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3 Min Dota Hero Basics: Witch Doctor


Hey everyone Welcome to another episode of 3 Minute Dota Hero Basics I’m your host Shani Today we’re looking at Witch Doctor He’s got one of the best personalities in the game and has a little bit of everything. Let’s get started. >> Oh yeah << Witch Doctor’s first ability is called Paralyzing Cask Wicth Doctor launches a cask that stuns and damages enemy units. After connecting with its initial target the cask will bounce onto another random nearby enemy unit. If there’s only one nearby enemy unit to your initial target then the cask will bounce to that enemy.

>> Look at it go! << Witch Doctor’s second ability is called Voodoo Restoration This spell heals Witch Doctor and nearby allied units. Witch Doctor can turn this spell on and off, which we call a toggle. It costs a small amount of mana to turn on but continuously takes Witch Doctor’s mana in exchange for healing himself and nearby allies. >> Gather round! << Witch Doctor’s third ability is called Maledict This spell is a small AOE (Area of Effect) that causes enemies to take an additional percentage of the damage they take while under the effect. The damage is dealt within ticks so it’s best to continue to deal damage to them while they are under Maledict.

>> Wait for it << Witch Doctor’s ultimate is a channeling ability called Death Ward. Witch Doctor does a dance and spawns a ward that deals significant damage to the closest hero to the ward. The spell is most effective when you can let it deal damage for the full duration. So try to use it after stuns and silences have been used or from a place where you are not easily targetable. Witch Doctor can use Glimmer Cape while casting Death Ward. This makes it significantly more difficult for enemies to stop his ultimate. It is good to use you first spell, Paralyzing Cask, on a target who is near just one other enemy unit. This will keep them stunned for a longer amount of time giving you and your team time to kill them. Witch Doctor’s ultimate Death Ward will naturally attack the closest enemy hero. However you can actually right click at a different hero to change targets.

This is especially helpful when the closest enemy hero is not the hero you want the kill first. To make this tip easier to execute go to your Settings then click Options and enable “Auto Select Summoned Units”. This way you won’t have to select your Death Ward and then right click to change targets, you’ll just be able to right click a different target right away. Witch Doctor’s go-to combo is Cask, followed up by Maledict and then Death Ward. The Cask sets up the small AOE for Maledict and the Death Ward will do even more damage while the enemy is under the effect of Maledict. Alright ladies and gentlemen that’s it for Witch Doctor. When you’re about to come in for the Cask Maledict Ult play, just ask your team. >> Someone call de doctor? << [ Caster (Capitalist): He’s gonna try to tp away. ] [ Caster (Capitalist): But he’s gone. There’s way too much damage ] [ Caster (Blitz): That was three levels of Maledict. ] [ Caster (Capitalist): Thaat is… ] >> Just what the doctor ordered <<

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