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Digimon Masters Online Socketing Guide by SimonThorsager

Finally found out how to equip on cloth
You have to get items to scan, like digitama eggs.
They look like this:

Then you talk to this guy:

Select the first option, and a window will pop op.
There you put your items in, and scan them. It cost 5b.
That?s what i paid for both items.
When it?s scanned you get one of these items:

I only know that the red ones gives HP and the orange ones give Attack,
since i got them.
Then you talk to him again and select the second option.
Move you cloth to the slot and 1 og 2 slots will come. Depends on how many slots your cloth have.
But you can?t just equip the items as you will.
As you can see at my shirt, the boxes is red, so i can only equip the HP items.

The other item, which gives Attack, could be equipped at my gloves.
As you can see, the boxes are orange as the items, so i equipped them.

When the items is in the box then press the button, to the right of the price. The top button of those 2.
As you can see, at my tamers HP, the equipment on my shirt, gave me +5HP.
It didn?t affect my digimon. And the gloves only gave me +1AT on the tamer.
You can?t remove the equipments again, so be careful.

Hope that helped
And sorry, for my bad english.


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