Destiny Vault of Glass Tips and Guide


Destiny Vault of Glass Tips and Guide?by GigaRazor


My name is Nick. I?ve completed the vault of glass a total of 6 times now. My teams fastest run was within the 50 minute range. This is a guide for players that are having issues with completing the vault of glass or that need help on certain aspects of it. This will be long, but if you want to do the Vault of Glass correctly, then please make sure you read and take into account every piece of information I can provide you.

Team Formation

Everyone needs a mic, that?s simply common sense. You need six people communicating to each other what they see, where they see it and how many of them that they are. (?Hob, back right.? | ?Oracle, Mid-Right? ) Further more, you need to know when your team mates are in trouble. Staying alive is quintessential to the vault. One person dying puts an extra load on the other 5 members for 30 seconds, and in something like the Vault, that?s enough to result in a wipe. Don?t be a hero. This is a team game, work together.

Phase 1: Capture & Hold Vex Control Plates

Opening the door is fairly simple. Hold 3 Control Plates till the Spire has formed to open the first door. Simple enough? If you are rocking a team of all 29?s then this part takes about 5 minutes. If that. If you are lower levels I will explain to you my teams strategy and hopefully this works for you.

Starting with the center control plate, you put your two strongest players here on either side with a line of sight towards the left and right plates. This enables them to assist both sides while covering mid. The guys on the right and left need to hover on those spawns. ( The closer you are to the enemy, the more damage you do, the quicker you get them down. ) DON?T STAND IN THE CIRCLE WHEN YOU HAVE IT CAPTURED! I know the Praetorian will go right for it but that?s why standing on the spawn is so essential. My recommendation is a strong shotgun. ( The Invective is perfect for this Phase ) Call out the Praetorian when you see them, let your team know when you need help. Communication people. If you coordinate, communicate and cover your spawns, this shouldn?t take more then 5 minutes to complete.

TL:DR: Grab a shotgun, two people up top help cover left and right, hover on spawns

CHEST: If you can?t find this chest, you don?t deserve it.

Phase 2: Defend Conflux

This part is pretty cut and try. Do not allow any enemies to be sacrified to the conflux. This Phase goes by in three stages. The first leaves you with one conflux to defend in mid, the second phase splits your team between the left and right and the third and final phase musters your entire team to defend all three at once.

The best strategy for this, I have found is to keep the teams you had during Phase 1. That makes communication easier and you already are aware of your partners weapons and methods. Rid yourself of that shotgun and switch to a fusion rifle or a sniper. During the first stage of Phase 2, it would be safe to say that you have 3 teams, split among the right, left and center. This part takes about 3-5 minutes and should be relatively simple. Remember to call out when you need help, where you need help, and what you need help with. Don?t be a hero. I cannot stress this enough, your life is more important then killing that last Goblin. If you are about to die and see a sacrifice going through, let it go through. Back out, get your health back and return to the fight. You don?t fail after 1 or 2 sacrifices get through. ( If I?m not mistaken, it?s 7 per side. I might be wrong though. ) People covering mid need to be aware of the Templar because he will put some hurt on you if you aren?t in cover.

When the conflux disappears there will be a massive surge of fanatics up through the center. Make sure you bring your team center to push back this surge. And try not to get marked during this period, because jumping into the central light cleansing point is a bitch when you are surrounded by baddies.

Stage 2 of this phase gets a little rougher but still relatively simple. Your team splits into two teams of three, going left and right. Remember to watch mid, because Minotaurs and fanatics will be pouring out of there as well up the upper spawn. The best method, I?ve found, is to have one of your strongest guys hover on the spawns. Kill those adds before they get a chance to flood the conflux. Again call out the minotaurs, communicate and watch your ass. Don?t let your enemies over run you and always keep your head on a swivel. Each member of your team needs to know the others role so that any given time, they can take up that role in the event that player goes down.

Once again when the conflux?s disappear everyone returns to center and prepares for Stage 3 of Phase 2. Same teams as Phase 1, everyone goes to their spots with center providing additional support for left and right while countering their own defenses. Once the conflux?s disappear, you?ll be hit with one additional wave of Fanatics and Phase 2 will be complete. Congrats.

TL:DR Same teams as Phase 1, hover on spawns, call out minotaurs, stay alive.

Phase 3: Oracles

This is where you will begin to become sick of the word ?Oracle? all together. During this section there will be seven possible oracle spawn locations ( if memory serves correctly ) From the back left corner, one person will have eyes on Four of these locations, with easy movement to two more. You will need one person there, preferably with a gun with a large clip. You will also need one additional person, preferably your stronger members there to watch your back, and take out the minotaurs that spawn. ONCE THE ORACLES ARE CLEAR, YOU ALL NEED TO GO ON HOB-PATROL I cannot stress this enough. Four people need to be sporting snipers while two will be holding shotties to clear the minotaurs. As soon as you clear the oracles, start looking for the hob-goblins because they will spawn and they will wipe you out relatively quickly. Once you have a good pattern down, lock it down. Call out Hobs and make sure youstay the fuck alive. Once you have made it through 5 waves of oracles ( if I remember correctly ) then you will be clear to the next Phase.

TL:DR Fixed positions to cover oracles, snipe the hobs as soon as you clear oracles, watch for minotaurs.

Phase 4: The Templar

This part originally was the hardest part of the VoG for me, now it?s the easiest. The safe-spot method is the best proven method for a clean clear through this phase. And it?s the method our team uses each time we clear it. On the far left side of the map, where the Hob-Goblin spawned, you will find a perfect cover spot and protection from Praetorians, goblins and harpys as well as the Templar himself.

Once the other five members of your team have gotten to that point, one person needs to grab the shield that has spawned in center. I?ll briefly explain how the shield works. For the standard control set, Left Bumper will activate a ?cleansing? bubble. Right bumper will attack, as will right bumper. When your super is charged, the shield will shoot out a burst of light that is used to take down the templars shields.

Once the person with the shield has made his way to the ?safe-spot? You simply wait until the super is charged, fired at the Templar and his shields removed. DO NOT USE ROCKETS RIGHT OFF THE BAT It is possible you will be stuck in a detention bubble, that you must shoot out of, and if you use a rocket you will kill yourself. I?ve seen it happen so many times. Wait till you?ve shot yourself out of the detention field before shooting your rockets. This is a simple rinse and repeat method, shield make sure you cleanse when everyone gets marked. Everyone else stay near the shield and unload on him when the shield drops. Should take 5-10 minutes.

TL:DR Safe spot where hob spawns on left side. Cleanse when marked, unload when shields down. DON?T USE ROCKETS.

Phase 5: Gorgons Cave

*CHEST ( x 2 ) *

There are two chest locations within this cave. The first is directly at the start of Gorgans Cave. If you turn to the left you will see a small hole, located slightly up on the wall. You will be able to jump through this and follow it to the end and find the first Chest.

The second chest puts you face to face with the Gorgons. It is located on the right side, If you have hunters on your team have them cloak and guide you through it. All you have to do is hug the right wall and follow it through and you will find the second chest.

The path taken if you aren?t in need of chests is quite simple. You wait for the first Gorgon to go down the main path, wait for it to make a right turn around a giant rock. You keep your team together. I mean, green dots should be touching on the radar. You jump onto that first rock. From there you make your way up to the top and you?ll see a rock you can jump to on your left. Get everyone over to that one. Then directly in front of you is a third rock you can shimmy to. From there if you turn right and look down you will see the cave entrance ( Rather hard to see if your brightness isn?t turned all the way up. ) Wait for the circling gorgon to clear the entrance and jump inside. Depending on your team this can either be the shortest or the longest part of the raid. Keep together and communicate.

TL:DR Two Chest Locations, left and right. Hunters lead. Stick together.

Phase 6: Platforming

This, as a Titan, is the easiest part of the raid for me. But there will always be that one guy who struggles. Don?t make fun of him, help him. Because making fun of him is only gonna make getting past this part harder. There are two paths to take, one directly in front of you and one to the left. This part is fairly self explanatory. Jump to the bottom and ready yourselves to open the Vault.

TL:DR Seriously? That was too long for you to read?

Phase 7: Gate Lords

This part can be the most confusing and challenging for your teammates. Working together here is the most quintessential of the raid. To start off, when you run through the door you will find two gates. On the left and on the right. The left can be referred to as Mars, Red or Left. The right can referred to as Venus, Green or Right. Either way you need to make sure your entire team understands these identifiers.

The strategy that we have implemented that has lead to the most number of clears without wipe is also the easiest ( as long as you remember to stay the fuck alive ). Two people will go into Mars, while the other four stay outside and prevent the control plate from being seized. ( IF the control plate is seized, you will have RED oracles spawning above the gate that was captured ) The idea here is to get the gatelord in Mars down to a sliver of health. I?ll explain why later. But it?s essential that you do not kill the Gatelord. Just bring him down to a sliver of health. Once his health is down, you return through the gate and go to Venus. Here you move forward and eliminate enemies and kill the gate lord.

ONCE THE GATELORD IS KILLED A RELIC WILL SPAWN IN THE CENTER OF THE MAP. Make sure that you are quickly out of the portal. Cleanse both who went in. From this point the person with the shield should move to the top of the map to kill the minotaurs that are spawning to sacrifice to the relic. They are the only enemies that can be sacrificed. Two slam attacks with the shield is enough to take out the minotaurs. Your job is easy but essential. The remaining person runs into Mars, while the remaining people cover the gates and look for oracles. Once inside, the person fires a single rocket into the gatelord, killing him in one hit. Grab the shield. From this point you can either wait till the cleanse buffer is up or make a break for the gate. Your call, I?ve done both and succeeded both times.

Once the final shield is out of the gate, everyone ( save for the first shield wielder ) needs to go center as there will now be two additional spawns, shooting out Praetorians. Hold this spot for 1-2 minutes and this Phase will complete. Enjoy your loot.

TL:DR Get gatelord in marks down to low health, Kill one in venus. Go into mars, kill the one in mars. protect relic.

Phase 8: Atheon

This can also be easy or hard depending on your team. It relies on everyone staying alive. Atheon will transport the three people farthest from him to one of the two gates. It is essential you make sure it?s the same three people so that you are all in the same rhythm. I?ll break the final boss into two sections for those of you that will be in different spots.

People Staying outside the Gate

Your main goal is to stay alive. Atheon will spawn exploding harpies called ?Supplicants? Your entire goal is to not get blown the fuck up and to make sure that the gates get opened for the people that get transported. Stay high and out of the reach of the supplicants. Once the gate is open make sure that you focus on taking out as many supplicants as possible

People Getting Teleported

The person with the most experience with the shield should be in the back corner, along with at least one hunter and the weakest of your group. There are different strategies for both planets. So I?ll list them in different sections. REMEMBER TO CALL OUT WHAT PLANET YOU GET TELEPORTED TO SO YOUR TEAM CAN OPEN THE GATE


Mars is quite simply the easiest planet to get taken to. The person with the shield should be able to take out the three hobgoblins that spawn without a problem. One slam attack should be able to take out all three, and even if it doesnt it?s doesnt? take long to do another one to take out stragglers. ( Dont? get me wrong. Sometimes they are spaced too far apart and its more difficult but this rarely happens )

The remaining two people will need to focus on shooting the oracles as they appear. Make sure you have a rapid rate of fire weapon equipped with good stability and a large clip. When you get the last oracle make sure you call it out and you?ll get additional 10 seconds before Atheon starts walking around.

Once you are out of the gate DON?T STAND STILL TO BE CLEANSED. Your team should run to the back spawn point and get cleansed there. That way you have less of a chance to be outed by Supplicants.


Venus is a bit trickier since there is a Praetorian in there along side two goblins. This is why you bring a Hunter with gunslinger equipped. If it?s the first try he wont? have his special up, so you will need to work as a team to take out the Praetorian. If its your second+ time through he will already be super charged and he will be able to use his golden gun to take a fair amount of health off of the Praetorian before the shield-wielder gets down to him. Be safe, be smart and Venus will be as easy as Mars.

Once everyone is out of the Gate

Titans should be equipping their shock grenades. Grenades do the most damage and you are given infinite grenades and double damage for 30 seconds. Shock Grenades for titans do nearly 4,000 damage per shock, and it?ll land 3 shocks if your lucky doing 12k damage per grenade thrown. Having six people spam grenades like its a PvP match will drop his health quickly and result in less trips through gates.

This is a simple rinse and repeat method. Get in sync, get in a rhythm and Atheon will fall.

TL:DR Too complicated for a TL:DR. Just read it.


Congratulations. You just beat the Vault of Glass.

I hope this guide helped and guided you through parts that you might have been stuck on or shed light on an easier method of doing VoG. If you have any suggestions or quicker methods to completing the Vault, I am happy to hear them.

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