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10 Things You Should Know VOID SPIRIT Dota2


Hey guys! This is DATOHLEONG and in this video you will see 10 things that you should know about Void Spirit. The first basic mechanics that you should understand about Void Spirit is that you can and should cast spells as you’re using Astral Step. I am sure that most of you are familiar with the Euls combo where you cast euls, Aether Remnant, Shield, Dissimilate and Astral Step. If you were to master pre-casting Aether Remnant as you’re using Astral Step, you don’t really need the Euls to set up a Remnant. Another Important thing to note as you’re executing this is to place the Aether Remnant as close to the land point as possible. If you were to place it a little to far, the Remnant will take some time to activate and will cause you to miss an easy combo. The second basic mechanic that you should know is the positioning of the Dissimilate portals As your hero turns, the portals turn as well but it is not completely random.

One way to memorise the positioning is to know that the portal will always appear in front of the direction that you’re facing. Once you know the first, you can estimate the rest. Face the correct direction, and you’ll get to choose where you want to go. Resonant Pulse is one of the strongest trading spells in lane. Even at level 1, if you manage to hit a single enemy hero, the shield will block out 70 damage and that is equivalent to 2 hits or close to a faerie fire, and if you’re trading hits for hits on the middle lane, it is a really huge advantage and you should be abusing it from level 1. Thus, you should ways try to use this spell to CS as well as landing it on the enemy hero. 2 birds, 1 stone. Get the CS and win your trade. Clearing creep wave has become the main priority in high ranked games for a really long time. Whichever team can shove lanes faster will be in a better position to make moves on the map There is also another advantage of shoving lanes fast and that is getting safe farm.

Imagine this, if you show in lane for 1 second and clear the creeps in 1 second, your opponents will only see you for 1 second before they lose vision. And you’re going to be really hard target to gank. Void Spirit is extremely good at that and there are 3 mains ways to instantly burst creep waves. First of all, we have Dissimilate and Resonant Pulse. You should be using this method majority of the time as they are both low cooldown spells. Next, we have Astral Step into Resonant Pulse. You should only do this when you’re rushing towards a creep wave to push it out urgently. Finally, we have Astral Step into another Astral Step. You should only do this when you have to clear creeps urgently and both your dissimilate and resonant pulse is on cooldown or when you’re farming dangerously and you need to escape immediately after the creep wave.

Astral Step debuff will stack so you won’t have to worry about using both at once. Now that we get the basics out of the way, let’s talk about playing the hero to the next level If you were to initiate and hit your Resonant Pulse on all 5 enemy heroes, you will be blocking out 535 physical damage. If you have Aghamins and you use it twice, even though the damage block doesn’t stack, you’re kind of blocking out 1070 physical damage throughout a team fight after armour reduction That is equivalent to having an extra 1070 HP and if you convert that to gold and items, that is like 2 reavers or slightly less than a hearts. That is a shit load of HP. Ultimately, you want to abuse this effective HP and fly into the core the team fight to soak some damage, do some damage, bait some spells and get out alive. Of course, this is not easy to do and it takes some experience to know the limits of this hero So if you’re looking to improve on Void Spirit, you should try to push this spell to its limits.

Earlier in this video, I mentioned how you can initiate with Astral into Remnant easily without Euls. But if you’re comfortable enough with your Remnant placing, there is a way to do it without Astral Steps. That means that you don’t have to rely on hitting level 6 just to get off a good initiation. I call this method, Remnant of Deceit. The plan here is to disguise the flying Remnant in your Resonant Pulse, so that your enemy don’t see any ghost flying out to pull them.

This can be really useful in any stage of the game even especially when you’re not looking to commit and just want a simple initiation. Scouting and counter initiating is a huge part of a team fight and Aether Remnant does that work just fine. There are many ways you can push this spell to its limits and get into the heads of your opponents Placing it during Roshan will instantly pull whoever that tries to contest. Placing it at tower TP point will almost guarantee the tower kill as it is unlikely that anyone wants to TP into a Remnant and risk dying. Placing it on top of your core that is hitting a tower can protect them from a certain form of initiation. Placing it on high ground when your enemy is approaching will let you know if your enemy has a ward on the high ground.

It is not just about the landing the spell, it is about how your opponents react when you place it differently. Once you have mastered the basic and intermediate mechanics of Void Spirit, we have to take a step further to push the limits of this hero. Void Spirit is really hard to kill and most players don’t really want to target him, so, how do you actually bait with this hero. Ideally, you want to make yourself look like a killable target and give your opponents the opportunity to make moves on you so that you can either turn it around and kill them or buy time for your teammates to arrive. To do this, you have to understand that you have low cooldown spells, you have an ultimate that can semi dodge shit, get out of a fight and do damage to someone. You have a physical damage block and the ability to disappear and dodge some shit. No one want’s to gank you if you have all these spells ready, so what do you do? You use some of these spells to show them that you’re kind of killable to bait them in It is like a calculated high-risk high reward gameplay.

If you manage to fly into the core of your enemy lineup and drop your spells, they will most likely turn and try to kill you. But If you manage to survive the initial burst, your teammates will arrive and likely take over the fight. The point is to show your opponents your spells are in cooldown. But then again, you’re making a calculated risk that you will not die and you’re just baiting the spells or buying time for your teammates to arrive. If you’re not too confident with void spirit, you probably shouldn’t attempt this play. Void Spirit has an aggressive set of spells that can be used to take out supports instantly. If you were to take out 1 support before the support can cast anything, the fight will turn into 4v5.

If you manage to take out another support instantly, the fight will turn into 3v5. Most of the time, supports of the enemy team can either hug their cores or stay really far back in the fights. This is where you want to split the fight and attempt to take on multiple heroes alone. This play also requires experience so that you take calculated risk such that you do not die instantly. But if you’re very comfortable with Void Spirit and you’re looking to take it to the next level, this is definitely the play you want to try.

But I have to warn you about things that may go wrong when you make this play. Ideally, you team is ready to fight. Fight breaks out, you fly to the end of the team fight to take out supports. If your teammates are not able to hold the frontline 4v3 or 4v4, there is a chance that all your opponents turn around and take you on and that will leave you in a 1v5 situation. This play has everything to do about how you read fights and you have to make the decision to get the **** out when your team is not able to take on the frontlines or when you’re not able to kill the supports instantly. Since you have low cooldown spells, you can always re-engage afterwards. The final tip that is going to be really hard to master when you’re playing Void Spirit is abusing the little details in game to boost your power spike.

It as simple as using creep advantage, hitting level 6 before your opponent, hitting level 10 and getting free 30 damage, getting an aggressive power rune or simply just having power treads when your opponents only have brown boots. Every little detail in the game can give you a slight advantage to boost your timings and allow you to be aggressive on the map. When you play this right, you will be very far ahead in the game and sort of solo win the game. But if you slightly overestimate yourself and die a couple of times, you can turn into a useless hero instantly. Drawing the line is going to be very hard because if you’re not aggressive enough, your opponents will find plenty of space on the map to farm without getting severely punished and if you’re over-aggressive, you might feed and lose your timings.

Then again, if you’re a player without an aggressive mindset, you probably shouldn’t be playing Void Spirit. He’s not the best late-game hero that sit back and farms till he wins, he relies a lot on timings and snowballing. But you’re looking to try or improve on Void Spirit, it’s time to put all these tips together and execute it in a game. Thank you for staying to the end of the video, if you enjoyed my dota2 content, do hit the like, share, subscribe and turn on the notification and I’ll see you in the next video.

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