Die2Nite Basic Guide

Die2Nite Basic Guide (Tactics to Survive Until Day 20) by Admin???- Basics ???-Success in this game is all about working well as a team...

Die2Nite Newbie Guide

Die2Nite Newbie Guide by GriMmiENotes to newbies:? Plan your foray into the wild well ? you only have 6 ap to travel, an additional...

Die2Nite Random Survival Tips

Die2Nite Random Survival Tips by ChooJeremyOnly venture out into unexplored zones when you know you have a coalition friend who can help you. Otherwise,...

Die2Nite Scavenging for Builders Guide

Die2Nite Scavenging for Builders Guide by OmniSzronATTENTION BUILDERS! Yes, you! The ones that don?t go outside even when the weather is fine and sunny...

Die2Nite Team Building Guide

Die2Nite Team Building Guide by braheWelcome to the Desert, Citizen!You?re a smart one. When every one else decided to hole up in the local...

Die2Nite Construction Order Guide

Die2Nite Construction Order Guide by bwarnerAssumptions:At the beginning, some materials are assumed to be found intact. But after about day 3, I assume that...

Die2Nite Important Newbie Information

Die2Nite Important Newbie Information by GriMmiEIf you happen to be stuck in a zone that has more zeds then you can handle.(STUCK)1 ? Do...

Die2Nite How to be Pro Guide

Die2Nite How to be Pro Guide by OmniSzronAhh, so you came here to find out how to be PRO at Die2Nite? You want to...

Die2Nite Successful Scavenging Guide

Die2Nite Successful Scavenging Guide by OmniSzronOh, boy! You?re alive and it?s a fresh new day. You feel the urge to just go outside and...

Die2Nite General Construction Strategy

Die2Nite General Construction Strategy by bwarnerIn general, you should consider things in this orderNecessary defense Your first priority should always be figuring out what...

Die2Nite Competitive Construction Strategy Guide

Die2Nite Competitive Construction Strategy Guide by desolationI should start by saying this guide will only work if you are in an active, well coordinated...

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