So introduced this new item to us called aeon disk. This item really stuck out to me when reading the patchnotes, because its just so weird! This is why I want to discuss this item today. So what the hell does the item actually do? When your health goes below 80% due to hero-caused damage, it procs. Not at 20%, like one would think, but at 80… Wait are we sure this is not a typo or something, cause i swear it would make more sense if it were to…. Nope! it really procs at 80%, so whats up with that? Moving on, when the item procs, a strong dispel is applied and you gain a second buff that reduces all damage you deal – and recieve – to zero.

To clarify, taking damage from Neutrals or Roshan won’t trigger this item, and interestingly, its the only item that gives a strong dispel, and as such is one of the few strong dispels in the game. Also, take a look at this: it says it has been smuggled out of the Ivory Incubarium! Now, the ivory inc… I’m just kidding, nobody cares about the lore other than SirActionSlacks.

Don’t forget about the Stats this item gives you, you get 250 Health and Mana, as well as 25% Status Resistance. To give you an idea, linas stun at max level stuns for seconds, and aeon disk will reduce it to 1,875 seconds. Its built from red beyblade arena, blue marble, and the most expensive recipe in the game for a total cost of 3,675. — Who can take advantage of this item? You guessed right: Initiators. An ancient issue of Dota (haha get it, ancient) is that a hero will try to initiate, only to get counterinitiated on, and consequently die before creating a decent initiation for their team. This item counteracts this: It allows heroes like slardar or Centaur to initiate, without having to fear being immediatly killed. Classic Situation: Slardar blinks in on their carry, opponent team notices and quickly turns on slardar, putting him at low health by the time his team has followed up, and essentially leaving his team without a strong middleman. Now, Slardar can blink in on their carry, opponent team is unable to turn on slardar, because in the next seconds, theres no way he is going to fall below 80% health, allowing his team to catch up and ensuring he will be there in their time of dire need, obviously assuming that he is indeed on team dire, because otherwise he would have to be there in their radiant time of need.

— There is another interesting factor to Aeon Disk however, which is: Countering a specific hero. The Item counters not only heroes with burst damage, such as lina, skywrath mage, lion, but also heroes with large teamfight ulties, such as magnus, tidehunter or beastmaster. Aeon Disk will help you against linas, cause they cant just kill you in their euls combo. Its still possible, but it will take longer and just wont be that easy, and your team will be able to react. Also, keep in mind that youre just half a second short of being able to blink away from ANYTHING. Similarly, if youre reverse polaritied or something, you cant just die during it – in fact, if they followup with huge damage, remember that you get a strong dispel, meaning that this item could very well be used for counteriniation.

Who knows the old classic arcade game “super puzzle fighter”? Its essiantly PvP Tetris, and in this game there is a thing called “second diamond strats”. After 20 drops, both players will get a diamond, which will destroy all gems of the color it lands on, and send it to the other player. One would think the faster you play, the better, but in this game its quite the opposite! The player that gets his diamond later than the other has an advantage, because with his diamond he gets to send all the blocks that were sent to him by the other player’s diamond – resulting in way more damage. I feel like Aeon Disk is similar. Imagine a tidehunter with this item – he can figuratively turn around any fight.

Get initiated on, be dispelled by aeon Disk, be like SPURLGLRGLRL, there you go, their initiate is gone, and you have just counterinitiated. — Nonetheless, like any other thing in Dota, Aeon Disk is not guaranteed, and requires planning and coordination with your team. This is unfortunatly what Dota is just about. That is why I should also mention that Aeon disk is hilariously useless against some heroes. Namely, Venomancer with his very long Damage over Time, Enigma since Black Hole is a channel and thus can’t be dispelled, and any other DoT effects. In Addition, aeon Disk is very weak when bought too early, as early in the game, an item that will merely buy you an extra seconds is just not very good. Its good late in the game, when teamfights decide the entire game, but early your death could mean nothing more than a tier 1 tower, or 30 seconds not being in your lane, or even absolutely nothing.

Likewise, it requires you to actually be useful, so buying it when you aren’t useful is not a great idea, and an item with an actual impact on the game should be considered instead. — Some more interesting interactions. Even though in the patch it says that sheepstick can no longer be dispelled, Aeon Disk will work even when youre hexed. Its also not affected by mute although mute is supposed to disable your items. Aeon Disk will activate even when you’re ulted by Disruptor with Aghanims, but you will obviously still be silenced while his Ult is on the ground. As you guys will know, there is also a new item that dispells and mutes an enemy. The interesting thing is, Aeon Disk will activate while youre affected by Nullifier, but Nullifier CAN dispel Aeon Disk! Channeling abilities such as rasta shackles will be interupted by aeon disk, with the exception of course being enigma, because its a ground targeted ability. — To sum up, Aeon Disk is an excellent item for intitiators and should be considered in the lategame to ensure being able to properly initiate and stay relevant throughout the whole teamfight.

Furthermore, it is good against teamfight ulties such as Reverse Polarity, as the dispel will allow you to counterinitiate. Or, if earthshaker is doing a lot of damage with Echo slam, you can block most of the damage..

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