The Crystal Maiden is one of the most popular supports at the moment. Nowadays it’s really popular to duo lane, and it’s critical to perform well. Thanks to her powerful aura, the CM’s presence on the map strengthens her allies. The longer the game lasts, the more impactful her passive ability becomes. Besides, the frosty damsel is great at jungling, and she can get her items faster than any other position 5 heroes. Besides, she’s capable of dealing quite a bit of damage in a fight with the help of her ultimate. Moreover, she’s also got 2 disable abilities. In other words, she is a universal soldier.

One may not even know how efficient a support can be, especially if the latter is playing defensively. Indeed, when you’re being heavily pressured, it’s hard to impact the game. But a Virus.Pro. player, Solo, is going to demonstrate to us that there’s a way out of every situation. Our team is going to be matched against Optic Gaming at the group stage of The International. We’ll be emphasizing the elements of macro game in this match. At the moment of the analysis of the game our fighter ranked 448. The lanes have been heavily pressured. Despite the fact that both teams have made kills happen, the Spectre happened to be constantly harassed and died 3 times during the early game. The Storm got quite a bashing as well. Because of all this the cores started lagging behind their enemy counterparts in terms of farm. In spite of the fact that there aren’t any significant differences between the 2 teams in terms of gold and kills, the Radiant are way stronger at this point.

Given how much gold their cores have, they will be able to attack their adversaries and win a few fights in order to strengthen their advantage. Both the Spectre and the Storm greatly depend on farming, and they can’t put up a good fight without artifacts on them. Because of the not very auspicious start, the heroes need more time to ramp up, which gives a relative freedom of action to the foes. Optic can basically do whatever they want due to the fact that their active characters have won the lanes. They start a fight and bait the adversaries into using their ultimates. Then they proceed to take down a tower, knowing that the enemy won’t do anything about it. The Dire have been gaining an advantage over their opponents slowly but surely. The difference in gold is becoming more tangible by the minute, and the enemies have been incessantly capturing the territory, placing very aggressive Wards to catch their rivals in their own jungle. So what does a position 5 hero have to do in a situation of the kind? Let’s figure it out together.

Solo takes down the enemy Ward with the help of Sentry, and then he joins the fray right away. The enemies, rendered invisible by Mirana’s ultimate, attacked the Spectre. It wasn’t possible to save the poor soul, but at least our fighter managed to punish the rascals. Pay attention to how our fighter positions himself. He uses a few spells and then he backs away, realizing, that Tiny will make quick work of him if he stays around. Besides, the CM doesn’t have her ultimate just yet, and there’s no need to enter the melee range just yet. There are going to be no brawls for some time, which means that it’s possible to farm jungle. The CM is great at doing it thanks to her Frostbite, and she’s capable of taking down creeps fairly quickly. Jungling of the kind is favorable for our hero. Despite the fact that Optic are dominating, Solo is doing better than his enemy counterparts. Supports have grouped up, and they use Smoke to go and place some Wards. They encounter a punitive detachment of the adversaries who are Smoked as well. Our heroes use Fissure and Nova, and they do a good job of slowing down their opponents.

But still the reprobates gain on the frosty damsel. Well, it’s better to lose a support than a core. Had it not been for the CM, the enemies would’ve killed a more valuable hero. At least, Solo provided some info on the enemy whereabouts for his team, even though he gave his life for it. He used the map to notify his allies of the adversaries. This is the time when the Spectre can farm. The Maiden knew that the enemies would soon enter the Rosh pit. After all, they’ve been leading all this time, and they have a well-rounded team composition to take down the giant. This is why our fighter placed Ward there in advance. Letting the enemies claim Rosh is a bad idea. Thus, our heroes take action. But they’re not going straight for Rosh. They’re doing something else. Something more cunning. Supports hide themselves in Smoke, and they follow the others. The adversaries some of the members of our team, and without giving much thought to it, they press the attack.

The Crystal lady catches Mirana and pops her ultimate which kills the enemy core. One doesn’t always have to position himself properly when playing the CM. Sometimes it’s just enough to jump right in an activate the ultimate. Good hero trades are going on, but it’s too early to celebrate. After all, the enemy cores are still ahead, and the Dire are still stronger when it comes to fighting. Cores need to secure some artifacts, and it will take some time. At this point, should our team lose a fight, they could lose one of the side as well.

The thing is that the enemy team composition is not only suited very well to kill Rosh, but the adversaries can also destroy structures fairly quickly thanks to Tiny and the Venge. The dauntless CM goes into the enemy jungle in order to place Wards there. On her way there, she encounters the Wyvern who spots one of the eyes. At least the second one stands intact.

Our fighter is expertly hiding in the jungle and escapes his opponents like water through their hands. The Maiden managed to make 3 adversaries rotate into their jungle where she’d placed Ward. Besides, she contrived to get away alive! Unbelievable. It’s worth pointing out that the second Ward would’ve been taken down as well had the CM placed it in a regular spot. But our fighter knew better than that. The placement of the eye might not be the best, but still the enemies will have a tougher time detecting it. There’s something to learn from it. The opponents attack Phoenix on the center and Mirana uses her ultimate. Right after that the adversaries find the poor support and heavily pressure him. But it wasn’t feeding by any means. Solo did that on purpose. After all, the foes could’ve gone to the bot in order to catch his teammates. Face-checking is what the 5 position heroes on the CM’s team do best. Had no one attacked her, the teammates would’ve backed away and played it safe.

Seeing the enemies rotate on the other side of the map, the Maiden places another Ward on the enemy territory. She knows that the adversaries are unaware of the Ward, since the allied jungle in sown with Sentries. And should the foes find the Ward, our fighter will know that the opponents have an Obs nearby. It’s safe to farm for now. The vision is excellent, and the enemies have no idea that they’re being seen at the Wards. Solo places another Sentry on his territory and he enters the jungle. When you are on the losing side, it’s important to constantly look for Wards in your jungle.

The point is that this is exactly where enemies places them in case they’re dominating. Naturally, if your opponents are stronger than you, they will want to drive you away from your own jungle, and they’ll do it by killing your teammates there on a regular basis. Take a look at the vision of the Radiant. It’s impeccable.

The entire allied jungle has been cleared from the enemy Wards, and the whole enemy jungle has been Warded. Our team is doubtlessly victorious in the war of the Wards. 2 out of 3 lanes are pushing towards the opponents, and the Spectre is going to pressure the top soon. In the meantime, the enemies are hanging around in their jungle. This is just the right time to use Smoke. If they wait longer the adversaries might come up with something. Time works against the Radiant and something needs to be done. They haven’t been doing much for about 5 minutes, and they’re close to being nervous. The Wards show that they’ve grouped up, which means that they’re going to initiate an attack soon. The Dire are patiently waiting for their enemies while being Smoked. The CM uses Sentry to counter Mirana’s ultimate, and the opponents are revealed. The team initiates an attack in a blink of an eye, and they give their foes hell. An excellent initiation from our heros leads to a complete enemy team wipe. The tower falls right after, and Virtus.Pro. gain on their opponents in terms of gold.

Take a look at the net of the cores. It’s important. Indeed, it is a real comeback and our heroes are going to make the most of it all thanks to the little demure CM who greatly impacted this game. And here are the things worth noting Don’t be afraid of dying, but do it right if you have to. Feeding is a shame. But dying in order to save your core and reveal the whereabouts of your enemies is the way to go. вUse Smoke of Deceit more often. In case the foes are dominating, cooperate with a few teammates and go and do something about it. At least place some Wards together. In case you’re being pressured, you’ve got to act. Otherwise you’ll simply lose the game. Aggressive Wards are key to success when playing defensively. First of all, the opponents won’t expect anything of the kind, and the Wards will always reveal them. Besides, warding like that will help your allies stall some time and safely farm.

Moreover, the enemies will Ward your jungle, but they won’t find any vision there. And in addition to in, you’ll be able to raid the unaware enemies. Do your best at dewarding your jungle. In case the enemies are dominating, they’ll ward your jungle right away in order to capture the territory and claim easy frags. This is unacceptable. Your jungle has to be crystal clear. You simply can’t lose the war of Wards. Farm the jungle periodically. The CM does it faster than any other supports, and it has to be made use of. You’ve got to participate in every single fight and even small enemy encounters. Cores have the right to stay away from some fights and show up last, but you don’t. .

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