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Diablo 3 Whimsyshire Complete Guide by GoingPostal

Please Read The Whole Guide So You Don?t Miss Important Information Please

I figured I would do this so no one has to search for it anymore.? This is just a helpful guide to anyone wanting to know how to obtain the items to create the ?Staff of Herding.?? This staff allows you to enter ?Whimsyshire.?? I will also include the cost of this and anything else I know about it.? So if I left something out please feel free to add it in.

First you need to do some farming.? This can be quick and easy or long and tedious.? I was lucky enough to find everything I needed within 1 hour of farming.? Most people say it takes an average of 4+ hours of farming to find everything.? Once you find everything you will never have to find it again.

You will need the following items:

Staff of Herding Plan: This can be found after defeating Izual(he drops this randomly). (Act 4)

Black Mushroom:? This can be found in the Cathedral level one. (Found in a square room with two entrances) (Act 1)

Leoric?s Shinbone: This can be found in Leoric?s Manor in his fireplace. (Act 1)

Wirt?s Bell: This can be found at the vendor ?Squirt the Peddler? found in the Caldeum Bazaar for $100,000 Gold. (Act 2)

Gibbering Gemstone: This can be found in the ?Caverns of Frost Level 2? from ?Chiltara.? (Who is not always there) (Act 3)

Liquid Rainbow: This can be found in the ?Mysterious Cave? in a ?Mysterious Chest.?? This is found in Dahlgur Oasis.? (Act 2)

For the Gibbering Gemstone go to ?The Bridge of Korsikk Waypoint.?? Once there go into ?The Fields of Slaughter.?? Then search for a random cave called the ?Caverns of Frost.?? It doesn?t always spawn.? So if you find a cave called the ?Icefall Cave? Then you need to exit your game and re-enter until you find the ?Caverns of Frost.?? Search for? ?Chiltara.?? Who can be found in the ?Caverns of Frost Level 2.?? Please understand that Chiltara is not always there so this may take so time to find.

For the Liquid Rainbow go to the ?Path to the Oasis Waypoint.?? Once there go into Dahlgur Oasis and go down to the bottom of the map into where the little house looking thing is in the water.? A merchant spawns there from time to time.? Save him from the ghost and he will open the ?Mysterious Cave? for you.? The Mysterious Chest is found inside this cave which contains the Liquid Rainbow.? The mysterious Chest does not always spawn either so keep trying if it doesn?t show up.? Also if you don?t see the merchant in this area continue following the map border until you find another location that is identical to this one and he may be there.? If not then exit and try again.

Now don?t give up if it takes awhile to farm these items.? Just keep trying and it will eventually drop or spawn.

Once you have all these items.? Go to the blacksmith and craft the ?Staff of Herding.?

Once you have the staff go to the area where you start act 1 outside of new tristram and take the old tristram road.? Follow the old tristram road until you run across a dead cow and a red glowing slit in the ground.? If you have the staff with you a hell bovine ghost will appear with a quest symbol.? Click and talk to him and once the conversation is over you will see the red glowing slit turn into rainbow colors and then you can enter ?Whimsyshire.?

Now, creating the staff cost $50,000 gold.? So to create the staff on normal you will need $150,000 gold.

Once you reach other difficulties all you need to do is upgrade your staff to enter whimsyshire on that difficulty.? You can buy the upgrade plans from the merchant in act III who is beside your followers.? It cost 1 gold.? You must buy the same plans for Hell and Inferno once you reach the last quest of the game ?Prime Evil.?

However once you get the plans you need to teach them to your blacksmith so you can upgrade your staff.

Upgrading your staff from Normal to Nightmare cost $200,000 gold.

Upgrading your staff from Nightmare to Hell cost $500,000 gold.

Upgrading your staff from Hell to Inferno cost $1,000,000 gold.

Now that your ready to go to whimsyshire.? Get ready to kill teddy bears, flowers,
and unicorns.? Find your pots of gold.? Open the smiling clouds as they are your chest.? Destroy the pinata?s for loot!!!!? Enjoy the oddly designed map.

I still miss the cow level but I find this to be fun as well.? Good luck to you all and I hope this helps.? Please add everything you can to this that I may have left out.

Edited here:

Ok, I left a few things out.

The difficulty of this secret area is much harder then the normal area.? So if you enter it on nightmare be ready to fight.

I find that rares that drop here are also better then what I have found in the game.? However it could just be luck so don?t say I am right on this.

Each difficulty drops? +1 tier items as such:

Normal drops nightmare Items.
Nightmare drops hell items.
Hell drops inferno items.
Inferno drops inferno items.

Pinatas are randomly spawned in each run of whimsyshire.? Save the pinata for last as it will gain buffs and drop more loot for teach additional mob killed (this is a current rumor and should be tested with the results posted here to help us come to a conclusion on this ).? Higher MF really helps on the pinatas so stack the mf before looting the pinatas!!!

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