shotguns and Snipers highly outclass Fusion Rifles in terms of pure damage, so this isn?t a very hard choice. Decide if you?re gonna control the battle by killing all the mobs first, or if you?re gonna be the one shotgunning down Valus Tau?urc.

2: PVE- Snipers or Shotguns again, if you?re reading this on Reddit I figure you know the meta. If this got put up somewhere else, well, go get you a shotgun with Shot Package. If you?re a sniper, do you; I recommend Holtzmans Guide to sniping on Planet Destiny.


1: Rocket Launchers- If there is one thing the Sunsinger lacks it?s the ability to do high amounts of damage instantaneously. This makes rockets your best friend for when a pesky major gets the drop on you. Since I got my Ghorn(1400 hours in) this just doesn?t come off my Sunsinger when I?m running PVE. If this game had a good balance I would just run the highest Blast Radius Rocket I could with the appropriate burn; and this is what you should do when TTK drops. Hell, your Exotic might end up being Truth(probably not.) Just run any rocket in PVP, if it has grenades and horseshoes you?re good.

2: Machine Guns: T-Lord or B-Turd(Yep) and well, what else is there to say? I recommend only running Machine Guns in PVP; the quick DPS of a rocket will save you on many occasions. This really doesn?t matter too much if you match your Heavy?s to the type of enemy you?re fighting in PVE.

V: Builds

A: PVE-Beginner

  • 1-The Commander: The fighting style that I started with, simply using Solar Grenades to traffic enemies the way you want to. This will crush plenty of PVE situations, Confluxes, Abyss, even warding off Swordbearer when he?s running at you as you stand under a Totem. If you know where the enemies spawn you can toss a grenade and completely halt their spawn, or just get free kills. This will give you a good handling for basic mob routing strategy until you develop your own ways to control the battlefield.
  • 2-The Dude: Not for any reason other than this is most likely the dude to make or break himself everytime you go in. I figure Claws of Ahamkara. The Ram or HoTP are the go to for this fighting style, as long as you can keep your intellect and super up. Claws will save you from being complete crap, but in this ?build? you should simply want to kill the biggest enemies; or take them down with you. Fireborn will save you here, allowing you to brawl safely until you become a more skilled brawler who simply won?t go down.
  • 3-The Strategist: Starfire Protocol is what I recommend for this role, an Ice Breaker and some proper high velocity rocket launcher. This along with a VoC or any scout rifle will allow you to observe the fight easily, use AoL to hit any shot necessary or to scout proficiently. This is a rather redundant build because usually people will just know whats going on in any Raid/Strike. It?ll be useful for at least a while when TTK drops, or if you?re just soloing something new to you for the first time.

B: PVE-Advanced

  • 1- The Leader: Again, Sunbreakers. The most important part of this form of playing is the Solar Grenades. Even if you can?t run Sunbreakers as long as you have knowledge with Solar Grenades you can use a HoTP or Apotheosis Veil simply for the discipline. HoTP will let you set everything ablaze, Apotheosis is probably the worst option to try to roll; but I used this helm for the first couple weeks of this game without any problem. This same build works with a Light Beyond Nemesis; very useful in Nightfalls and PoE. After you have enough experience as a Warlock you can shift between Fusion grenades and Solar grenades and route enemies the same way. You?ll learn when you?ve gone from Commander to Leader based on how willing you are to be the guy to run quick res without handicapping yourself. This role works from a distance or at shotgun distance, with your focus being to make sure the fight is at a pace where your teammates can handle it and be free to shift the pace of the battle at the drop of one grenade.
  • 2- The Light: You will lead the charge everytime, you will be in front of the pack and your fire will show them the way to victory. This is like a dude, but no deaths. Run HoTP, Veil or Claws for this; and no self-res. You will either have absolute DPS with HoTP, safety with claws, or a proper ?OH FUCK? button with Veil. The key to the name of this is Song Of Light; lead with thirty grenades; enough orbs for everyone to have multiple supers and at least a half charge for everyone on your team. I hardly run this simply because of so much familiarity with self-res and well, lack of badassery. Bad Juju is HIGHLY recommended for this build, it?ll keep you in Radiance longer if you?re stringing kills with it during Radiance and I can?t possibly think of a faster way to rack up super energy than with this gun. Consider yourself lucky if you ever have a fireteam member strong enough to run this.

A: PVP- Easy stuff. (Early apology for all the bad Sunsingers getting sweet KDs. EMPHASIS: These ?Easy Stuff? builds are what I consider the strongest possible PVP loadouts.)

  • 1- Taking Two of You With Me: Voidfang is the key to this build. Do your best to get Int. and Disc. armor to supplement the 150+ Strength Voidfang will give you. Throw on Gift of The Sun and Fusion Grenades. Now run around a corner, throw a grenade on a dudes face, and skip away. His friend will be waiting to shotgun you; so throw a grenade on his face and smirk while he rushes you and prays he can kill you in time. If you didn?t just jump up and dodge his blind anger and died, well; respawn and go do the same thing. This is basically a KD safety net; and you can at least try to not let down your teammates in Clash/Control. This applies with Firebolt grenades well in Rumble, many doubles to be had with one grenade and two bullets. I run this in Trials and Skirmish with Fusion grenades, 90% int, 45% Disc and 60% Str. You will be able to res often with the bullshit kills you?ll be racking up, and never have to worry about your grenades charging since you can just charge them and get up with your grenades reset. The Str. Is very useful as well to give you more scorch hits. Seriously: Despite the scrubs being able to use this to very high results; this is monstrous if you?re a good player.

Despite my adherence to using fusion grenades for this build it is also highly recommended to run firebolt and cook grenades. This is FAR easier than having to learn how use Fusion grenades and lets you mid-range and get some pretty easy damage(like, bringing people to half health) from whatever distance you?re comfortable throwing accurate grenades.

Now, if you?ve embraced the Voidfang here?s a?little tip. Go into HoTP after spawn in Trials, enhances you?re grenade recharge and your radiance will get that nice boost. Don?t forget about switching to Purifier for those sneaky blinding self-res.

  • 2- Burn Bitch: So, I suppose I?m stealing this from Wally; but it deserves a spot here. Cook Grenades + Thorn = Hella Kills. Trust me, I?m a doctor. This is what I see most run in Trials, and recommend it for people who aren?t as good at winning simple gun fights. One good grenade at the start of a Control game on B will net you 3-4 kills easily using a single Thorn shot each. The DoT will let you track your targets and generally make both yours and your teammates lives easier. Some people use Song of Flame or Radiant Skin to get more grenades; I suggest just going with HoTP and running whatever mod you want. Either way, as soon as you pop radiance everyone?s gonna aim at you regardless; I just like the sneaky, sneaky behind enemy lines ressurections.

B: PVP-Advanced(I actually don?t consider these as strong as the two pervious builds, but there is a lot more fun to be had; and they make up for the shortcomings of the other builds by always keeping your grenades and abilities up.)

  • 1- Guerilla Guardian: This was made by one of my clan-mates(at least to my knowledge) and it very honestly dropped by jaw. One fusion grenade, Claws of Ahamkara and AoL are the core of this build. With a solid shotgun(Hell, I use my stock Secret Handshake and still rock this) this is highly easy. Your grenade is for quick kills on whoever you don?t want to deal with, and the AoL and Melee?s are your bread and butter. Run into two guys, shotgun one, slap another for your shield and run around a corner; AoL above him and take him down as he runs through looking for your weak body. This will work a lot more often than you think with the shotgun meta, and with self-res you will be taking down six men easily having two melee charges. Very hit and run, very powerful; not the easiest to learn, but the most fun to play.
  • 2- RAMLOCK/Super-Bringer: The Ram, and anything else you want. The best way to do this is with Radiant Skin as far as I know. This will make you the single strongest and tankiest presence on any battlefield. Like I noted before, running max armor and Radiant Skin will let you tank a golden gun bullet; this will let you tank more than that. This is a pretty useless build other than a few niche situations, but someone with some mastery could use it to take a golden bullet for their team. Also, again, brawling; slaps are harder than punches, Titans.

I had a whole build around using Bad Juju that I dick around with sometimes, but I figure it could just be a subject of this. If you?ve mastered the tanky tendencies of using non-self-res radiance then I highly recommend taking some time to learn your Juju. Your super will recharge while in radiance?if you continue stringing kills with Juju, giving you more grenades and melee?s to throw out. As well, this build could be shifted over to SoF and can play much like the ?The Light?, just with alot more salty people than AI on the receiving end. I?ve played clash matches where I?ve been able to use my super five-six times just off Juju kills, and I didn?t even know about getting super back during radiance.

  • 3- Battle Mastery: Alright, as you can tell; I love Sunbreakers, and this is my favorite build to run if I?m with my fireteam and don?t need to control the whole match with randys. Sunbreakers, Solar Grenades and maxed discipline are the core of this build; and you will be able to route people however you like. Be it crushing the cave on Shores of Time, stopping any control of the ?across B? platform on Anomaly, the opposite door from your spawn on Asylum. You will learn it over time, and people don?t often stand in solar grenades because their life is more important: Use that to your advantage. This build is strongest in Control, but you will control. People will die to your solar grenades as they try to get the key cap, or your team can roll in while they?re contemplating how much value their life has. You can pop radiance and cover a Titan bubble and trap them until the shield drops and they all burn together. One grenade when you know a bladedancer is coming will drop him just enough for your shotgun shell to finish him. Stop a whole team from charging through choke points. The key to this build is familiarity with the maps, and communication with your team. This is the most fun build to me simply because I enjoy the control aspects of the battle; and it?s easier to turn the tide once you know your enemy is gonna be where you want them. Sniper recommended, if you?re half decent with it(I am not.)

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