Diablo 3 Wizard Inferno Basic Build Guide


Diablo 3 Wizard Inferno Basic Build Guide by Djuntas

Link: http://eu.battle.net/d3/en/calculator/wizard#UcglOm!fXc!aYYYcb


The way I see it Electrocute with chain lightning rune seems appealing for end-game.

The spectral blade seems cool as well with last rune (20 yards).


For secondary skill Id think its either arcane orb or disintegrate.

Arcane orb tap source rune is probably the best one, but who knows really!


For defensive skill its hard to say, they all very situational, but an over-all pick does seem to be Slow time with time warp rune or perpetuity rune.


Force I?m just gonna say Blizzard has to be the coolest and best spell pretty please :p! No really, its hard to tell but wave of force sure felt good in the beta.


Then for conjuration it seems to be energy armor with prismatic armor as you also picked. Seems like solid defense, which could mean you could ease up on defense other places.


Mastery seems pretty straightforward as well imo, the same as you picked again, Archon with pure power.

For passives:

Galavanizing ward might be good early on until you get a lot of gear. Who knows final health-numbers, in Diablo2 1-1.3k hp for a sorceress was an acceptable and/or great number. It might be included in all builds, solid choice most likely.

Next one should imo be Astral presence, this is because starting out mighty and strong is a big key-point to playing wizard. Other classes starts with building resources (rage, hatred etc) as they pull, we don?t. Go crazy from pull etc!

Next one is to situational so nobody could tell. More damage, less damage taken etc. But prodigy seems really good if it works out so good you always got a good regen cause of it. Only time can tell.

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