Initial purchase + soup recipe and for the remaining money clarity We go to the hard for a successful FB shop 4 mines will suffice to blow up any hero from 1 lvl to 3 Good bundles at the beginning of the miner + puja, the darxir + miner The second position for a length of mines is the bends I prefer to put all the same on the bends because it is more likely to kill someone When the enemy support goes to make a challenge (and he will do it), then it will successfully undermine and we will get a fb gold and experience Miner as well as the invoker (sandstreak) gets experience from either end of the map if someone undermines 3 position for mines is rune, quite often someone goes to check runes at the beginning of the game and later.

You can put in the very beginning before the release of creeps for fb. Landmines can be used for heras taverns (miner good pusher and release) Personally, I like to use the skill build (max mines and suicide without a camp in the priority of land mines) to an amateur Arrangement of distant mines, the most favorable arrangement of “honeycomb” gives the largest radius of defeat And at the same time the most effective way.

Do not place all mines in 1 point (except landmines) 2400 mag damage can demolish almost everyone who will blow a tavern (from 6 to 11 lvl) Sometimes izi rempage Defer from the miner is also good, now I will demonstrate one of the best ways of the def To break the mines the enemies must go to xg (fall into the zone of action of mines, izi, and def) C xg slip misses The situation with the gem is very easy to solve, forge the enemy on mines while he will beat them Next will be no comment, I think and so everything will be clear) Good luck in all endeavors of this hero LT..

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