Destiny Trials of Osiris Basics Guide


Destiny Trials of Osiris Basics Guide?by SHITBEARDTHEPIRATE

Trials of Osiris is easily my favorite PvP mode ? intense, fun, and it rewards teams with good strategy and good teamwork. I?ve been to the lighthouse 3x each week since the launch of ToO with each of my characters ? Titan/Hunter/Warlock. I say that not in an attempt to ?brag? or puff out my chest, but to give myself and my thoughts regarding how to succeed in ToO a little credibility.

Part 1: The Very Basics ? Be Prepared.

  • Going in with fully leveled gear and weapons is preferred?all weapons at 365 damage and all armor pushing you to level 34. It?s still possible to win and do well at level 33 or with an almost maxed out weapon, but I?m a firm believer of taking advantage of every possible edge you can get. Upgrade your gear.
  • Before the game starts, go to your recent players list and inspect your opponents. Take mental notes of what class they are, what armor they?re wearing, and what weapons they?re using. What perks do their weapons have? Final Round? Shot Package? Do they have a Sunsinger? Any revive-boosting armor? Knowing all this information is helpful to know before the match starts
  • I strongly recommend that 2/3rds of every Trials of Osiris fireteam wear either THE CREST OF ALPHA LUPI or LIGHT BEYOND NEMESIS. Reviving teammates and outnumbering the enemy is a crucial part of winning in Trials of Osiris, and being able to revive teammates faster/be revived faster makes a huge difference. The whole team doesn?t have to wear Lupi/Nemesis, however, as the revive bonus does not stack. With 2/3rds of the team wearing the armor, everyone gets the fast revive bonus, no matter who on the team is reviving who. This frees 1 member of your team to wear a different piece of exotic armor if they wish.
  • Go into every match expecting that your enemies will do everything in the book to win. Blink/Shotgun, Final Rounding, Proxy-Det Rockets, Sunsinger Revives, etc. Prepare for this so you aren?t taken by surprise or caught off guard when it DOES happen.

Part 2: In Game Stuff

  • Numerical advantage is everything. You always want to have the upper hand by outnumbering your enemy. 3-1 is the ideal situation, but 3-2 is still a good advantage. Always stay near the bodies of dead enemies and keep a close eye on them ? allowing the enemy team to revive fallen teammates takes away your numerical advantage. If you outnumber the enemy team 3-1, do not have your entire team leave the area to go hunt down the remaining enemy. You?re giving them the chance to slip past you and revive their teammates. Stay within guarding distance of the dead enemies, and let them come to you.
  • Use whatever special weapon you?re most comfortable with, but my strongest recommendation is a high impact Sniper. With a sniper, you can pin down your enemies dead bodies from across the map, and immediately kill them again when they?re revived if your Sniper Impact is in the 30 range
  • Know when to NOT revive. Every time you?re killed, your revive timer extends, which is bad for your team. Reckless reviving can lose you the match. If you see a teammate has died wide out in the open with the enemy team staring him down, that might not be a great time to revive. Put pressure on your enemies with grenades, cover fire, anything at all. If they have backed off, or you have killed one or two and have a numerical advantage, then press in and revive.
  • Heavy Ammo always appears when one team has won 3 rounds. Right before the heavy ammo round begins, you have a window to quickly switch weapons and equip an Exotic Heavy, like Gjallarhorn or Truth.
  • Do not blindly rush the heavy (if it spawns mid-map) or stand directly on top of it, staring at the empty box during the ammo countdown (if it spawns right near your team spawn, like burning shrine). If the heavy spawns mid-map, go in with an attack plan. Throw grenades, lay down some cover fire. If you blindly rush in for the heavy and your enemy is watching/waiting, you?re going to get killed.

Part 3: Communicate. ALWAYS.

  • Most important thing for sure. Teammates that are quiet and do not relay important information to one another are hurting themselves, and their chances at winning. When the newest map for Trials of Osiris is announced, have callouts prepared for that map. Has no one on your team ever used callouts for that map before? Make some up. Last week when Widow?s Court was announced for ToO, I just quickly put this together for my teammates. You NEED to be able to have some callouts so you can tell your teammates where the enemy is, how many of them there are, what they?re doing, etc. Saying things like ?They?re over here? or ?They?re over there? do NOT cut it. You need to be able to say something a specific location out loud, like ?They?re at ZONE B?, and your teammates need to know?exactly where you?re referring to.

If anyone has any additional thoughts/tactics they?d like to share, feel free to chime in.

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