Diablo 3 Barbarian Inferno Success Guide


Diablo 3 Barbarian Inferno Success Guide by Spitloogies

First off, here?s the build ?

Cleave ? Gathering Storm (damage isn?t important here, but slowing 80% movement in frontal cone cleave is beyond amazing ? this sort of build involves you in the eye of the storm of any monster pile ? I find that when mobs chase my weak buddies, when I leap, place myself infron and apply slow/cleaves, mobs turn back to me, this application can be a sort of taunt if you constantly position your body correctly inbetween players getting chased and the mob itself)
Ground Stomp ? Wrenching Smash
Leap ? Iron Impact
Revenge ? Provocation ? What you spam non stop to stay alive.
Warcry ? Impunity, although I do also run Invigorate and Veteran?s warning depending on how I feel. Warcry however does boost physical resist as well, and since we?re basically gearing for all vit/all resist, once you get to the 500-700 range it gets nice.
Threatening Shout ? Demoralize ? 20% damage reduction ,best move we have(Although I must admit, I really feel like when I throw grim harvest on blue tomes drop like candy off any and everything, so when my dps is high and can stay alive, I go grim harvest).

Superstition is a must ? anyone without superstition on a barb that want?s to absorb damage lacks basic sense.

Nerves of Steel ? As of now, I have a lot of vit so I prefer the 1 vit ? 1 armor trade off, and my thorns damage is low, so I opt for this as opposed to the very tempting 25% armor/50% thorn passive.

Inspiring Presence ? First glance, perhaps not as valuable as armor, but doubling the lengths on 2 shouts that are integral to my play, warcry and grim harvested Threatening Shout, hp regen, when stacked with a monk/invigoration can get absurb.+

Stack Vit, All resist, Armor, Dex isn?t bad, and neither is int if it comes as a caviat.


I see a lot of tank barbs with ignore pain ? heres my rational as to why Iron impacted leap is vastly superior.

#1 10 second cooldown vs 30second cooldown, meaning I can multiply my armor x300% for 4 seconds, 3 times for a total of 12 seconds within 30 seconds as opposed to 1 ignore pain cooldown.

#2 and possibly more importantly, leap allows you to leap completely out the fray, avoiding damage that perhaps ignore pain cannot withstand, and again, you get 3 inside 3 seconds as opposed to 1.

When I leap, I get ~89% reduction from damage sources, and this doesn?t include inherit 30% barb/monk DR, Blocks, dodge, Resists, Item values that reduce ranged/melee, etc.

Again, my thought is that iron impacted leap is vastly superior to Ignore pain.

Heres basically how I play ? and first of all, its quite counterintuitive, I have all fury generators, no dumps, and do 0 dmg ? pathetic.

You?re right ? but again, this is how I play my barb.

I find high dmg, preferably ranged (although monks are quite strong when in the fray with you) demon hunters and wizards ? high, smart and intuitive players that get the most out of their actions.

I leap into the fray, get a couple cleaves, then immediately, as soon as they begin swarming, Aoe stomp and suck all mobs within 24yards into my for 2.5second (mobs that are stunned for 2.5 sec don?t attack, amazing move). More importantly, this sucks mobs into 1 tight little pile for my demon hunters and wizards to disintegrate with various moves (see volatile explosion rune for wizards etc)

If you control mobs, and make tight piles, and give your wizards and hunters 10 seconds to breathe, if they have a brain and some gear, they?ll lay enough waste for the fight to progress, all the while you spamming revenge, stomp, threatening shout.

I can survive champion packs and elites, although some can be brutal, especially when the mobs are inheritly strong ( ie hulkers) then have wickid combos ? but for the most part I can survive, and if I can?t, then we kite them backwards, constantly fighting away from arcane sentries, ice grenades, desecrations, plague pools etc.

I know this build works, although some of you may suspect it not to, because every person I group with friends me and tells me that I am far and ahead the best barb tank they?ve grouped with, and other barbs are constantly checking or asking what my setup was after we pillaged stuff.

Again, no fury dumps ? no damage, but control, if any of you ever played a game called DOTA ?

Blink dagger + initiation heroes were fatal in these games, the ability the blink into the middle of a pile, aoe stun and suck them all into a? tight spot and allowing my range to pump out cooldown HARD concerted dps makes up for my lack of dps.

Now for bosses and enrages, not champions and rares, but actual act bosses like the butcher, if your dpsers are too low, you?ll need to pump up your damage.

If you find that you?re dying non stop, and can?t stay alive through revenge (which only happens to me when im engulfed after 4 minutes of a insane affix combo , then perhaps you can opt for dreadnaughted charge ? its quite strong.

If you want to play a barb in inferno, understand 1 thing.

You don?t have the gear to do damage, and even if you did, you don?t have the gear to survive while doing dmg, atleast straight out of hell. Go tank for some high ranged dps, jump into piles, aoe stomp, and rip it up.

With love and care, Spitloogies

This is my response to all you whiney baby barbs that cry about inferno being too hard when its 5 days in.

Play to your strengths, not your weaknesses. Put that 2hander down son, pick that shield up.

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