DTM! Dota 2 Hero Guide Bounty Hunter : Shuriken Toss (w/ Eng Sub)


Okay, new hero, bounty hunter, we’ll learn, shuriken toss I’ll pronounce it just ST in holy trifecta ST is a nuke ( damage ) and stun ( disable ). The nuke is big. It’S 375 damage every 8. Second, its mana cost is expensive. 150 mana, so you’ll need strong, mana regen to spam. St it has 400 cast range with track. You can bounce it from level 1 to 5.

You need to save your shuriken for the killing blow once you hit level 6. Still you save ST for the killing blow, but you need to hit the one not tracked. They’Re too far, always cast ST to secondary target secondary target can be any enemy unit effectively increase your ST cast range to 1200. St can be disjointed by dagger and shuriken. Travel. Speed is competitive to hero with boosted, ms, but you need to be sure that they don’t move over 1200 range from secondary target. Next agha usage after trying you want agha for ST increased cast range ( 800 ). Instead of its bounces, you can only achieve bounces if the battle last long so agha for 800 ST cast range a standard range for ranged ability with strong mana regen.

You track from a far and spam, ST from a far track, seen new hero and deal damage using ST always cast on secondary target. If available, the bounce is appetizing, but you really need to set your tracked target around 2-3 heroes max the battle is going to happen fast. If you got a tank, you move like a satellite around the battlefield, track and shuriken. You need so hold ST. If there is no one in your team, has the ability to stop channeling spells? Hmm, it stop bouncing. Okay,

Work as intended, sorry for item in my experience, orchid silence is the best. The silence ensures successful ganks.

As found on YouTube