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Digimon Masters Online Understanding Stats Guide


Digimon Masters Online Understanding Stats Guide by Lepper

Some people don?t know what is all Digimon Stats, here is the Detailed Descriptions:

AT: Base Attack Strength of Digimon.
DE: Defense power, to reduce the Damage Taken.
CR: Critical Power
AS: Attack Speed, lower numbers is better.
EV: Evasiveness or chance to avoid incoming attacks.
HT: Accuracy, help not miss attacks.

Now you can calculate the DPS (Damage Per Second) of your digimons? just divide AT/AS then this is the real DPS strength of your Digimon.

Level 31 Agumon Starter:
AT: 150
AS: 2.387 (look this number is high cause Agumon use 3 or 4 hit combos)
now divide: 150/2.387 = 62.840 DPS

Level 43 Elecmon:
AT: 110
AS: 1.100 (look this number is lower cause Elecmon is one hit Digimon)
now divide: 110/1.100 = 100 DPS

Soo if you thing the only higher numbers in AT is good, think again
In my studies I see many unbalanced digimons and much work to balance it.

3 steps to make Strongest Digimons:

1- Hatch at last 4/5 Steps, cause 3/5 can be 40% weaker then 4/5, its 10 times harder to hatch but pay out in digimon Power, this difference can be compared to more then 25 digimon levels. One digimon 3/5 85% at level 40 have same Stats of same digimon 4/5 110% at lvl 24. This is a HUGE difference.

2- Use good Attachments in your Tamer, the attachments can be more then 70% of your Tamer Stats, Tamer Stats are shared with digimon based on your Affinity.
The Maximum Affinity is based on your digimon Level higher level digimons can have more maximum affinity then lower levels and each digimon have different affinities. The affinity numbers means the percentage of your Tamer Stats who will be shared.

3- Don?t Die or your affinity with the current digimon will down to 0.

ps. Other useful info about this subject found here: Digimon Masters Online Bonus Stats Guide

I hope this info can help you fellas.


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