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DTM! Dota 2 Hero Guide Bounty Hunter: Jinada (w/Eng Sub)


Ok, we’ll learn about jinada jinada contributes damage on holy trifecta jinada bonus damage can cleave … i’ve calculate it. 60 % of jinada 160 damage is cleaved. Jinada bonus damage is amplified by armor reduction. Jinada bonus damage can also crit 360 …, then 829 prior level, 6. Jinada is used to help you last hits. Jinada steals unreliable gold when used to hero IMO. You don’t need the trouble of saving jinada during laning, just to steal 12-36 gold from opponent focus on getting your level 6, and if there is melee hero trying to last hit, you can jinada them after level 6. You want to combine jinada with critical from track. Jinada damage get critical from track: 490 …

465, with daedalus crit 382 … 283 140 % critical, since you want to combine it with track critical. You want echo sabre lets, compare desolator and echo sabre 836 damage with desolator echo sabre gives 547 hmm deso actually gives more damage. Did i miscalculate somewhere? Okay, i prefer echo sabre for its mana regen. You will likely go invis track target then immediately cast jinada. Remember casting track before jinada gives opponent one more second to react to your track.

So try to walk to path. Your opponent is going to track then immediately jinada dont give them time to react to track icon appear in their status bar remember to calculate enemy hp. You need to be sure. Once you appear with jinada, enemy will die, jinada loves, isolated heroes. That’S why jinada, sometimes combined with dagger when battle happens, dont show up in the middle just track them when there is isolated enemy, ( such as enemy, ), track blink and kill him go invis after you kill the target. That is all about jinada. If you like this video, please click like and subscribe.

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