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Destiny Vault of Glass Condensed Guide


Destiny Vault of Glass Condensed Guide?by Deezl-Vegas

I wanted to condense the Vault of Glass into the densest possible format.


First things first: Talk to your teammates. Use simple, concise language, like this:

"<Name> is dead, right side."
"Oracle front right, I have it covered."
"Minotaur coming to middle from low ground."
"Right portal."

The key things to mention are:

  • What happened that needs mentioning
  • Who is affected (call them by name)
  • Where on the map is it (?Minotaur!!!? is not helpful and will cause all six members to panic. ?Minotaur, right side, need help.? is clearer and results in your teammates taking a level-headed action.)

If you have communication down, the rest of the raid is a cinch.

Opening the Vault

Setup: Three 2-Man Teams go to the Low, Middle and Top sync plates respectively. Equip Void damage. Activate the sync plates to begin.

Goal: Prevent the yellow Pratoreons from stepping on the plates for a few minutes.

Plan: Avoid dying. For each plate, each partner covers one spawn. Call your partner?s attention to the Pratoreon spawns by name. Unload on them. Use supers/heavy ammo liberally. Do not let the Pratoreon step on the sync plate ? other minions can be mostly ignored and cleaned up later.

Templar: Defend the Confluxes

Setup: Three 2-man teams, spread to the left, right, and center sides.

Plan: Keep shooting. Cover your area. Defend the confluxes and camp the spawns.

Need-to-Know Info: Fanatics self-destruct and 1-shot you in close proximity. Green stuff on your screen means run to the center light to cleanse yourself.

Templar: Oracles

Setup: Three 2-man groups, spread to the left, right, and center. At least two members should equip sniper rifles.

Plan: Keep shooting/Sniping Hobgoblins. Listen to the chimes and kill oracles ASAP.

Need-to-Know Info: Fanatics self-destruct and 1-shot you in close proximity. Green stuff on your screen = run to the center light.

Templar: Kill the Templar

Setup: 1x Relic Holder, 5 floating oracle killers.

Relic Guide: The relic functions exactly like the Sword of Crota. R1 is a strong attack, R2 is a melee. Air+R1 is a powerful ground pound. Grenade is replaced with a shield, which has a grenade meter and cleanses allies inside. Your super launches a rocket-light blast of light that breaks the Templar?s shield.

Use this to kill harpies/minotaurs until your super is up, then super the boss.

Plan: Stay alive. Use the Relic super to break the Templar?s shield and have the team focus-fire him down. In between supers, stay out of his sight and keep shooting.

Need-to-Know: Some members will be trapped in a bubble when the shield breaks. Leaving the bubble will kill you. Melee or shoot it down to remove it.

Run to the relic-holder if green stuff is on your screen.

Optimize: This fight can be cheesed from a platform if desired. To speed up a normal run, have the relic holder jump to the red teleport circle to block the teleport once per super, using his shield to prevent damage. This will allow the team to DPS longer. After ?The Templar Summons its Minotaurs,? the tele is blocked, and the relic-holder should run to the center and kill the Minotaurs that spawn.

Gorgon?s Maze

Plan: Follow someone who knows what they?re doing closely to find all chests and get out.

Jump Puzzle

Plan: Jump across without falling. Platforms 1, 2, and 3 will get you close enough to jump across. Save some boost juice to soften your landing.

After you?re across, there is an outcropping that you must jump around. It?s marked by a big crack in the stone. Just make a long jump around it.


Setup: Three 2-man groups (2x Relic-holder). Equip Void damage.

Plan: This fight comes in three steps.

  • Kill the Gatekeeper in the silver room and his buddies.
  • Two groups defend the right portal while the Relic group retrieves the first relic by killing the gatekeeper.
  • One group splits off and goes to defend the conflux that spawns in the center. One group opens the left portal. The relic group enters the portal and retrieves the second relic.
  • All members exit the portals and return to the center to defeat from Pratoreons.


Setup: Two groups of 3 members. One group will stand towards the back and be sent back in time. The second group will be stuck in the present.

Plan ? Inside Team:

  • When teleported, call out your planet ASAP (Mars/Venus or Left/Right)
  • Relic holder grabs the relic and deals with the 3 add minions.
  • Other members provide minimal support to the relic holder unless he asks for it. The focus on shooting the six red oracles that spawn.
  • Relic holder runs back up to the stairs and cleanses the other two members with the shield.

Plan ? Outside Team: Open the right or left portal for the inside team. Kill supplicants; avoid supplicant suicide bombs. Stay alive.

Plan ? Time?s Vengeance: Upon killing the final oracle, the inside team should cleanse, run out of the open portal and jump to the center platform and deploy shield. All members jump into the shield (when it?s up, not before), and shoot the boss?s crystal for about 20 seconds.

The Relic holder call?s ?5 seconds? when the buff is 5 seconds off from leaving and all members return to their starting positions ASAP.

Need-to-know: The people farthest away at 0 seconds will be teleported, so don?t jump backwards if you don?t want to teleport.

Optimize: Take a few runs to familiarize yourself with all roles. This avoids confusion when people die or the wrong person teleports. Use a hunter super to clear oracles and a Sunbro relic holder to hold the relic ? he can respawn and pick it back up immediately if he dies.

If all supplicants are clear, the outside team can easily open both portals before the first wave arrives. Atheon provides unlimited super, so save a super at the end of Time?s Vengeance to clear out the last few adds.


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