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Digimon Masters Online Stat Build Guide by skeith092

Hello and welcome to my stat build guide.

First of all, what is a stat build, you might ask?
These are the ones you see right below you digimon?s name. these stat builds (e.g. SA=short attacker) dictate what general build your digi would follow as it levels up and its initial stat and skill lineup.

So far, I only know 4 stat buils. mainly:
SA= short attacker
QA= quick attacker
DE= defender
NA= near attacker

to make it short and simple,
SA= generally above average to high atk, depending on stage, decent defense, relatively normal critical hit rate (ranging from 300-400 on rookie stage), normal evasion (usually stays at 100) and varying attack speeds. if your SA has a slow AS, most likely, its skills would have a quick attack animation that connects well with its slow normal attack animation (e.g. Shinegreymon?s f1, Saberleomon?s f1)

QA= generally have normal to above average atk, below average to decent defense, relatively high critical hit rate (around 400-600 on rookie stage), high evasion (200-230, though there are exceptions that will be mentioned later), and usually have fast attack animations (though there are some like miragegaogamon that are an exception)

DE= have below average atk, really high def (their rookies usually have 15-30 def!), low evasion (usually stuck at 75), have fast AS (usually always ranging from 1100, somewhere in the 2000?s) and exceptionally high critical hit rates. also, they?re the only build that has a HT (hit bonus) stat, for now.

NA= unfortunately, this is one build I still haven?t collected enough info on. what I do know is that they have relatvely low attack, defense decent critical hit and evasion rates, high ds and at the same time, high ds consumption from skills.

ok, by now you?re probably asking why am I not using exact numbers to describe a build?s attack, defense, etc? well, it?s because we need to know stuff like this to better understand the damage per second capability of a digimon? DPS or damage per second, it the amt. of dmg that a digi can deal, in obviously, a second. you get that number y dividing your AT stat with your AS stat. so don?t go panicking and asking why your digi?s AT stat is low and stuff like that. before you start wondering whether your digi?s stat buld is strong, take a good look at its DPS and DE first.

now, you?re probably wondering what I meant earlier by ?below average, normal, above average, and stuff like that? to categorize their stats? well, it is for me to summarize those stuff better because I?m about to write them down here /

Attack??Rookie?????Champion??? ?..Ultimate??????Mega
High?..=50-70 DPS????80-130?????.100-170??????200-400

please do note that these are mere estimates based on my experience of the game. the reason why some numbers overlap is because I needed to make room for those 4/5 to 5/5 mercs. anyway, moving on.

Defense??.Rookie????..Champion??.. ??Ultimate?????Mega
High???=15-30??????20-40??????.30-60??..(no info on DE megas)

also, I?m talking about raw stats here, don?t include the bonuses from plates and affinity.

Critcal??.Rookie?????Champion??. ??.Ultimate ????.Mega
High??.=800-1000???..1000-1300????.1300-1500??1000-higher numbers
Normal?=300-400????.500-600?????.600-800??..800-higher numbers
Low??..=100-300????.300-500?????.500-700??..700-higher numbers

the reason why these numbers are connected is because CR carries over all the evolutions of a digimon. same reason goes for why in the mega stage, I wrote it as number-higher numbers because CR goes up by approx 10 points per level. so basically, if you?ve got a digi who?s level 41, just apply the CR tier of the mega stage for all its stages. do note however that there are exceptions where a digi switches stat builds in between evolutions.

Exceptions to the stat builds:
eh, just wait a little for me to confirm all these exceptions. until then, feel free to add info or ask me anything.


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