Destiny Vault of Glass Relic Guide


Destiny Vault of Glass Relic Guide?by Mach_Three

Hello, fellow Guardians. As we all know, Bungie has added a ?fix? to the Vault of Glass in which you just might be randomly selected and teleported during the fight with Atheon. Oh no! You?re in trouble now thanks to the fact you never handled the Relic! Sure, the battle with the Templar wasn?t so bad as long as you didn?t have to run around, cleansing everyone, activating your super and in general, being the VIP until something bad happened. Fear not! Here, I have a small guide with minor instructions to help you understand this precious, important and fun to use at times artifact you just might end up with in your hands, whether you want to or not. I?m my groups, I?ve been a designated Relic handler and have a good amount of experience with it. Sometimes, I?ll let someone else use it since at times, you can have a team mate who feels you?d be better off providing cover fire.

Keep mind, I?m making this with the assumption you?ve experienced the Vault of Glass or at least did some research. With that said, let?s move forward.

First off, the controls. Every played the ?Sword of Crota? mission? I?m sure you have, and if you haven?t, I suggest you do so right now. This instant. Can?t and stuck at work? Grab a pen and pretend you?re wielding the Sword of Crota (Don?t actually do this. you?ll get strange looks from your co-workers). The relic works VERY similar to the Sword of Crota, being that it is a melee based item.

Let?s go over the Button commands:

Right Bumper/ R1/ Melee: This, Guardians, is a slash attack on the ground. A quick and simple swipe. It may not deal much damage, but in rapid succession, it can kill small mobs of weaker enemies quickly. You may not want to use this so often unless you?re sure you can get the kills without taking much damage. Personally, I would not advise using this as your main form of attack.

Where this attack may shine is possibly in the air, since it can serve two purposes. RB/R1/Melee in the air will allow you use a similar swipe as the one on the ground, however, this will propel you forward a short distance. If you?re close enough to an enemy, it may track and home in to deal some damage. You want to avoid this. Why? Because swiping in the air extends your ?Hang time? and can be done repeatedly. Why would this be good? Simple:

  • You can use this to cross a great distance in a short amount of time. You will stay airborne and soar across the sky like some? Guardian holding a Relic. It?s the same as a Hunter using Blade Dancer and activating their super mid-air. This is really useful during the Gatekeeper portion of the VoG as after entering a portal to kill a Gatekeeper, someone will have to grab the Relic. Grab the Relic, use this to return to the portal quickly and get to the other side, that way you?re team can start the next phase.
  • It can be used to dodge enemy fire and creating distance to get away from that barrage and straight to safety. If you?re familiar with the layout of the area you?ll be battling in, do your best to survive and get over there. If enemies are shooting and you?re on one side of the map, chances are, the other side might be safer for you. Use this to get there. It?s quick and efficient (At least as I deem it this way)

Right Trigger/ R2/ Shoot: This attack right here, on the ground, Will give you a short distance, yet powerful Shield tackle. Think Captain America putting his weight behind bumping someone with his shield and shoulder. This attack will kill most enemies in 1 to 2 hits (This mostly applies to Normal. Some can take up to 3 or 4). The time between attacks is rather quick so you can generally kill the enemies that take more than one hit rather quickly. See those pesky yellow life bar enemies? You can bump them with this and they?ll more than likely stagger for a moment, which is a prime opportunity to do it again. When dealing with a Minotaur, you?re first hit will more than likely knock their shield down (On Normal at least) and the second will kill, if not, leave enough time for you to get one more hit in or a team mate to clean up. This is your primary ground attack as it is the strongest ground attack. You also might want to take note (If you didn?t know this already) of the fact you shouldn?t try to use this on a Hobgoblin while it?s shield is up. It?d bad for you.

In the air, this attack will be doing something similar to Death From Above, the Titan super. While airborne, pressing RT/R2/Shoot will make you fly down at a slight angle forward and slam into the ground, creating a shock wave around you. This attack is perfect for dealing damage to an group of enemies, sometimes killing them, and others severely weakening them. There is a small recovery time from when you land when using this move, and not using it wisely will make you pay in spades. When?s a good time to use it? When you have 2 or 3 enemies that are weak or when you need to push something back for a moment. It?ll make Minotaurs move away from you briefly (You both more than likely will recover at the time time) give you a chance to use your shield bump and finish the job. This doesn?t so as much damage as your attack on the ground, but it is still a powerful tool. It can be used the instant you jump, so feel free to press RT/R2/Melee the moment you go airborne, no matter how high off the ground you are. Just be aware that you travel forward a bit. You don?t want to try and look bad ass then find yourself flying off an edge afterwards. Don?t use this on a Hobgoblin with it?s shield up too.

Noted by zeethreepio, During the fight with the Templar, If you find yourself as one of the people unfortunate enough to get caught in the red bubble, jumping and instantly using your airborne fist slam will destroy the bubble right away. This will also give yourself an opportunity to help your other team mates if they?re having trouble getting out of their bubbles by destroying their via the same method.

Additionally, this attack will kill Supplicants (On Normal) in one go, giving you a chance to avoid their self destruct attack and take them out before they can kill a team mate.

Left Bumper/ L1/ Grenade: This will be what you use to Cleanse your team mates when they are ?Marked?. During the Templar phase of the fight, Oracles will pop up and if they?re are not killed in time, you and your team mates will be Marked. Your job is to remove the Mark on yourself and them as well. While holding the Relic, you?ll notice your grenade icon will be replaced with a different one and it will start filling up. Once full, hold down LB/L1/Grenade to generate a dome around yourself that will remove the mark for anyone within the radius of the said dome. It?s important to take note that using this will start to drain the icon that replaces your grenade as well as a bit of your super, it?s not much. The longer you hold down the button, the longer the field will be up and the longer the cool down till you can do it again. Try to do your best to have use the cleanse for no more than a single second or two, as this will be enough to remove the mark and allow you to do it again without having to wait so long in between, in case you miss anyone. Additionally, when you hold the button down to generate the field, it will act similar to a Titan?s Ward of Dawn and will shield you from all if not most incoming damage. Any team members within your shield will be able to shoot out of it. I don?t advise using rockets though, as it?s a bit finicky at times and can kill. That?s not your worry though, since your job is to hold up the shield. I have to give you an early warning, enemies CAN enter your shield.

During the fight with Atheon, this feature will be pivotal as once Time?s Vengeance is activated, your grenade cool down will be instantly reduced and your super will refill every 2 to 3 seconds. At this point it will create a window for your team to dish out damage with minimal worries. Find a good spot to make your stand and keep them covered. Optionally, you can fire your super off over and over at Atheon to help rack up damage (depending on your Team strategy) which I?ll talk about next.

As skaterape mentions, higher Discipline affects and lessens your cool down to cleanse with the Relic. More Discipline = Faster Cool down.

Super (whatever button combination that may be for you): Here?s your super move while holding the Relic. Yes, you have a super and this serves two purposes. After it?s short charge up, you fire off a long range orb of light that you can aim with your cross hairs. It can be done on the ground or in the air, however, whatever direction you are moving while airborne, you will move that way for a few moments until the super fires. This super fires off in a straight line and has some tracking. Make your shots count.

During the Templar phase, this will lower his shield. It will allow your team mates to dish out that damage. You can even use it to damage the Templar as well, if you obtain your super again. While fighting Atheon, with Time?s Vengeance active, this will deal a lot of damage. Depending on what your team prefers as a tactic, you may not be using this as much since they might prefer you just shield them.

skaterape also mentions higher Intellect will reduce your super cool down while holding the Relic. High Intellect = Faster super cool down.

Y/ Triangle/ Weapon Swap: Believe it or not, this drops the Relic. I know, right? It seems not many people know this but now you do. If someone originally with the relic drops it and you need to pick it up, do so. Once you revive them (on Normal) if they want it back, drop it so they can pick it up again. Whatever super meter was gained while holding the Relic should carry over, however, from my experience, it resets the cleanse cool down. It?s important to keep this in mind.

That?s it for your button commands.

Some basic tactics:

  • Killing enemies with the Relic reduces your super cool down and will allow you to obtain it faster. Don?t be afraid to kill a Harpy or Goblin to help you lessen the amount you need to wait for your super. This is pivotal during the Templar fight. Just bare in mind, you?re not super man, and can be killed if you?re reckless.
  • Be mindful of where your team mates are and rely on them to back you up. If you can help, cool, go for it, chances are they?ll give you a hand as well. If you?re near someone and they?re taking heavy fire, while no one needs to be cleanse, throw up that barrier and help them recover. It?ll make yours and everyone else?s life easier.
  • Keep moving. Don?t sit in one spot too long unless you have to. As someone with no long range attacks to defend yourself with other than your super (you may not want to waste this during the Templar fight) your only real method of fighting is to get close. You may not always want this, so making yourself a harder target to hit is suggested. Use the method mentioned earlier while airborne to get from one spot to another quickly. Keep yourself around team mates and don?t go out there like you?re The Hulk.
  • Anyone who needs to be cleansed will have a black/purplish mist above their heads. If that person is scrambling like a chicken stuck with a wolf, let them know to stay still long enough for you to wipe the mark. Ideally, if more than one of your team mates becomes marked, it?s best to have everyone meet in one area to maximize the effect. Sure, they can run to you or you can run to them but it?s faster to group up, clean quickly then keep moving.
  • During the fight with Atheon, if you are the person who picks up the Relic after being teleported, you run down and clear the enemies that appear in the area. On the Jungle/ Right side, you?ll have two Goblins and a Minotaur. On the Dessert/ Left side, there?ll be 3 Hobgoblins. Try to jump, swipe and ground slam into the middle of all those enemies to at least kill 2 of them. Whatever is left, shield bump until dead. This helps you build your super and allows your team mates to focus fire on the Oracles that spawn. (Note: I prefer Jungle/ Dessert or Left/ Right over Venus/ Mars since you?re still on Venus the entire time. I personally think it?s a silly call out)
  • Additionally, use your super to help take out an Oracle once you kill the adds. You don?t have to if your team mates can do this quickly and effectively but it?s good to help out sometimes. Call out which you will hit.
  • After the Oracles are destroyed, do not rush out of the open gate. Wait till Time?s Vengeance activates. You risk a chance of it not happening at all.
  • Once Time?s Vengeance is up and running, you should be the one to exit the portal first. Walk, don?t run. It?s better that way. Once you?re out, hold down that LB/L1/Grenade until your team mates are out. This?ll allow them to be cleansed as they exit and no one will be running around because they can?t see.

This is about all I have. If anyone has any other tips, feel free to chime in and I?ll update as more come in. I hope this helps everyone.

Tip from TraumaticTeaShindig

  • My suggestion to raid groups is if you have some patience, allow someone who doesn?t have much experience with the relic to do the Templar fight. Just to let them get the hang of the controls. Also, during this fight don?t be afraid to use your Super on the trash mobs that spawn and generate those orbs of light for your Relic Holder! Three or four orbs will pretty much get their Super back to full and you can get into a nice rhythm of taking the shield down right after the teleport!

Tip from AmoebaMan

  • If you fire the Super while airborne and moving sideways, the shot will inherit your sideways momentum, which will throw it off target in the direction you?re moving. If the Templar is far off, this can make you miss him entirely, which is humiliating.
  • When fighting the Templar as the Relic Holder, your entire goal should be to murder as many Harpies as humanly possible. Each one charges your Super faster, which means you can pull the Templar?s shields down farther. Harpies also take forever to start shooting, which means 90% of the time you can bash ?em before they even fire once. Finally, the Templar will almost exclusively aggro on the players firing at him, so you?ll be basically safe to run around seeking out Harpies to bash.

Tips from HeyFitzy

My suggestion on the Atheon battle (when using Center Platform method):

  • Cleanse your teammates before going through the portal AFTER you kill the final Oracle, this will give them enough time to see where they are going when they port back through. You want to make sure you (the relic) are the first one onto the platform so you can get into proper position on the platform. Then once situated, everyone run towards the center and jump in. The people who ported and are marked should still be able to see well enough to jump to the center. I know this because I?ve been on that end before.
  • For proper positioning on the platform. You want to place yourself on the right side close to the top right corner. This allows for full protection for everyone inside the relic. If you (the relic holder) are standing too close to the middle and your relic shield is hitting that wall on the left of the center platform the splash damage from Atheon can actually break through the shield and people will take damage or even die.
  • You also want to be the one keeping your eye on the Time?s Vengence clock. You count it down, that way your teammates can concentrate on DPS?ing Atheon. Once you hit 5 seconds, tell everyone to get out, *KEEP THE RELIC SHIELD ACTIVE** while they are all dispersing. This gives everyone a bit more protection and you yourself.*

Note: If you have a Titan, have them deploy their shield with ?Weapons of light? BEHIND your relic shield but almost on the edge so it?s not close enough for splash damage to enter your shield.

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