Hey my name is Blinks, and this is how you play Phantom Lancer. Phantom lancer is an agility-based melee hyper-carry. His Q is a slowing nuke, his W is a stealthing escape mechanism, his E lets him create clones of himself upon attacking, and his ultimate increases his magic resistance, increases his chance of making clones, and lets his clones make clones of themselves. The key to playing phantom lancer well is to focus on farming effectively early-game. As your clones get stat bonuses from the items you have, getting your core items is essential, and should be prioritized over ganking & teamfighting. If the enemy team comes to gank you while farming, use your W to safely get away and either farm the jungle or wait until they leave to start farming again. Remember that you are strongest when you are fighting with all of your clones up, and that enemies with strong AoE attacks like sven or gyrocopter counter you very well, so try to stay away from them if possible. Clones can also be sent into the jungle to farm creeps for you, and once you hit level 16, you only need 1 or 2 clones to clear a creep camp, so you can stay in lane and keep farming enemy creeps.

Once you get a heart, you become virtually unkillable, and can snowball into a hero that can 1v5 the enemy team. Remember to build up clones on creeps prior to going into a team-fight to maximize your DPS, and not to engage without your W being up, in case you need an escape. When leveling Phantom Lancer, Max W and Q first, and then prioritize R > E over Stats. Grab a quelling blade early game to make last-hitting easier, and then build into tranquill boots and ring of aquila. Keep farming until you get a diffusal blade, and then build into a manta-style and heart. Try to focus on farming until you have your diffusal blade, as it will make you and your clones a LOT scarier in fights. Finally, click the link in the description below if you want to use this build in-game.

As found on Youtube