Hey, I’m Smallkiwi, and this is how you play Tidehunter. Tidehunter is a strength-based melee support. His Q is a single target nuke which dramatically reduces move speed, his W is a passive damage block, his E is a melee range AOE nuke that reduces enemy damage, and his Ultimate is a massive AoE damaging stun. Tidehunter is a big threat early game, especially to melee heroes who will be at a disadvantage against him. Using the long range on his Q will make it easy to catch up and land hits on enemies, and if they choose to try and fight, the debuff and damage from his E will all but ensure a kill. Tidehunter’s passive W will be invaluable early to midgame in allowing him to soak up a lot of damage in fights. If you and your teammates tower dive to get a kill or two, try to be the one to draw fire from the tower as you’ll take the least damage. Once you have your Blink dagger you will be one of the best initiators in the game. Use it to land in the middle of the enemy team and use your Ultimate.

Next try to target the Next try to target the enemy team’s most dangerous carry and keep them debuffed with your E. Target fleeing enemies with your Q and the enemy team won’t have much of a chance. When leveling Tidehunter, Prioritize R > Q > E > W but put one point into W at level 2 and a point in E at level 4. Get yourself a salve and tangos to start, plus a courier if no one else buys it. Purchase a couple clarities and fill out the rest of your slots with iron branches.

Early on you’ll want to get boots and a Wand plus wards, and if you are in desperate need of mana, get arcane boots next. The core of your build is a blink dagger, and once you have it you can evaluate your late game options. Good items to consider are a refresher orb, heart of tarrasque, a pipe of insight, vladimirs offering, shiva’s guard or scythe of vyse. Don’t forget to check the description below for a link to the in game version of this guide. Thanks for watching this 60 second guide for DotA 2. You can click any of the video thumbnails to check out our other guides, featuring DotA2 heroes and concepts. Don’t forget to subscribe to us here at Pay2Lose gaming, like the video if you found it helpful and post a comment below if you have any questions or requests for future guides..

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