Destiny Templar Raid Guide


Destiny Templar Raid Guide?by Sufinsil

Seems every Raid guide for Templar is ?Hide from legions. Sit on Platform. Win.?

The encounter Arena is flawed. I see it like any other MMO boss design. If you can remove yourself from the Arena and take out the risk of death, it is an exploit. We saw Bungie half attempt to fix the hole by making the platforms a death wish, but did forget the Spawn platform.

Actually wanting a challenge (that is the point of the Raid after all), the group I roll with (at least not in my Raids I have been in) do not cheese any part of the Templar. Set roles, positions, having the right weapons (upgraded, Void), it is not that hard on normal or hard mode. Guide follows?

Non Cheese Templar?s Well


2 right, 2 cover the middle stairs leading to the Cleanse well. 2 Left. On hard the biggest threat is the Minotaurs against a 29. Communicate and call out Minotaurs so you and your mate can grenade, Super, heavy it down quickly. Repeat for all 3 Conflux segments.

Legions is not that hard. All 6 Guardians collapse to the back (where you initially land). 2 Left, 2 Middle, 2 Right

4-5 Uber Harpies
Fanatic waves

If the 2 Middle guardians are closer to the fanatics, they will typically go up the mid. Kill them as they climb the stairs leading away from the Cleanse well. Grenades, Super, Heavy are great here.

Call out what side the Uber Harpies fly to. They will typically first go mid right or mid left, then slowly head to your location. The 2 people on their side focus on the harpies first. Grenades, Heavy, Super.

The last Legions typically has a few Hobgoblins that come from the front. Hide behind the two big columns that you are already taking cover fire from and/or snipe them down.

Also the key to hard mode is Survive, Survive, Survive. A dead DPS is no DPS. So if you need to back off to get your shield back, call it out that you need to recover and ask for any additional assistance. You have lots of room to kill all the Vex and time to kill them even if they are on the Conflux.

Non Cheese Oracles

My quick and dirty sketch.

Every 14 seconds 2 Goblins will spawn at the 4 locations (middle seems to vary what door). 1 Right, 1 Left, 2 Middle.

Goblins will only replace dead Goblins. Ex: Goblin 1 is dead but Goblin 2 is alive from a spawn location at the 14 seconds mark. Only Goblin 1 will respawn.

Minotaur: A Minotaur will spawn at one of the locations. They seem to be on the same respawn timer as Goblins but sometimes might came out a second or two before the Goblins.

Hobgoblins: Respawn every 10 seconds (On Hard Mode, have to confirm normal) at 8 locations. Can be one shot with a precision Sniper shot.

Templar: Disppears during Oracles but will reappear after they are killed. Be aware of this since you might be in his line of sight when he reappears.

Our most consistent strategy for normal and hard mode:

Guardian at G1 cave. Shotgun works nice here. Kite Minotaur back out of cave. If you need help, the mid right Guardian or right Sniper Guardian can assist. Focus on the top two Oracles.

Right Sniper at G3. This location gives you access to 7 Hobgoblins locations. Oracles and Hobgoblins are your priority. Focus on the right 4 Hobgoblins and right Oracles

Left Sniper at around G6, G?. Focus on the left Hobgoblins. Help with Oracles on the left and middle.

Guardian at G6. Focus is the left cave spawn and left side Oracles.

Guardian at G4 and G5. The middle Guardians can be floaters. Have one focus on left-mid and the other do right-mid.

The biggest threats are:

Minotaurs during Oracles. Communication is key if you have a Minotaur out. You can kite it around if need be while killing Oracles, just make sure your other teammates know in case the Minotaur loses focus on you.

Myself, I have been on the right cave the most. I will call out if I have no Minotaur spawn at the right side when Goblins pop. This means the Minotaur is somewhere else and it is good for everyone to be aware where it is at.

Hobgoblins. They should be kept dead for the most part, but during Oracles it is likely 1-2 will get some shots off. Always be moving, do not stand still.

Do not be afraid of using your super. Super use during Oracles helps a lot. Use it on two goblins if you have to, since that can buy you seconds that you might need.

Void Fusion works well against Minotaurs.
Any legendary sniper should one shot Hobgoblins (or upgraded rare).
A 300 Shotgun can be pretty effective against Minotaurs, if you feel comfortable enough.
Rockets are great to assist someone on Minotaurs.

The hardest Oracle Spawn is the last one. It basically is 2 waves of Oracles one after another. Clear the 3 right Oracles? Now you got 2 more on the right to kill again. Being aware of the Minotaur spawn here is important along with dropping it quickly.

As long as everyone does their job well, you will be able to get through this fine. Like any strategy, find what works best for your group. This may or may not be the way.
] Also be moving to avoid stray Hobgoblin fire.

Right Cave, Hard mode:

Middle-Right, Hard mode: Need to upload video still.


(What follows assumes you know the bare basics of the fight. More for people doing Hard Mode.)

For Templar himself, a shooter at the back two teleport positions while the 3 other shooters are up in the front. Relic user stays near the front and should have a Super between Oracle phases. If you get delayed, wait until the 1 (2 on Hard) Oracles are killed then drop the shield.

If the Templar is shooting you, hide. There are 4 others getting worry free DPS time.

Relic user: R2 Shield bash X + R2 Dive Bomb Super ? Shield dropping ball of doom

You can dive bomb your suppression field and Oracles. Shield Bash one shots Harpies. You can shield bash Oracles and your suppression field, but the hit box is finicky.

Call out where Templar is teleporting next. Middle, Mid Left, Mid Right, Back Left, Back Right.

Keep the Harpy count down. If you have more than 2 Harpies on you, kill them first else you will die. Super and Grenades are great to catch up on Harpies.

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