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5 Steps to Play Support Mirana TI9 Style DOTA2


Hey, guys, this is DATOHLEONG and in this video, I’ll explain how to properly support with Mirana, PotM of the Moon. After watching Newbee demolished Team Liquid 2 games in a row, I went ahead and look into MSS’s Mirana gameplay and found the most simple yet astonishing plays that he had done throughout the game and I’m here to share it with you guys. If you haven’t already hit the like button as that will really help me grow as a creator and I’m sure most of you will learn something new in this video. During the draft, Mirana was first picked by Newbee. First picking Mirana is a good way to hide your game plan especially when you have first pick.

The kitty can be played on almost every role thus giving little to no information on the overall strategy. Judging from what MSS did with Mirana, it’s pretty clear that support Mirana has already been planned way beforehand and they are clear of the weaknesses of the hero. Mirana doesn’t do much damage early game and only have an arrow to show for in lane. As a result, Ember, Tide and Sven were picked so to guarantee a landing arrow. Even if the combo isn’t executed, it is fear that counts and will cause your opponents to play really safe in the lane and also force them to monitor Mirana positioning constantly.

The next thing that is really Mirana excel at is killing neutral creeps. Every time the lane equilibrium gets disturbed, pulling creeps is the remedy to solve the problem. Having the ability to 1 shot neutral creeps, a position 4 Mirana can guarantee that the lane creeps can never be fixed just by simply pulling creeps, therefore putting the enemy carry in an unfavourable position to farm without laying a single finger on them. After crushing the laning phase, most cores either falls back to the neut als or try and escape to another lane to get farm and EXP. MSS’s Mirana then went on and preemptively kill all the huge creeps in the enemy jungle before they can get there, further extending their lead. At this current meta, it is really common for the dire to take over the radiant jungle and for radiant to take over the dire jungle. To do this, you have to have a core push out the offlane creeps, and the rest of the heroes move towards the jungle to place wards at the same time protecting their farming core.

Newbee then have their position 4 Mirana push out the offlane as the hero elusive and has good wave pushing mechanics. This move will cause their opponents to think that the team might be smoking into their jungle. It is also unlikely that they try to gank a support Mirana and end up getting ambushed by a team and that is exactly what they want their enemy to think. But what Newbee is actually doing is to simply have MSS’s Mirana push out the lane alone while they’re farming their own jungle and lanes. And at this point in time, a position 4 Mirana should be fully grown into a core itself. The impact that MSS has as a position 4 Mirana really open up my mind to what a softy Mirana is capable of. Props to him..

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