Hi Legion, today we are going to talk about Roaming as Mirana I know what youre thinking… Why not mid with Mirana? EE does it! Well you can but, Mirana is one of the most versatile heroes in Dota 2. She can play mid, she can play safe lane carry, she can play position 5 support AND she can play a roaming support. In this video we are going to go over the roaming support role for Mirana, or the position 4! We are going to go over 3 main points of what to do as a roaming Mirana. 1. Don’t be afraid to use your arrow 2. Always be moving around the map! And 3. Mirana’s ultimate is amazing! For your items, start with brown boots and 2 clarities. For your first skill get arrow level 1. With this you can still get a courier and an OBS ward. Make sure you don’t forget you’re a position 4 at the end of the day and need to support your team. Now for point one: Don’t be afraid to use your arrow Don’t hesitate to use arrow early and often! It’s your main tool as a roaming support! It will get you kills.

It’s also important to use your clarity efficiently and use the arrow as soon as you’ve got enough mana to cast it. Even if you miss your arrows having the clarities will allow you to get a warmup for timing them. After getting your first kill, or not, you want to focus on getting as many bounty runes as possible. For example, you could start in bottom lane, throw out a few arrows, if you net a kill great! If not, start rotating around the 1minute 40 mark, grab your jungle bounty rune, check for the 2min rune at river, grab it if your mid doesn’t need it, rotate to enemy off lane jungle, grab their bounty and if you spot a courier leaving mid, you can get a courier snipe! It is VERY important to pressure as many lanes as possible, so the enemy team is constantly worried your arrows will come out of fog and hit them. Get Phase boots as your boots upgrade because they give you a little extra damage and also more speed to move around the map.

It doesn’t matter if you miss your arrows, as long as you’re being disruptive and forcing the enemy team to react and lose farm and experience. If you’re throwing arrows in a lane and not hitting, it will still force the enemy hero to play more carefully and in doing so maybe even move out of experience range. Every little bit of experience and farm lost by the enemy team will help your team throughout the game. It could delay a power spike, and because of it, your team could get a large lead by getting kills and towers. I personally like to occasionally throw out arrows even if they aren’t going to hit, for scouting purposes. People might rage at you and complain that you’re not hitting your arrows, but when these scouting arrows spot rotations so you can plan your next arrow for a guaranteed hit and kill.

They’ll thank you for it. Point two: Always be moving around the map! I cannot stress this enough, you need to be on the move CONSTANTLY! You are a roamer and should never be sitting in a lane too long. Your bread and butter is getting kills and bounty runes, and denying the enemy vision. Always be buying wards, because as a roamer, you will be in positions to get your team better vision than any other hero on your side. And also because you’re roaming, the enemy team will not really know where you put the wards because they won’t constantly be checking up on your movements. This will be the case at the lower MMR levels between 0-4K. Moving around the map constantly will also get you easy kills, greedy cores will push too far and will fall right into your lap for an easy arrow and kill.

Don’t be afraid to die for your team if it will get you some kills on the enemy cores. You are a support and dying in SOME cases will benefit your team more than you staying alive. This is not to advocate really bad play and feeding, what I mean is, in team fights, you can use skills like your leap, to draw enemies deeper when you are low, so your team can finish them off and you can get the numbers advantage. In team fights, even when backing don’t be afraid to throw out arrows.

As long as you have a glimpse of the enemy you can contribute from a distance or even close range. Close range is not recommended though because your stun will be negligible. Moving around the map constantly not only allows you to set up good fights for your team. It can also result in you breaking enemy smokes and with your escape spell Leap, you can usually get out without dying when this happens. Before we do the final point on Mirana’s ultimate, I wanted to talk about itemization.

I know this can be difficult for a lot of players. And I’m pretty sure a full video on the topic would be something that people would find helpful. But here I am just going to do a basic overview of what you should be getting on your support roaming Mirana. So, what should you get OTHER than Phase boots on Mirana? Well, it depends…you will need to look at what the enemy team has in terms of heroes, their strengths AND their items. In general though for lower MMR players and new players, I would recommend going Aghanims after you get your Phase boots. And in going Aghanims, you should get the components that give you the most HP or Health first. This means going for the Ultimate Orb and Ogre Club before the Staff of Wizardry and Blade of Alacrity. This will give you some survivability in the mid game.

Ok that’s enough about that. And finally: Mirana’s ultimate is amazing! Mirana’s ultimate is one of the most versatile ultimates in the game. You can use it to initiate a fight You can use it to disengage You can use it to scout You can use it to save yourself or your allies It does EVERYTHING! There are very few ultimates in the game of Dota that do so much. This being said, the ultimate can only be used effectively with having great map awareness and vision, and that is why playing Mirana as a roamer is not bad. You roam, you are constantly aware of what is going on, on the map AND you ward for vision of key areas, this lets you use your ultimate at the perfect times!

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