Hello and welcome to my Juggernaut jungling guide. Today Ill show you how to get to level 6 in 5 minutes flat, which I think is a good level 6 timing. I was surprised actually that Juggernaut is capable of getting such a fast level 6 in the jungle. My fastest run is level 6 at without taking the Bounty Rune, and this can be done faster because I went for a freacking Bracer, because I was toying with the idea to use the Bracer to build Drums later or something. And yet, even with a Bracer that doesn´t do that much for you, it was still level 6 at which is a really good level 6 timing. You can check that out by clicking here. So I´m going to show you now how to get the fast level 6 and then I´m gonna show you some clips from a pub game where I also jungle the Juggernaut. So to begin with you do the choke point jungling. You cut down this one tree here and force the creeps into a bottle-neck so only one of the creeps can hit you at a time.

Then if you havent killed the entire camp already, you should pull the last creep out at around 58 in this direction allowing the camp to spawn new creeps. The jungling Juggernaut has been around forever, it´s not a new thing. It is not somthing I thought of myself or anything. Not this time. This is more like my take on how I would do it, how I would get the fastest level 6 possible, and still uphold your HP throughout the jungling.

And I think this is pretty strong it deserves some attention especially after Iron Talon has been added to the game. As you can see I skill Blade Dance on level 1 and I start with Quelling Blade Stout Shield and Tango, and then as soon as I have the money I buy the Ring of Protection and Recipe for IT, so by the time I begin to deal with this Hardcamp here I will have the IT ready. You should skill Healing Ward on level 2 so you also have that when dealing with the Hardcamp. The Wildwings here or the Hellbears are the camps that does the most amount of damage to you, but as you can see you can deal with it fairly easy with the IT and the Healing Ward.

With Juggernaut you really have to take into account the creeps you have been given and just make the best of the situation you´re in. So for example if you only meet Wildwings or Hellbears in the Hardcamp or if you constantly run into Centaurs in the Mediumcamps, then you have to adjust immidiately and bring out some more tangos, even a salve is fine if you need it. Get your Poor Mans Shield or even that extra value Ring or Protection, or an Ironwood Branch so you can eat that later, whatever you have money for. Or even if you mess up, you meet nothing but freacking Centaurs in the Mediumcamps, you almost die to the creeps, the courier is in use, then you also have the option to just buy a TP plus whatever else you have money for and then suicide to the creeps and TP back to the jungle or TP out to gank. It´s just very important whatever you do that you uphold your HP in the jungle so you´re not an easy gank. This is the one weakness and the one challenge you will face when jungling Juggernaut.

It´s not as easy as it looks to keep up your HP. Juggernaut is not very good at tanking the creeps. So in this replay I will get my level 6 around the 5 minute mark, and this is pretty average level 6 timing for Juggernaut in the jungle if you are left alone. And it´s a pretty fast level 6 timing compared to a lot of other junglers. Sometimes you can even get your level 6 in less than 5 minutes. It´s good that Juggernaut can get such a fast level 6, considering how good Omnislash is when you are ganking in the earlygame.

More important than my level 6 timing I think is that I here in this replay uphold my HP decently, I have a Mango and I put a level in Blade Fury so if this had been a real game, I would have been able to pop my Mango Blade Fury to escape from ganks. I get my Boots of Speed ready by the time I hit level 6 which is what you want obviously so you can go ganking. If you want to go gank sooner than level 6 you can your Boots of Speed right away instead of the Bassilius, and then you should put one, two or even three levels into Blade Fury because this is the skill you will be ganking with. The roaming support like position 4 juggernaut has been experimented with earlier on the pro scene, mostly because the healing ward is so amazing in push strats, and also the level 1 Bladefury might be able to get some kills around the map if you are roaming.

If you can gank early and help your lanes it would be great. It´s definately an option you should keep in mind. Getting Boots and Blade Fury is good for ganking but it´s not good for jungling, so if you want to get a fast level 6 you should go for Basilius, or upgrade your Stout Shield into a Poor Mans Shield. Both works. In terms of the items later on, here are a little bit of inspiration, builds I have seen pro players do recently in this patch (6.86).

It seems like the old Phase Boots, Mask of Madness, Sange and Yasha or Skadi build has fallen a little bit out of fashion. Mostly these days I see, brown Boots, Aquila into Drums. And then either Travels, Battle Fury, Yasha or Shadow Blade. If you dont go for the drums, then you should definatley compensate and get more stats. You need stats for HP and mana. But these days everybody is getting Drums on Juggernaut.It is really good. You get those stats you so desperately need. And also there is this added bonus that just like the Mask of Madness you can just pop it right before you use your Omnislash, and then you get increased damage because of the attack speed buff.

It´s good for chasing as well. If you do go for Drums then you can still go for stats. Stats on Juggernaut is good. Really it all depends how you like to build your Juggernaut. If you like the early drums you could potentionally get Bracer instead of bassilius when you are jungling. It works, but I´m still a bigger fan of getting Aquila first and then Drums. The fact that you have Blade Fury to escape ganks plus the healing ward to scout for incomming ganks, means that Juggernaut is actually not such an easy target to gank. Just communicate with your team and pay attention to the minimap to see if the enemy supports are missing. This was the game where I decided that it is, in fact, better to get IT on when you are jungling Juggernaut, because here you can see I get my Level 6 a bit late even though I was pretty much left alone in the jungle. and to be honest the fast level 6 is what I´m aiming for when I jungle Juggernaut. Like I said before, it´s really hard to gank early becuase that requires Boots and levels in Blade Fury, and getting this will set you back when you´re jungling.

So if you can see a really clear opportunity to go for an early gank then go for it. Otherwise I would mostly just try to get my level 6 as fast as possible and then go gank. And with juggernaut jungle it´s pretty much like a Doom for those of you who have tried to jungle Doom. Its basically get your level 6, get a kill with your ulti, then go back to farming. It goes without saying that you should always have one level in Blade Fury to get that 5 seconds spell immunity. As long as you have your Blade Fury ready you just simply cannot die… Erhm… Alright maybe that´s not entirely true but you know what I mean, it´s a pretty good skill. Anyway so with a jungling Juggernaut you usually have another possition one farming hero, so often you can get to be this spacemaking ganking type of juggernaut, so stuff like Shadow Blade is definately good.

Whenever I gank with Juggernaut I always try to identify what stuff can cancel my TP if I go for the Blade Fury TP. In this game the is Chrono, Swap and Pudge Hook Dismember. So I look on the minimap. Pudge is yellow on the bot lane, Void is blue on the top lane, and Vengeful here is the lady I´m trying to kill. Actually normally, I prefer to have the little hero icons on the minimap so I don´t have to remember colors and stuff. So I calculate my mana. I have almost 400 mana and no Stick. Omnislash and Bladefury TP out is 395. So Im like okay I´m gonna fucking do this!!! Then in a second you´l see a random viper appearing around the corner. I didn´t know he was there he didn´t know I was there. But the point is if the Vengeful Spirit had reacted a little faster to the situation, she could have just backed off to these creeps here instead of trying to kill me.

Because like you can see here I just dodge the stun with my Omnislash and kill her, and then I can TP Bladefury TP back to base. Lol I´m not sure if that sunstrike could have killed me there. That´s also pure damage actually. And now when I think about it, I think the Vengeful even had her Swap ready. Why didn´t she just Swap the Viper to share the damage? I might have been a bit lucky in this situation, but a kill is a kill and even if I had traded my life for it, it would have still been space created for the Chaos Knight. Remember to put down the healing ward before you Blade Fury, because in the chaos of a teamfight then there might be just too much going on on the screen so peoeple might not be able to target the Healing Ward. And then all of a sudden the Healing Ward has done so much work and it just wins you the fight.

All right in this case, I guess, it was more the Windranger Shackle that won us the fight, plus the fact that they so heavily commited to kill our CK. But again be careful of your low mana pool. If you end up not having enoguh mana for Omnislash then you would look a bit silly. Like I said, normally I would go for Drums, but in this game I just went for the old school Sange and Yasha Skadi build. Normally I would go for Mask of Madness to go with this build, but in this game I just wanted to tank up so I could survive the Void Invoker combo.

So I just went for 1 level in Blade Fury, then stats, then I put levels into the Healing Ward as we were beginning to push down towers. S&Y Skadi like this is abit too passive in my opinion. It doesn´t do enoguh damage, but in this game I wasn´t really the carry. My only job this game was to create space, then survive the wombo combo, and then, as we were beginning to push, just put down a Healing Ward, and then just sit back, grab some popcorn, and just watch while the CK illusions and the Panda Split were just destroying everything. That was my only job. So I was more like a pusher and a space maker in this game. And not really a carry. This was a solo ranked 5k something average MMR All Pick game and I would definately recommend Juggernaut jungling. And if you are running a pushing strat in a Captains Mode game then try it out. Its super fun and it can be really good if you play it right.

Thank you all so much for watching. Please like subscribe and write your thoughts in the comments below, and if you do have the time to share this video on Facebook I would really appreciate it. Cya guys!!.

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