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Divine Souls Mage Combo Guide by kyunh

Firstly the buttons for the combos are actually just difficult to understand, this is why I?m here to explain. Secondly this is not an official guide. This is just created by me just to help those in need! And thirdly this is only for mouse setting users only, sorry. ^_^?

If I have made a mistake please feel free and correct me in the posts.

Now shall we start?

There is actually more than 10 combos. It seems if you scroll down by clicking the down arrow there are 3 more combos. Teleport, Front Shot and Poison Pitch.

? Lord Shot is supposed to shoot up to 3 times, rather than just once, and it is supposed to branch off of the normal Attack Combo from the stress test version.?
Credits to : dyan1

? Firecracker is actually the final part of the normal Attack Combo chain from the stress test version. Firecracker consisted of the mage shooting ~5 purple shots upward, then ~5 explosions occuring around you.?
Credits to : dyan1

Both ? Fire Cracker ? and ? Lord Shot ? are unusable in this version.


These are the combo?s in order of the list. ( LMB = Left Mouse Click ) ( RMB = Right Mouse Click )

Attack Combo : LMB -> LMB -> LMB -> LMB
You may also chain into melee : LMB x1-x3 -> RMB -> RMB -> RMB

This combo shoots out 4 consecutive fireballs directly ahead of your character.

When wanting to add some extra hits, you shoot 1, 2 or 3 fireballs depending on how many times you click LMB then straight into an action melee combo with a finishing bang.

Cannon Upper : F -> E

Sprint towards the monster and then bash it into the air.

Chaos Wheel : F -> RMB

Sprint towards the monster and then crazily swing and spin your staff like a wheel.

Knock Back Combo : While In melee Attack Combo-> Space

Poof, bam and slam the monsters then crazily swing and spin your staff knocking the monsters back.

Lord Shot : Unusable in this version.

Fire Cracker : Unusable in this version.

Hold Cannon : E -> E

Pick and hold the monster up in the air then press E once more send it flying high.

Air Pitch : Space -> LMB

Jump and while in midair thrust your staff downwards.

Down Shot : Space -> E

Jump and while in midair shoot a hurling fireball towards 45 degrees angle of depression towards the ground.

Teleport : Space -> F
OR Hold RMB -> F

Jump and while in midair, teleport to the ground. ( You may use WASD to choose where you want to teleport. ) You can also teleport straight foward by holding RMB -> F.

Front Shot : Hold RMB -> LMB

Guard then shoot a fast fireball at the enemy. Unlike the ? Attack Combo ? this fireball is faster ( I think ) and keeps going until it hits an object.

Poison Pitch : Hold RMB -> E

Jump High and fire a poison bomb directly under you. If the monters gets hit, damage is done over time.

Those are all the combos.^_^
But guess what!?$@% I?m going to add some of my own combo chains ^_^ meaning just combo moves chained together to give of greater damage without delay

Here are some you can try out.

Kyunh?s Combo Chain 1 : F -> RMB -> RMB x1-x3 -> Space

This combo chain starts of with running to the monster then uses Chaos Wheel, straight after, it goes into the melee Attack Combo but without the finishing bang at the end, but actually finishes with a Knock Back Combo. This is effective against a number of monsters infront of you.

Kyunh?s Combo Chain 2 : F -> E -> LMB -> E -> F [ Optional ]

In this combo you sprint towards the monster, jumps and hits the monster into the air. While in midair, thrusts the monster downwards then shoots a fireball to it. If you want too look more ? ninja ? you can press F to teleport back to the ground This combo is aimed at only 1 monster. Actually, as many as you can but its hard to send 2 or more monsters flying.

misterli?s Combo Chain : LMB -> LMB -> LMB -> RMB -> RMB -> RMB ->Space

This combo made by misterli, shoots out 3 fireballs, then straight into a triple action melee attack and finishes off with a hurricane! ( Knock Back Combo )


If you have some of your own combo chains then please post them and i will upload them onto here!!! ( ? w ? )b

Well thats it for now. Please feel free to comment ^_^. And please feel free to question!!


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