Diablo 3 Historian of Westmarch Achievement Guide


Diablo 3 Historian of Westmarch Achievement Guide?by SignsOfKelani

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Books anyone? Specifically some on the history of pandemonium and sanctuary, which seem to have been hoarded by a specific ancient demon beast who thought it fit to fall over in 20% of your games? Sweet!

This is the achievement for collecting all the world lord books in Act 5, some of which can be a real pain or just annoyingly obscure.

History of Westmarch???The only book which requires campaign mode, and is quest specific. All the books are from?Diadras Satchel.

Part 1 ? Souls of the Dead.

Part 2 ? Souls of the Dead. (Last section of the quest)

Part 3 ? The Harbinger.

Part 4 ? The Harbinger. (Take the second section, walk out into Westmarch Heights and waypoint back to town. Book should be available)

Part 5 ? The Witch.

Part 6 ? Battlefields of Eternity. (The quest, not the location)

Part 7 ? Breaching the Fortress.

The Plague Tunnels???Located within the Plague Tunnels dungeon in Westmarch Commons. Can be found on lvl 1 or 2. Normal satchel named ?Plague Tunnels?.

Deserter?s Journal???Located inside the Caverns of Luray, a dungeon in the Paths of the Drowned. Can be found on lvl 1 or 2, most commonly on 2 (from personal experience).

The History of Pandemonium???From an interact-able object in the Battlefields of Eternity. The object is called?Angelic Scrolls?and can be easily missed.

The Discovery of Sanctuary???The most annoying one of the lot, exactly the same as History of Pandemonium, except the interact-able object is much rarer. MUCH rarer. You?ll need to find the?Ancient Corpse, also in the Battlefields of Eternity.

Nephalem Rifts???Everyone should have their copy by now, signed by a Rift Guardian. Your first rift should get you this piece of ghostly literature.

That?s all of them! You may spend quite a bit of time on the Ancient Corpses alone. Remember that to collect each part you need to run the same thing again, so for 4 parts of History of Pand- you need to find 4 Angelic Scrolls etc etc. I?ve noted that the Angelic Scrolls and Ancient Corpse don?t seem to spawn more than once in a game (if they spawn at all), though I could be wrong.

Hope this helps anyone still looking for any of these!

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