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DTM! Dota 2 Hero Guide Brewmaster : Drunken Brawler


Ok, we’ll talk about drunken brawler, ( DB, ) DB contributes both in damage and tankiness on holy trifecta, 80 % crit chance and 80 % evasion very useful tool against carry now its mechanic … DB, ms alternates, between 40 %, ms and -20 %. Ms starts from 40 % first 439 …, 256, 439 …, 256, 439 …, and to normal ms, you can sure that DB always tries to catch enemy. First interesting fact about DB: it actually mimic drunken master style, its alternating. Ms, just like bruce li.

I sometimes imagine myself as drunken master while casting DB great job ice frog now its usage, while laning, when your enemy has no disable no stuns. When you near enough immediately cast DB to trade hits you can see it on. My dtm plays drunken brawler video. I also use DB on laning to secure last hits lets say: enemy range creep has one third hp will not die from my auto attack and enemy hero is waiting to deny it cast DB to secure your last hits, then its usage on late game DB.

True potency can only be seen once you hit level 20 with 100 as talent, you should focus on primal split, while your level is below 20 above level. 20. I truly recommend 100, as and crit talent lets, compare the damage with primal split total of 6415 damage to single target, with only bkb wait. It has 1 more attack from true contributed damage, yet it has 7900 damage. Output DB is available every 17 sec, while primal split is available. Every 120 sec DB potency late game is horrifying.

I consider it overpowered if you took crit talent. Your crit talent does not transfer to your fire spirit DB, since brew doesn’t like carry with an active BKB, you will use DB to hits, carries with an active BKB. I told you earlier that during laning DB is strong. Is enemy has no stuns late game? Your DB core item is BKB. You BKB enemy, carry with BKB lets have a contest after bkb. If you already got 100 as talent get basher, so your stun pierce their bkb after you deal with enemy, carry use cinder, clap for remaining heroes, so mainly BKB. Next basher, then, you can think of lifesteal. That is all about DB. If you like this video, please click like and subscribe.

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