Dofus Professions Guide

Dofus Professions Guide by KamiToroHey, I play dofus for about a year (might be +1 month). By this time I have my main sadi...
Dofus Rogue Builds Guide | GuideScroll

Dofus Rogue Builds Guide

Dofus Rogue Builds Guide by fikoko ? intelligenceOne of the stronger builds, pure damage going on with this one.Pros? Intelligence boosts healing therefor extraction...
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Dofus Intelligence Feca Guide

Dofus Intelligence Feca Guide by PentecostPreface?ello reader, I present you this guide written at the time I was a level 158 Int/Str/+Damage Feca who...
Dofus Sacrier Strength Guide | GuideScroll

Dofus Sacrier Strength Guide

Dofus Sacrier Strength Guide by Vincent-TerraHello guys and welcome to my guide! Before we start I want to tell you that all the suggestions...

Dofus Earn at Least 1.3 Million Kamas Tips

Dofus Earn at Least 1.3 Million Kamas Tips by PerrinnHey all you kamas-loving-dofus-playing-good-looking dudes out there! I just wanna share this method i learned...

Dofus Gathering Professions Guide

Dofus Gathering Professions Guide by nata-sanfirst off F2Pershunt piwi feathers till you get stacks of 100x then sell them (4 stacks of 100x for...

Dofus Strength Sadida Guide

Dofus Strength Sadida Guide by KeKlan(this guide has been posted on for some time, I have updated it today and have decided to...

Dofus Hunter Level 1-20 in Tofu Dungeon Guide

Dofus Hunter Level 1-20 in Tofu Dungeon Guide by shootinshortThis thread will show the maths behind how long it takes to get Hunter level...

Dofus Maging Guide

Dofus Maging Guide by XOTralalaXOBase rules of maging Maging is quite easy. An item has an ?power? of 100 per stat. This means that...

Dofus Lumberjack Guide

Dofus Lumberjack Profession Guide by eotkodekffIntroductionLumberjack, one of the slowest/hardest gathering professions in the world of Dofus. I would like to start by saying...
Dofus Professions FAQ | GuideScroll

Dofus Professions FAQ

Dofus Professions Frequently Asked Questions by WishdragonHow do I become __ (insert job here)?For most jobs, you must speak to the Profession NPC that...

Dofus Cra Guide

Dofus Wisdom Cra Guide by Faruz-EThe guide to your very own Wisdom CraFirst I would like to warn the reader that this guide is...

Dofus Osa Guide

Dofus Osa Guide by KatumeHello allThis is my guide to everything OsamodasI might get into detail about how to combat each opposing classes as...

Dofus Chance Eni Guide

Dofus Chance Eni Guide by thomasfnChance Eniripsa Guide ? Lvl 1 to 100This is my first ever guide on how to make a build...

Dofus Sram Full Guide

Dofus Sram Full Guide by HeLmZHello there.After seeing a lot of questions asked about what to level first, and what to do to become...

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