DK Online Chat System Guide


DK Online Chat System Guide by Jensun

The chat system has many different functions, some you may not have come across yet.

The basics:

To chat in the window, press enter and you can start typing! There are a lot of chat channels in DKO.

These channels are, general, party, guild, class, camp, system, whisper, and region.
Although they don?t have designated tabs, they can still be used.

If you type;
[colors relatively match here and in game]
# you automatically switch to party chat and can talk with your party.
@ you automatically switch to guild chat and can talk with your guild.
$ you automatically switch to class chat and can talk with your class.
& you automatically switch to camp chat and can talk with people in camp.
% you automatically switch to region chat and can talk with everyone in the region.
/e you automatically switch to general chat and can chat with everyone surrounding close-by.

You can also access these chats (and general chat, which allows you to talk to near by players) by typing ?/? followed by ?party?, ?guild?, etc. As well as clicking the bubble on the far left of that chat, correlating to which chat you want to use.
(You must be in a party, guild or camp to use the corresponding chat)

It seems everyone is strictly using class chat, but if you switch to % /region chat, you will be able to converse with people relatively near you. Allowing class chat to be refined for class questions and discussion.


Whispering can accessed in several ways.

  • If you have someone added as a friend (see below) you can click their name from your instant messenger list and select it.
  • If they are chatting in another chat that is visible to you, you can click their name and it will switch to a whisper with them.
  • Type ?/w? followed by the player?s name.

On that Note
The messenger allows you to talk with your friends, but it also can stop people from talking to you.
To talk with them, open the messenger then click ?Online? to see who is available.
To block somsone from talking to you, switch to the ?Block List? tab, click ?sign up? and enter the player?s name.

Lastly, adjusting your chat window
You can click and drag from a tab along the top, as well as adjust the length and width by dragging one of the bottom corners.

Additional Tips by MPure

The chat box is customizable! If you right click on one of the tab names, you will get options!
-Delete tab
-Rename tab
-Clear tab
-Font size
-Tab options
?Add Tab

Tab options will let you change which chats you want to be seen in which tab(A check box), you can also change the color in Tab options by clicking on the colors.

The font size can be upgraded to big and very big.

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