DTM! Dota 2 Hero Guide Bounty Hunter : Track (w/ Eng Sub)


Ok, we’ll learn, BH track track is situational damage, ( and oops vision too ). You will always deal critical damage to tracked unit. It has 1000 cast range 65, mana cost and about the money i cant explain. I dont know yet where it belongs in holy trifecta track. Valid targets are cant track creep-heroes nor does dominated unit… So no for necronomicon, you can track hero. Illusion track is dispellable, but it has short cd, so heroes with eul or other dispellable item feel free to track them. You can also use track to break linken. Your main problem is opponent dispelling track using manta. You dont know which the real hero is. You can track magic immune unit, but you cant cast shuriken on magic, immune tracked unit.

Your shuriken travels to magic immune tracked unit, but doesnt ministun nor damage them now. Acquired gold … lets track chen gold self bonus 650 assist bonus. 420. I have 1300 unreliable gold, so does lina 951, reliable gold and 1300 unreliable track bonus. Gold is reliable gold. When we track someone, we can see how many gold he is carrying 351 gold carried previously 951 1902 reliable 1902, reliable ( lina ). So, as we wait, warlock to revive he carries 351 gold earlier track is used together with SW at war.

You track, while inside trees, while ganking lone enemy you track and immediately cast jinada to tracked unit, since they can see if they are tracked in their status. Bar you dont want to give them time to respond by fleeing or calling their ally. They must die immediately for items since it is dispellable enemy such as slark naix juggernaut, you’ll, want to sacrifice your echo sabre for orchid as game progress. You want scythe of vyse to counter manta bearer. Warlock is alive: 351 gold, 485 …

So track bonus. Gold is not a steal to killed enemy gold. It’S magically appear out of nowhere for talent, you’ll want 50 attack, speed for more criticals and 300 track gold. I think 300 track gold. If you are mass murderer early game, giving you fast, 25 level – and you want to lift your ally

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