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DTM! Dota 2 Hero Guide Bounty Hunter : Shadow Walk (w/ Eng Sub)


Ok., we’ll learn bounty hunter’s shadow, walk, (, SW, ) SW contributes on vision in holy trifecta. There are many rules on using SW. First, you need to understand that SW does not give ms nor it gives additional damage while going out of SW without jinada =. No boosted damage do not spam, SW, let’s say you’re roaming to enemy territory, since SW does not give additional. Ms. You are prone to ganks anyway, unless you want to scout for gank target, combine it with 1000 vision. Bounty hunter has during night, so SW is effective at night. So first rule is: do not spam. If you decide to out of SW be sure to calculate properly, your enemy must die from all your skill combo. Once enemy dead, recast SW, if enemy will not die, for instance, during war, you will not reveal yourself in the middle of battle, keep tracking while invis

And cast shuriken when SW is off cd. When you roam only recast SW, when you are within fog of war, you can do it by going high ground or hiding in trees, because you never know if enemy has prepared a sentry or dust and ofcourse by default. Sw is used when you are about to die after level 6 SW is combined with track for its ms boost track. Has 1000 cast range 328. Ms 391. Ms, when i am 800 range away from tracked target for items, you want flat. Ms bonus item, anything that has windlace and or yasha component, you can go manta to dispel dust. It depend on your playstyle. I prefer windlace, because mostly i go solar crest build for talent. Of course you want the flat ms bonus. That is all from me. If you like this video, please click like and subscribe, and bye, bye,

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