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Dofus Professions Frequently Asked Questions by Wishdragon

How do I become __ (insert job here)?
For most jobs, you must speak to the Profession NPC that is usually located near the Profession?s workshop. If you are still in Incarnam, you can get nearly every profession from the Incarnam NPCs.


  1. Farle Ingalsse in Amakna (5,6)
  2. Emia Elliesol in Astrub (7,-25)
  3. Foreman Ikure in Incarnam (3,3)


  1. Agrid Shakoku in Amakna (4,8)
  2. Oli Venders in Astrub (2,-21)
  3. Foreman Ikure in Incarnam (3,3)


  1. Casper Van Brushing in Amakna (-1,5)
  2. Chipo Atufe in Astrub (9,-23)


  1. Bhan Laka in Amakna (9,0), Aga Dou (1,1)
  2. Kana Petch in Astrub (1,-17), Bish Fone (2,-17)
  3. Foreman Ikure in Incarnam (3,3)


    1. Masa in Amakna (1,18)

[*] Unterix Unter in Astrub (3,-26)


  1. Kelog Korflex in Amakna (3,0)
  2. Sam Croa in Astrub (2,-16)


  1. Saketsu in Astrub (0,-15)
  2. Ala Raine in Bonta (-32,-50)
  3. Pierce Ofcake in Brakmar (-29,32)


  1. Roupi Chipon in Amakna (14,26)
  2. Bish Fone in Astrub (2,-17)


  1. Azra Lazarus in Amakna (0,2)
  2. Shani Sings in Astrub (5,-16)


  1. Bowisse in Amakna (5,1)
  2. Ygat Chouse in Astrub (0,-21)


    1. Liroye Merline in Bonta (-27,-59)

[*] Fidji Merline in Brakmar (-28,35)

Wand, Bow, Staff Carver

  1. Abely Bobeule in Amakna (3,12)
  2. Enileda in Astrub (3,-20)

Axe, Sword, Shovel, Dagger, Hammer Smith

  1. Hanniboul Smisse in Amakna (-1,2)
  2. Deudoine in Astrub (6,-18)

Shield Smith (P2P ONLY)

    [*]Shield smith (npc) in Pandala Village (26,-35)

The Tailor Profession requires a Tailor?s Manual. The only monster that drops the Tailor?s Manual is the Treasure Chest at the end of the Blacksmith?s Dungeon. Only P2P players may complete the Blacksmith Dungeon, therefore F2P players will have to purchase the manual from another player before they can become Tailors.


    1. Uba Tesse in Amakna (1,16) (P2P ONLY)
    2. Uba Tesse in Amakna (7,2) (P2P ONLY)

[*] Foreman Ikure in Incarnam (3,3)

These NPCs will not teach you the profession, instead you will get a quest:
1. Talk to Boff Chalon at (-2,-2).
2. Talk to Kande Boffler at (4,12).
3. Talk to Benn Zin at (1,31).
4. Talk to Vid Cheber at (11,16).

Where do I find __ (Insert harvestable resource here)? ?
Crops Trees Mines Flowers and Plants

How do I forget a job??
To forget a job you need a job forgetting potion. These can be made by alchemists. The job forgetting potions requires the tool of the profession to make, therefore, most alchemists charge about the same amount as the cost of the tool for the potion when they put them up for sale in the market. However, many alchemists will make the potion for you for a much smaller cost (or possibly for free) if you give them your profession tool.

How do I master a job so I can get another job??
You must be level 30 in your first job before you can take a second job. You must be level 30 in your second job before you can take a third job.

How do I specialize? / How do I become a Magus??
You must be level 65 in the corresponding job, and only equipment-crafting jobs can specialize: weapon smiths can become the corresponding Smithmagus, weapon carvers can become the corresponding Carvermagus, shoemakers can become a Shoemagus, jewellers can become a Jewelmagus, and tailors can become a Costumagus. Specializations do not count against the three normal jobs you can take.

Where can I find ___ (Insert job tool here)?
You can buy most professional tools from an NPC ? usually from the NPC that teaches the profession itself. There are a few exceptions.

Shield Smith Hammer: Must be made by a Hammer Smith. Check the Professions board for hammersmiths, or check the Blacksmiths Market in Astrub, Bonta, or Brakmar to find these hammers.

DIY Hammer: Tool for the Handyman profession. Must be made by a Hammer Smith.

What happens to my profession if I go back to F2P?
Since the update on 25 April, Dofus v1.13.2

Only P2P can achieve profession level higher than Lv30.

F2Ps with profession higher than Lv30 will be capped to performing only tasks Level30 and below.

Profession level is not reset when it is capped. You will get back the original level when you are P2P, plus any experience that you gained while F2P.

An illustrated guide to grinding flour:

You must grind most flours two grains at a time.

Two wheat=Wheat Flour
Two barley=Barley Flour
Two oats=Oat Flour
and so on.

1. Select Grind:

2. Select Your Grain:

3. Drag Grain Into Slot and Type ?2? into Pop-Up

4. Press ?Combine? Button

5. Press ?Recall Last Recipe? Button

Repeat steps 4 and 5 until your wrist falls off.

How do I make bread?

You can get water for free from wells, or buy Water from Seth Sourcet at 1, -16 or from the Inn.

These mechanics remain the same for all crafting professions. You can always find your recipes in your job tab.


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