Today we are going to review some laning phase for Earthshaker played by Cr1t from team EG. This hero is best picked as a roamer, and this is why he wasn’t too popular of a pick for quite a while. But in the Summit’s grand final series, guys from team EG have decided to risk it, and it worked out for them just fine. Omnipresent Cr1t has absolutely blocked the path to victory for his opponents from team VG Storm with his constant well-timed Fissures. Our player started off with the following items: A boot and two clarity potions. Earthshakers isn’t that good at trading health on the lane, but the boot will allow him to keep finding a good spot to shoot his Fissure out of.

He also received a ward from Silencer, and thus he immediately moved to offlane to set it up. He sets up quite an unusual ward on his lane, very close to the enemy tower. This is done to have a good visual of his lane opponents at all times. He is planning to play very aggressive from the start, after all. There are three opponents on easy lane this time, so EG double lane decides not to contest the enemy bounty rune, and just secures their own.

The opponents, however, decide to use their superior numbers, and contest the rune in the last possible moment. A well-aimed arrow landing right when the rune appeared, and the hook that followed have left Crit with less than a half of his health. He gets out of the stun and tries to get away, but gets rooted by Oracle as well. Pudge keeps punching him on the back, but he just can’t pierce his thick skin. He leveled up the hook at level one, so he doesn’t have a way to slow him down either. Crit, on the other hand, has a boot on him, so he easily breaks the distance and gets away. The chase kept on for a couple of seconds, but soon the enemies see that there is no way on earth they can keep up with that speed, and just quit.

Crit gets to safety, and then teleports to base to regenerate his health. The boot saves his life, and prevents the opponents from spilling an easy first blood. Crit comes back to toplane, where Pugna is trying to deal with Pudge and Mirana. They aren’t that much of a threat yet, so the player can afford to come close to the creeps and help his offlaner farm. The lane gets pushed a little bit, and Pudge assumes a good spot for the hook. Thanks to the ward, however, EG see every one of his moves, and simply dodge the incoming hook.

Pudge is rather useless with his hook on cooldown, so he is forced to move away from the creeps, letting the radiant side to keep denying the creeps from under Mirana’s nose. The boot gives ES a decent movement speed bonus, which lets him move around the lanes quite quickly. He checks the top rune spot, and finds himself a regeneration rune. At that point, the opponents clearly see that Pugna is left all lone, and try to kill him. Shaker just has to step in and help him out now.

He stuns both of the opponents with his Fissure, and lets his lane partner get away. Guys from EG come back to lane and immediately start to harass the enemy carry. They combine their spells together, and prevent Morgana to evade the blast. Decrepify increases the damage she takes, big time. The Fissure blocks her closest escape route, and she has to leap over it to get away. It’s time for the Dire team to attack now. Pudge finds a perfect moment for a hook, and pulls Pugna underneath the tower with it. He gets caught in the enemy jungle, but quickly eats his way out using his tangos, and masterfully dodges the incoming arrow. Crit’s Fissure goes off cooldown just in time, and he stuns both of the opponents once again. He couldn’t finish Mirana off this time, but at least he saved his partner from death. He then just uses the Healing Salve and comes back to lane, as if nothing ever happened.

Their opponents, however, cannot afford such a luxury. Crit himself activates a Clarity potion and stays back, letting his mana regenerate. His first item of choice will be the Soul Ring, but he will buy a couple of Clarity potions before he will be able to finish it. Shaker needs a lot of mana, all the time. Mirana gets quite bold. She contests the creeps, even though her health is quite low at the moment. But she sees her own mistake, and uses her Magic Sticks to make up for it. Crit waits for his partner and tries to catch the kitty, but she manages to leap away, and both of their nukes go to waste.

Crit is out of mana once again, and so he moves back to base to address that issue. The courier can’t go to toplane right now, so it will be much easier to just walk back to base. Back at the base, Crit picks up his potions and a ward, before teleporting back to lane. His lane partner was being attacked by the enemies at that time, but he dies even before Crit could do anything to prevent it.

And while he is dead, Shaker decides to go set some wards Crit arrives just in time to spot the enemy Tiny climbing the Invoker’s highground. A perfect Fissure completely cuts his escape route off, and leaves him locked down in a very unfavourable spot. He tries to trade his life, but he just didn’t have enough damage for that, and so he simply gets killed. A well-timed rotation performed by Crit. Walking by the bounty rune, our player meets up with the Pudge, but they decide not to force it, and simply go for their own runes. Once he’s back on the lane, Crit proceeds with his usual plan, and stuns Mirana in a way to expose her to the Pugna’s Nether Blast. He’s out of mana once again, so he hits those Clarity potions non-stop. This wouldn’t go on for too long though. His Soul Ring is right around the corner. Another observer ward arrives via the courier, and it gets placed right there on the lane by his side. Pudge is constantly trying to hook them from the fog, so he needs to have a good visual on him at all times.

Guys from EG perform another simple combo, and Mirana loses a huge chunk of her health as a result. This is definitely not an easy lane for her. Crit waits for another good moment for a stun, while he is hiding in the jungle behind the enemy tower, but Mirana is getting suspicious and thus plays safe. Pugna loses his temper, and just uses his Blast on the creeps instead.

There is no point in standing around and waiting for a moment now. Crit rotates to midlane instead, but meets up with the Pudge on his way there, trading hits with him while he was at it. He then keeps moving to midlane, right in the open, but once he leaves the enemy field of vision – he changes his destination and comes back to toplane. That manoeuvre allows him to fool his opponent, making them think that Shaker is not, in fact somewhere around toplane. At that time, the Soul Ring arrives. Now he can keep spamming his Fissures a lot more frequently, and that is exactly where Shaker becomes extremely strong at laning.

You can’t make an omelette without cracking a couple of eggs first, and you can crack a lot of those with the Soul Ring on you. Meanwhile, his partner catches a random arrow and gets in danger, but the Fissure is still on cooldown. Time to do some legwork. Shaker comes in to act as a human shield for his buddy, and allows him to escape to safety, but then gets caught in a hook himself. This is where Pugna comes back to help Shaker out, and deals a ton of damage to Mirana, preventing her from focusing on Shaker too much. This kind of excellent teamplay allowed both of the player from EG to stay alive, and to put a stop to the enemy onslaught. Furthermore, Pudge has taken quite a beating in the process of it, and is not going to get out of there alive.

Crit lands a stun on top of two enemy heroes, and Pugna seals the deal with his Nether Blast. Well played by the Radiant. Our duo comes to the Shrine to drink up, and then Crit teleports to midlane, to assist Invoker with his assassination attempt. The target gets locked away from his escape path, and they only need to finish him off now. Surely enough, a single Fissure puts the enemy to his rest. Invoker is currently at the top of the networth table, and Crit made a huge contribution to that. His two ganks on midlane surely made a dent in the enemy midlaner’s defences. Shaker is just made for stunning, and he isn’t about to calm down. Another team harassment ensues on toplane.

He already has enough gold for the Tranquil Boots, another perfect item for the Earth Shaker. Arcane Boots might be good for the team as a whole, but Crit already has a mana-regenerating item, and the Tranquil Boots give a huge movement speed bonus, which contributes to his overall map mobility. The latter is exactly what the Shaker needs. Be in the right place, at the right time. Crit comes back to midlane and removes the enemy vision.

He stays for another creepwave, and then goes back to base. His health and mana are almost full, but the courier is currently in use, and he really wants those Tranquil Boots now, as well as the Book he will buy a few moments later. The book will grant him a level six, which will come in extremely handy in his next encounter with the enemies. Pugna gets attacked once again, but not too far from the tower this time, so Crit rushes in to help. He gets to toplane just in time, and simply destroys both of the opponents with a perfect Echo Slam, before finishing them off with a Fissure. This double kill grants him quite a lot of gold, which will then turn into a very quick Blink Dagger for him. At this point, the laning phase is over.EG are ahead by three thousand gold, and our hero has a very decent amount of networth, on par with most of the core heroes on the map.

He’s taken part in five kills, and had an overall great start of the match. What should you remember? Early boots of speed on Earthshaker can be a very good idea. The times when the roamers were the kings of the map are long since forgotten, and so is the early boot. But this item is still more than viable on Earthshaker, since it allows him to move around the map very quickly, and makes his Fissures that much deadlier. In this match, not only that item has given Crit all the chances for a couple of his successful ganks, but it also saved his life on several occasions, where the opponents just weren’t ready for that amount of movement speed on him. Combine your Fissures with your lane partner’s spells. Fissure is a unique spell, which lets you stun and lock down your targets from very far away. It’s hard to imagine a better spell for various spell combinations. Help your ally to land his abilities on targets by stunning them from our of the jungle, or simply use it to poke their regeneration items out of them.

This will make their lives that much more difficult, and may lead to their timely death. Just don’t forget to invest in clarity potions. Shaker with no mana on him is as sad of a sight as it gets. .

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