Our favorite dota has a wide variety of heroes For example, a big brother who relies on passive skills and can quickly pay for money For example, walking with rhythm The single to drive the rhythm of the audience Initiate the ancestor of each team battle For example, there are meat shields Jump to the enemy’s face As a trained kung fu monster The meat shield also has its own characteristics Most of them have a certain first-hand ability Most of them have a certain first-hand ability However, there is a very special role He does not have such a strong prototyping ability but absorbs more damage than any other human shield. That is the steelback beast Even the heroes who output the explosive watch are hard to penetrate his steel back.

If you like to be a vanguard of team battle Ignoring dangers and dangers Bristleback is your best choice One of the characteristics of the bristleback is that it is easy to use. But if you want to master it, you need a lot of practice Both are ‘easy to learn and hard to learn’ As a power hero, Bristleback has a high initial armor 25% physical damage can be reduced initially At the same time it also has the highest intellectual growth among the power heroes Up to This is due to the fact that Because the steelback beast always throws various skills The bristleback is covered with a needle like a hedgehog Like many other heroes The Bristleback can use his needle to shoot steel shots in all directions Only consumes 35 magic Punctures will hurt any enemy within a radius of 700 yards. Full level causes 80 base damage In addition, the stinger only has a three second cooldown Each needle shot will cause more damage than the previous one Puncture shots can stack up to 450 damage.

This is a highly injurious skill for a skill that only consumes 35 points of blue. Each floor lasts 14 seconds, which makes it very difficult to work with steel backs Puncture needle shooting is caused by physical damage This means that heroes with low armor will suffer very high damage The core skills of the bristleback are called… Steel wool back That’s right, The ‘steelback’ is exactly named after this powerful skill It gives Steelbacks 20% damage from the side and 40% damage reduction from the back. But more importantly Whenever it absorbs 200 damage from the back, it automatically releases the needle shot Thanks to this, any attempt to attack the steelback beast from behind Risking to fall from predators to prey Because of this, the steelback beast is not so simple and crude The player must adapt to the skill mechanism of Bristleback Must know how much steelback beast can bear damage Must also know when to change back to chase the enemy Invincible steelback players have mastered the skills to turn to withstand injury at a critical moment Of course, such skills require repeated practice Not only the needle, but also the weapon of steel back As the old saying goes, everything is used Or he is just showing the ‘friendly etiquette’ of monster world.

Viscous Nasal Fluid The peculiar warrior flings his nose onto the enemy, slowing their speed while weakening their armor. The first level of nasal discharge at the first level brings about five seconds of delay before the victim wipes his body, and the 20% slowdown slows down. This effect stacks up to four layers When accumulated to the highest level, the enemy is almost hard to move As a result, it was beaten by physical follow-up When you are covered with other people’s nose, Do you still have the courage to kill the enemy with weapons? Certainly not.

Bristleback can use this powerful ability to retain people to prevent the enemy from escaping Fighting with meat shields is a very troublesome thing Nostrils’ armor weakens and the puncture’s physical damage fits perfectly It also helps your teammates better set fire to kill enemies Finally, it was just a big move by the beast. Whenever steelback beasts use skills Will give the steel back additional movement speed and attack power As with his other skills, war will also be multi-layered Up to nine floors, lasting up to 15 seconds The name ‘warfare’ is not indefinite It seems that the ancestors of Steelback must be Apache helicopters. Because this is the combat effectiveness of steel backs Use big tricks to chase enemies Such as fast knife mess The most important thing is that thanks to his big move The extra amount of extra damage gained by the Bristleback makes it a big problem in team battles.

Benefit from superior mobility, injury and injury reduction Bristleback can change from a Shield that absorbs damage to Transformed into a doomsday machine that kills the Quartet So even if it is a desperate situation Steelback is also a very reliable partner Because he has experienced numerous wars of baptism But this big human shield also has his shortcomings He is easy to operate, but it is also easy to target His passive skills will be sealed by the Silver Front Thus becoming the target of public criticism There are also other cumbersome ways to handle steel backs: Flying a kite to scold him At the same time, whether it is a team battle or a match, steelback is afraid of the burning of mana. At the same time, playing steel backs is also easy to overconfidence Take too many waves and accidentally attract excessive firepower Blindly burst into the crowd At this time, it needs the aid of economy and equipment.

all in all, Bristleback is the most solid meat shield of all DOTA, not one High damage skills with almost no cost Steelbacks are extremely easy to use, but they need to have a deep understanding of him to master This is a double-edged sword..

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